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<ul><li><p>AIESEC IN GHANAMINISTRY OF </p><p>YOUTH AND SPORTSIN PARTNERSHIP WITH</p><p>NATIONAL YOUTHLEADERSHIP SUMMIT</p><p>FEBRUARY, 2016 | RAMADA BEACH RESORT | TESHIE-NUNGUA, GHANA</p><p>Equipping the youth to drive the social and</p><p>economic needs for a sustainable development </p></li><li><p>AIESEC is the worlds largest youth-led organization developing potential of young people worldwide. Founded after the Second World War with the vision of achieving Peace and </p><p>Fulfilment of Humankinds potential, AIESEC places its confidence in young people to unlock a better future for the world and prevent similar conflicts. Present in over 125 countries and </p><p>territories with 70,000+ members across 2600 universities, we offer people life-changing experiential learning experiences, volunteer and professional internships. Since 1948, we have </p><p>developed over one million leaders, including a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Martti Ahtisaarri of Finland and any prominent world, business and civil society leaders.</p><p>AIESEC believes that leadership is the fundamental solution to pressing issues and the key to building a better world. That is why we offer advanced leadership framework to young people, providing them with hands-on experience, practical skills and spaces to reflect learn and become </p><p>the best possible version of themselves. AIESEC develops responsible young leaders who are self-aware, world citizens, able to empower others and always strive to find solution.</p><p>About</p><p>125COUNTRIES &amp;TERRITORIES</p><p>500+CONFERENCES</p><p>ANNUALLY</p><p>2,600+UNIVERSITIES</p><p>8,000+PARTNER</p><p>ORGANIZATIONS</p><p>8,000+INTERN PLACEMENTS</p><p>ANNUALLYWORLDWIDE</p><p>20,000+VOLUNNTEER PLACEMENTS</p><p>ANNUALLY FORVOLUNTEERS WORLDWIDE</p><p>70,000+ACTIVE</p><p>MEMBERS</p><p>1,000,000+ALUMNI</p></li><li><p>Prole of AIESEC Members</p><p>Business</p><p>Age</p><p>Area of Studies</p><p>Humanities/Social Science</p><p>18 - 2223 - 2526 - 30</p><p>Information Technology</p><p>Female65%</p><p>Male35%</p><p>85%10%5%</p><p>65%</p><p>25%</p><p>10%</p></li><li><p>FIRST LOOK - ABOUT NATIONAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP SUMMIT (NYLS)</p><p>GLOBAL YOUTH DELEGATES CORE TEAM</p><p>ALUMNIEMBASSIES</p><p>CORPORATES</p><p>PARTNERS</p><p>3001 million 60</p><p>50</p><p>30</p><p>10 15</p><p>LOCAL CHAPTERS</p><p>9</p><p>Business leaders will provide resources for the projects that will support implementation of the Global Goals </p><p>and align their CSR strategies to current trends to catch up with impact-seeking millennials.</p><p>Civil Society Representatives: Youth Organizations and NGOs will co-create meaningful partnerships and </p><p>collaborate for positive impact.</p><p>High-Level Guests: Youth ministers and UN representatives will support organizations and youth leaders in </p><p>making a world a better place to live.</p><p>300+ youth leaders will ensure and support the implementation of these goals</p><p>Who are our Targets and Why:</p><p>Development Goals, to be able to </p><p>grasp the potential of the Sustainable </p><p>Development Goals and the role role</p><p>that each stakeholder plays in it, </p><p>especially the youth. </p><p>The event will act as a platform, conne-</p><p>cting different sectors and providing </p><p>an opportunity for everyone to come </p><p>together and act collectively.</p><p>The AIESEC Youth Leadership Summit </p><p>is a place where new and actionable </p><p>ideas will be born to be implemented </p><p>to impact Ghana, the world and its </p><p>future.</p><p>The AIESEC National Youth Leadership </p><p>Summit is a 5-day conference bringing </p><p>together young leaders from 9 univer-</p><p>sities across ve regions of Ghana with experts, government, business for a </p><p>conversation around global issues and </p><p>the new global agenda.It is a call to </p><p>action from youth nationwide to focus</p><p>on the impact young people can make</p><p>today and even beyond.</p><p>At AIESEC Youth Leadership Summit, </p><p>we will take a deeper look into the </p><p>state of the world, the state of Ghana </p><p>and the impact of the Millennium</p></li><li><p>THE VENUE</p><p>Ramada Beach Resort</p><p>has become a beacon</p><p>of quality experiences</p><p>in the Greater Accra</p><p>Region. Its facilities and </p><p>execellent customer care </p><p>preceeds it,</p><p>setting standards in the </p><p>industry by focusing</p><p>on customer care and</p><p>making the resort</p><p>as comfortable and homely</p><p>as possible for all clients.