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<ul><li><p>National Native American Heritage Month Resources </p><p>On Dec. 14, 1915, Red Fox James, a Blackfeet Indian, presented at the White House endorsements from </p><p>24 state governments for a day to honor Indians. But the federal government didnt take action until 1983, </p><p>when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed May 13 as American Indian Day. In 1990, President George </p><p>H.W. Bush signed a joint congressional resolution designating November as National American Indian </p><p>Heritage Month. It is now called National Native American Heritage Month. DiversityInc </p><p>The month is a time to celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories and to acknowledge </p><p>the important contributions of Native people. Heritage Month is also an opportune time to educate the </p><p>general public about tribes, to raise a general awareness about the unique challenges Native people have </p><p>faced both historically and in the present, and the ways in which tribal citizens have worked to conquer </p><p>these challenges. National Congress of American Indians </p><p>American Indian FAQ for Kids </p><p>Questions and answers about Native Americans in the past and present. </p><p>Facts for Kids: Algonquian Indian Tribes </p><p>Questions and answers about the Algonquian tribes. </p><p>Native American Houses </p><p>Pictures and descriptions of ten different types of American Indian houses. </p><p>Native American Hairstyles </p><p>Pictures and descriptions of traditional hairstyles in many different Native American tribes. </p><p>Native American Indian Clothing and Regalia </p><p>Photographs of Native American clothing and regalia, including special pages on headdresses. </p><p>Native American Food </p><p>A brief introduction to Native American hunting, gathering, farming, and fishing techniques, with links to </p><p>recipes. </p><p>Native American State Names </p><p>The Native American origins and meanings of the names of US states. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Native American Books </p><p>See our reading list of books (and a few movies) by, for, and about American Indians. </p><p>Native American Art </p><p>See photographs, history, and links about many different American Indian arts and crafts. </p><p>Native American Legends </p><p>Read folklore and traditional stories of American Indians from many tribes. </p><p>Native American Picture Dictionaries </p><p>Learn the names of animals in various American Indian languages. </p><p>Map of North American Pre-Contact Housing </p><p>Pictures of 12 different housing types </p><p>Native American Housing </p><p>Aadizookaanag </p><p>Traditional stories, legends and myths organized by tribe </p><p>Fact sheets about specific American Indian tribes Native American Crafts Unit </p><p>The activities illustrate some of the crafts, techniques, and materials which Native and Colonial children </p><p>might have used for their toys and crafts. </p><p>Native American Poetry and Stories </p><p>Story telling is a living breathing creature. It thrives, grows &amp; adapts in the heart of each new generation </p><p>of story teller. </p><p>Great Chiefs and Leaders </p><p>Biographies and facts about the Native Americans' political, military, and religious leaders. </p><p> Lessons </p><p> Mini-Unit Topic: Native Americans Grade 1 Students read "Arrow to the Sun" and complete activities. Native Americans Grades 1-3 Integrated unit on Native Americans with duration of 14 days. A Storytelling Festival Activity to encourage students to explore native cultures of America. Native American Village Grades K-2 This lesson lets students use their creativity and imagination. They work together to create a replica of a Native American village. Traditions and Languages of Three Native Cultures: Tlingit, Lakota, &amp; Cherokee Grades K-2 What are some of the traditions of the Lakota, Tlingit, and Cherokee? How is a people's language tied to its traditions? Why is it important to preserve the traditions and languages of native cultures? Native American Cultures Across the U.S. Grades K-2 </p><p>How are American Indians represented in today's society? What objects and practices do we associate </p><p>with Indian culture? What are some actual customs and traditions of specific Native American groups? </p><p></p></li><li><p>Videos </p><p>Iroquois - BrainPop Jr. </p><p>Annie and Moby introduce the culture, customs, traditions, and history of the Iroquois people. You'll learn </p><p>about the Six Nations (the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscacora) and how these </p><p>Native Americans lived long ago. See how their lives changed when the settlers began arriving in the </p><p>1600s. </p><p>C W Y Cherokee BrainPop Jr. </p><p>In this movie, youll learn about Cherokee history and culture. Explore different Cherokee traditions such </p><p>as Stomp Dances, stickball, basket weaving, and pottery. Learn how Sequoyah created a way to write the </p><p>Cherokee language. Find out how President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, forcing </p><p>native people from their lands and onto the Trail of Tears. Find out how Cherokee people live today. </p><p>Pueblo BrainPop