native hawai’ians in the pacific northwest

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Native Hawai’ians in the Pacific Northwest a narrative…

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Native Hawai’ians in the Pacific Northwest. a narrative…. Hawaii Timeline. 0-500 AD Polynesians arrive in Hawai’i. 1778 James Cook, British explorer, lands on the island of Kaua’i. 1810 Kamehameha I unifies the islands as an independent Kingdom. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Native Hawaiians inthe Pacific Northwesta narrative

  • Hawaii Timeline0-500 AD Polynesians arrive in Hawaii.1778 James Cook, British explorer, lands on the island of Kauai.1810 Kamehameha I unifies the islands as an independent Kingdom.1820 First group of American Protestant missionaries arrive.1840 First Constitutional government.1848 Mhele or Land Division allows private land ownership.1873 William Charles Lunalilo, first-elected king.1874 David Kalakuah, known as the Merrie Monarch, is elected king.1883 PrincessPauhi writes her Last Will and Testament.1884 Pauahi is diagnosed with breast cancer. She dies on October 16.1891 Liliuokalani ascends throne.1893 Queen Liliuokaiani ousted by American businessmen and placed under house arrest1894 The Hawaiian Kingdom is declared a Republic. 1898 A Joint Resolution of Annexation in the U.S. Congress passes. President McKinley signs it into law.1900 Hawaii becomes a Territory of the United States.1917 Queen Liliuokalani dies.1920 Hawaiian Homes Commission Act establishes Hawaiian homestead lands.1941 Pearl Harbor attacked by Japan.1959 Hawaii becomes the 50th state.1993 100th anniversary of the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. U.S. apologizes for illegal

  • Native Hawaiians in the Pacific NorthwestThe first Hawaiians were recruited in 1811 by the North West CompanyCanoeing and swimming skillsPacific NW towns named after Hawaiians:Kalama = Kalama river and townJoe Friday = Friday Harbor in San Juan

  • Alaska Yukon Pacific ExpositionRegional Worlds fair held in 1909Included Specialized exhibits for:Womans role in pioneering the westJapanHawaii

  • Islands of the Hawaiian Pavilion Construction1962 for the World Fair in SeattleJuxtaposition of Tiki torches and the Space Needle
  • Worlds Fair Memorabilia

  • Live Aloha! Festival/ FestalSeattle CenterSeptember

  • The Northwest Hawaii TimesBegan publication in April 2004 Provides a gathering placeThe reason for a Hawai`i newspaper is to report, in our own language, the news and stories of the Islands and of islanders that dont appear in the mainstream press in the Northwest. The linguistic codes used in this paper reflect the way islanders speak and think, which is often different from the ways of non-islandersdisseminate information about the people and historical events that have made Hawai`i the place it is today. Some of the stories are difficult and painful to read, but they must be understood and remembered in order for us to be informed and to follow what is currently taking place. (all descriptions from the editor of

  • How the community Persists and PreservesHawaii Radio Connection8:00 am on AM 1540 KXPANorth Shore Radio HawaiiNorthwest Hawaii TimesCultural OrganizationsLokahi Ohana O HawaiiHui Waa O Puget SoundHui Hoaloha UlanaAlso known as the Hawaii Club at the UWLocal business owner and Native Hawaiian Gail Stringer pictured on right with friends

  • Current Local Businesses

    The Hawaii General Store258 NE 45th StHawaii BBQ Restaurant 5016 University Way N.E.Kauai Family Restaurant6324 Sixth Ave SNorth Shore Hawaiian Barbeque606 N 105th StKona Kitchen Wedgwood Aloha Plates International District

  • Obamas Hawaiian RootsOn January 20, 2009, Hawai`i-born Barrack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. With great pride we celebrate his election to the highest office in the land, and wish him clear skies and kind winds as he steers a troubled ship of state. - The Pacific NW Hawaiian Times