</p><p>Teshie-Nungua is a coastal town located in the Greater Accra Region </p><p>of Ghana. Its the 9th most populous </p><p>settlement in Ghana in terms ofpopulation, and home to </p><p>a rich diversity of peoples and cultures. </p><p>Its also home to the National Officer Cadet Training School </p><p>and Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping </p><p>Training Centre (KAIPTC)</p><p>'</p><p>Teshie-NunguaHost </p><p>City for NYLS 2016</p></li><li><p>NATIONAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2016EVENT TIMELINE</p><p>23RD - 28TH FEBRUARY</p><p>23rd</p><p>24th</p><p>25th</p><p>26th</p><p>27th</p><p>28th</p><p>OPENING CEREMONY</p><p>The grand inauguration of the 5 day conference graced by the presence of, corporate, partners and media dignitaries</p><p>SHAPING YOUTH DEVELOPMENT</p><p>Dening the needs of the youth and aligning our operations to meet these needs.</p><p>SHAPING YOUTH DEVELOPMENT</p><p>Motivational talks on the power of volunteerism, collaboration and entrepreneurship</p><p>TEAM BONDING </p><p>Personal development space and member bonding activities to strengthen relationships and promote collaboration within the entity</p><p>YOUTH TO BUSINESS FORUMThe youth to business forum isan initiative powered by AIESEC driven by a global need for busi-nesses and youth to communicateon major issues and generate ideas for future actions.</p><p>GLOBAL VILLAGE </p><p>It is an Open Cultural Exhibitionfeaturing 5 regions with diverse display of clothing, food, language,dance, music.</p><p>NATIONAL YOUTH VOICE TALKSNational youth voice is a platform that enables youngsters to under-stand the importance of speaking up for things of personal professional and social relevance.</p><p>ALUMNI HOMECOMING</p><p>An event to reconnect past </p><p>AIESECers and current members with the aim of building a solid relationship to achieve our vision.</p><p>GALA DINNER</p><p>An evening of wining and dining </p><p>with our partners, associates and stakeholders. A night that would see the celebration and recognition of achievement from across the committees</p></li><li><p>COLLABORATIONAVENUES</p></li><li><p>10 top Company Leaders</p><p>OutReach :</p><p>YOUTH TO BUSINESS (Y2B) FORUM</p><p>Objective:</p><p>The youth to business forum is an event which connects the top young leaders to national business leaders to explore the topics of leadership, innovation and corporate responsibility.</p><p>Date: 26th February</p><p>OPENING CEREMONY</p><p>Objective:Opening Ceremony of National Youth Leadership Summit will be informing 300 delegates from 5 </p><p>regions of Ghana on the growth story of Ghana and on how far </p><p>we have evolved ourselves in terms, ideas, innovation and </p><p>technology</p><p>Date: 23rd FebruaryOutReach </p><p>300+ Youth</p></li><li><p>NATIONAL YOUTH VOICE</p><p>300+ Tertiary andSnr High School Students</p><p>OutReach :</p><p>GLOBAL VILLAGE</p><p>Objective:A cultural extravaganza where 300+ Ghanaians </p><p>will go through 10 regions of local culture and other </p><p>international cultural experiences ranging from </p><p>clothing, food, drinks, dance etc. This will provide </p><p>the for the delegates to witness </p><p>and discuss culture, habit and country </p><p>realities</p><p>OutReach :300+ International /National Youth</p><p>Date: 26th February</p><p>Objective:National youth voice is a platform that enables youngsters to understand the importance of speaking up for things of personal,professional and social relevance. A Global Goal campaign will feature series of talks.</p><p>Date: 27th February</p></li><li><p>ALUMNI HOMECOMING &amp; GALA DINNER</p><p>Objective:</p><p>The Gala dinner will be an evening of dining and networking with all </p><p>AIESECers, alumni, partners, collaborators, media, corporate </p><p>associates and stakeholders</p><p>300+Youth &amp; Alumni Gathering</p><p>OutReach : Date: 27th February</p></li><li><p>COLLABORATION BENEFITS</p><p>With about 60% of Ghanas 28 million people being aged </p><p>30 or less, National Youth Leadership Summit provides </p><p>organizations a unique platform to reach, engage and </p><p>interact with a target youth not only in Ghana but across 5 </p><p>continents in the AIESEC Network.