Jr. </p><p>In this movie, youll learn about this group of different Native American communities that live in the </p><p>Southwest. Groups such as the Hopi, Zuni, Acoma, Taos, Santo Domingo, and Laguna are all part of the </p><p>Pueblo people. The Pueblo people are known for their homes and buildings, which are made of stone or </p><p>adobe, a type of red clay. Youll explore their culture and the traditions that have been passed down from </p><p>their ancestors for hundreds of years. </p><p>Chief Joseph BrainPop Jr. </p><p>In this social studies movie, Annie and Moby explore the life of Chief Joseph, leader of the Wallowa band </p><p>of Nez Perce in the Pacific Northwest. You'll see how settlers of the American West and the United States </p><p>government forced the Nez Perce from their land. You'll also learn about hard choices Chief Joseph had </p><p>to make as he led the tribe to fight the U.S Army and relocate his people to reservations. </p><p>American Indians BrainPop </p><p>In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby introduce you to American Indians, their society and their culture! </p><p>Youll learn why the term Indian is a mistake, and where these peoples probably came from before </p><p>settling in the Americas. Discover some of the differences between tribes, and learn about some complex </p><p>indigenous societies of South and Central America. Finally, youll find out what happened to American </p><p>Indian societies once European explorers and settlers found the New World. (Well say this up front: It </p><p>wasnt pretty.) </p><p>Wounded Knee Massacre BrainPop </p><p>On the morning of December 29, 1890, a detachment of U.S. troops opened fire on a band of hungry, </p><p>ragged Sioux Indians near Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota. It was one of the darkest events in </p><p>American history. </p><p>Seminole Wars - BrainPop </p><p>In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby journey into the Florida Everglades to unveil the causes and </p><p>consequences of the Seminole Wars, the costliest Indian conflict in U.S. history. Discover how the </p><p>Seminoles were an Indian nation unlike any other, made up of people of European, Indian, and African </p><p>descent. Explore the life of Osceola, the celebrated war chief who battled the US Army to a standstill, in </p><p>spite of far smaller numbers and limited technology. And see how the Seminole successfully stood their </p><p>ground against the unjust policies of Indian removal, slavery, and discrimination! </p><p>Trail of Tears BrainPop </p><p>In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby lead the way as they reveal one of the saddest episodes in United </p><p>States history. Learn how white settlers desire for new land threatened the ancestral homelands of </p><p>American Indians, especially those in the southeast. Explore the steps taken by the government to free </p><p>up land in Georgia and Tennessee by moving entire tribes westward. Experience the terrible suffering </p><p></p></li><li><p>endured by the Choctaw and the Cherokee as they marched to Indian Territory during the 1830s. And </p><p>discover what lessons we can learn from this tragic era in American history. </p><p>Iroquois Confederacy BrainPop </p><p>In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby teach you all about the Iroquois Confederacy, a group of six rival </p><p>American Indian nations who put aside their differences to form a powerful alliance. Youll see how the </p><p>territories of the six nations formed a symbolic longhouse across upstate New York--and learn exactly </p><p>what a longhouse is! Explore Iroquois culture, from wampum belts to the progressive role of women. And </p><p>learn how wars against rival Indians, the French, and eventually the United States shaped the Iroquois </p><p>nations of today. </p><p>Native Peoples of the Regions Discovery Streaming </p><p>Lists Native American tribes from each of the five regions of the United States, including the Iroquois, </p><p>Cherokee, Lakota Sioux, Hopi, and Zuni. </p><p>The Teepee - Discovery Streaming </p><p>A family sets up a tepee as they would have in pre-European America. The buffalo is the source of food, </p><p>clothing, shelter, and tools. </p><p>Preparing Meals - Discovery Streaming </p><p>A family makes fire and cooks as they would have in pre-European America. </p><p>Fun and Games - Discovery Streaming </p><p>Native American children played a variety of games. </p><p>Making Clothing and Crafts - Discovery Streaming </p><p>Everyday clothing was made from deerskin, using stone and bone tools. Special clothing was decorative. </p><p>Native American History Since the Arrival of Europeans - Discovery Streaming </p><p>Conflicts with Europeans led to the conquest of all Native American tribes, their extreme poverty, and </p><p>their isolation on reservations. Mistreatment and abuse by the government is explained. </p><p>Articles for Kids </p><p>World Book Kids </p><p>Articles, Pictures, Maps, and Videos </p><p>World Book Student </p><p>Articles, Pictures, Maps, and Videos </p><p>;st1=native+americans&amp;bv=&amp;ht=516,20,12,21&amp;off=5&amp;mt=ar&amp;lexf=&amp;lext=</p></li></ul>


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