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Nationalism Unification of Germany. AIM : How Did Bismarck Unify Germany ?. Do Now: Unification of Germany Worksheet. Volksgeist (peoples spirit) German Unification. What are the major events and who are the key leaders associated with German unification?. Franco-Prussian War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Nationalism and the Emergence of the Modern State

Nationalism Unification of GermanyAIM: How Did Bismarck Unify Germany?Do Now:Unification of Germany Worksheet



3Volksgeist (peoples spirit)German UnificationWhat are the major events and who are the key leaders associated with German unification?

Franco-Prussian WarBattle of Mars-la-Tour1870

Chancellor Otto von BismarckKingWilhelm I4GOALSMETHODSBISMARCKUnification of GermanyIncrease Prussian PowerDecrease Austrian influence in Germany (drive them out of Germany)blood and iron war, trickery, etc (7 Weeks War, tricked Austria; Franco-Prussian War)Realpolitik - do whatever is necessary to achieve goals, not what is moral or right

BISMARCK5Franco-Prussian WarAll German states joined in a war against France (Franco-Prussian War)Overwhelming German victoryResults of WarFrench Empire collapsesThird Republic declaredFrance loses Alsace-LorraineFrance pays Germany 5,000,000,000 francsFrance accepts an army of occupation6The German EmpireJanuary 18, 1871William I proclaimed Emperor of the Germans at Versailles7Volksgeist: German Unification

1871 Proclamation of the German EmpireThe Hall of Mirrors, Palace of VersaillesJanuary 18, 18718

Volksgeist:German UnificationKing Wilhelm I & Otto von Bismarck: Who wears the pants?

Im King of the World!Wait, uh, chancellor? Now Im really confused9