</p><p>O Brand engagement opportunities with 300 delegates (nationals </p><p> and non-nationals)</p><p>O Outreach through campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, </p><p> and Instagram</p><p>O Content generation and community building through interactive </p><p> platforms</p><p>O Diversity of delegates, speakers and dignitaries </p><p>O Product activation and instant feedback mechanism through the </p><p>5-day conference</p><p>O Being a part of the Global Youth Leadership Movement - AIESEC</p><p>NATIONAL FACEBOOK OUTREACH</p><p>15,000+</p><p>TWEETATHON IMPRESSIONS</p><p>78,753</p><p>GLOBAL FACEBOOK OUTREACH</p><p>1,399,000+</p><p>GLOBAL TWITTER FOLLOWERS</p><p>58,186</p><p>GLOBAL INSTAGRAM REACH</p><p>6,298NATIONAL INSTAGRAM REACH</p><p>1000+</p></li><li><p>Online Media Reach Platinum Gold Silver</p><p>Platinum package: USD 20, 000</p><p> USD 15,000Gold package: </p><p>Silver package: USD 10,000</p><p>COLLABORATION BENEFITS</p><p>3 external mentions online articles</p><p>50 customised Instagram posts</p><p>20 customised Instagram posts</p><p>50 tweets with collaboration hashtags </p><p>20 tweets with collaboration hashtags</p><p>2 onsite videos for Opening / closing credit in 5 conference session videos</p><p>On ground Media Outreach</p><p>3 mentions - newspaper ads</p><p>1 mention in newspaper ad</p><p>Primary mention in newspaper ads</p><p>5 radio mentions</p><p>2 primary partner mentions on TV</p><p>Branding on all venue collaterals</p><p>Daily mentions during conference sessions and presentations</p></li><li><p>Partnership Modules Benets Oered Quantity Platinum Gold SilverCentrally located Your Company represents NYLS banner</p><p>Back inside cover feature in the main conference brochure</p><p>Back cover feature in the main conference brochure</p><p>Advertisement in conference after -movie</p><p>Half page company feature in all NYLS emails sent to delegates</p><p>Full page company feature in all NYLS emails sent to delegates</p><p>Session branding</p><p>Company feature on conference page on social mediaBranding on conference T shirt / shirts</p><p>Branding on Bag Stuffers</p><p>Branding on conference Note-books and other stationery</p><p>Feature on the main event backdrop</p><p>Dedicated Company fall banner inside the main conference hall</p><p>Company Souvenirs in the delegation kitsCompany videos playing during breaksCompany banners in the partners' lounge</p><p>3</p><p>300</p><p>300</p><p>-</p><p>150</p><p>10</p><p>5</p><p>300</p><p>50</p><p>50</p><p>200</p><p>1</p><p>3</p><p>2</p><p>250</p><p>-</p><p>1</p><p>ATTENDEECOMMUNICATION </p><p>SPECIALTY ITEMS &amp;APPAREL </p><p>ON-SITEVISIBILITY</p><p>300</p><p>COLLABORATION BENEFITS</p></li><li><p>Partnership Modules Benets Oered Quantity Platinum Gold Silver</p><p>Exclusive standee &amp; banner spaces in meeting rooms</p><p>Feature on delegate Lanyards and ID cards</p><p>Branding in conference message boothsBranding on Visual Displays across the venueCompany Souvenirs in delegate rooms</p><p>Opening Ceremony</p><p>Global Village</p><p>Youth to Business Forum</p><p>Kiosk space for delegate interaction and product displayProduct Testing to enhance user brand experience</p><p>Giveaways through awards and recognition</p><p>Branding on venue direction signboards</p><p>1</p><p>8</p><p>2</p><p>200</p><p>50</p><p>2</p><p>250</p><p>50</p><p>2</p><p>Company banners at the entrance</p><p>Co-Presenters</p><p>Co-Presenters</p><p>Workshop partners</p><p>2</p><p>6</p><p>SPECIALEVENTS</p><p>BRANDENGAGEMENT </p><p>ON-SITEVISIBILITY</p><p>Platinum Partner Gold Partner Silver Partner </p><p>Company gets access to all collaboration avenues</p><p>Company gets to choose 3 of the collaboration avenues</p><p>Company gets to choose 2 of the collaboration avenues</p></li><li><p>PREMIUMKIOSK</p><p>PACKAGE</p><p>USD1500</p><p>STANDARDKIOSK</p><p>PACKAGE</p><p>USD1000</p><p>DETAILSAn exclusive space for your company</p><p>to have engagement with your services/products at NYLS through a means of a</p><p>kiosk/arena, designed completelyin your companies brand elementsfor 2 days. Your compnay will also have the space to run a workshop during the Youth 2 Business Forum on the 26th. You will also be recognised on our media platforms.</p><p>branding.Your company will also </p><p>COST</p><p>OTHER PRODUCTS</p><p>EXCLUSIVE PACKAGES</p><p>Days : 26th and 27th February</p><p>USD1000</p><p>An exclusive space for your companyto have engagement with your services/products at NYLS through a means of a</p><p>kiosk/arena, designed completelyin your companies brand elementsfor 2 days. You will also be recognised on our media platforms. </p><p>Days : 24th and 25th February</p></li><li><p>National Youth LeadershipSummit 2016 Consultants</p><p>GIFTY ANNAN-MYERSManaging Director</p><p>Canadian University Application Centre</p><p>CHARLES ODOOMChief Executive Director</p><p>First Code Management Services</p><p>National VP Incoming Global Internship Programme/</p><p>Conference ManagerWinifred Gyimah </p><p>Email: winifred.gyimah@aiesec.netTel: 0247130989</p><p>Organizing Committee PresidentSylvia Addu </p><p>Email: sylviaaku1@gmail.comTel: 0268831645</p><p>For further clarifications pleasefeel free to get in touch:</p><p>NYLS Edited 2 - reducedStatistic Page 333 copyNYLS Edited 2 - reduced</p></li></ul>