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  • 1. NATIONAL ESIGN i@ Ministry of Commerce,Industry and Tourism of Colombia#FutureThrough DesignJ.Ricardo Mejia S. Design + Innovation consultant e -jrmejias@pktweb. com -~{www. pktweb. com}~-

2. CONTENTPAS T/ / background / / I ' CONTEXT National Design Program 4 Minc Mam 603' @MinC| T-Colombia 5 S a re u ul I :E STRATEGYl~ :E .a 5 Model 7 Stakeholders [ Ix2 map ' u. i :$ ,3 8 Framework 10 E. RS, RW,5 I I ' ' 11 l-D-ABACKGROUND I E 9 Pnefgglgle I .30 1 Cases : 12 Fr- 96 ,g 13 Design 2 studies :K;Insertion I Brand:14 Experience I I3-.Strategic Lines15 P. S.R. S.17 Llnel18 Line2Line3PRESENT/ / work in progress/ / IKnowledge transfer strategiesHandBook PES ToolWorkshopsRepository of case studiesSeminar PADIDocumentary SamplesNational Design Program | l grFUTURE / / envision/ /L20 Thefuturelit the learning projectsENVISION 3. BACKGROUNDpastcasesl Ill II-ihiiiil V -'1r= .i1 > % itoiiiii .1' " ill-. iiii-. i'il= .iii-il: a' {(, ,,. _,, ili mm , Iiiilhi: iri_i1lH114-. iiiiiir. National Design Program |l.ilitaido lli'l 9. 4. ImplementationIKE!-ll| %[Murillo R.2010]Value in[U NAL,2009] . 0 / /Ibiianiiiiaiilh n 'P:dvix I,,'~ __. . I A I ' ~ Co. CreationPosition tixiri,UNAL.2007] |f M Rr{Q' [UNAL.2009] [MinC| T-PND.20ll]Innovation .2 I [U. Sabana.2011] National Design Program |l.Ricardo Meiia S. 5. WORK IN PROGRESS-present-current situation |SI/ IE & DesignLevel of knowledge about deslgn Considering design as a process Not knowing anything about design SME5 (muiium) .. - - - - - ' ' ' ' ' - - - - : )IIIITr. II. RI- _ _ _ _ _ - - ' lI'?1Ii1Mlll SMES Noginieslmenl ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Ii vl3In; |I Knowledge '" "3" level design Level of contactwith design I, Perrviaienjt invesjrmenji /1 IR bsljn OPICS Understanding , ' design is innovation IInves in lam lLMCSDesign National Design Program |l.ilitaido lili'l 9. 6. WORK IN PROGRESS -preSentcontext |MinC| T maingoalThe Ministry of Commerce,Industry and Tourism(Spanish:Ministerio de Comercio,Industria y Turismo) OI MinC| T, is the national executive ministery of Goverment of Colombia concerned with promoting economic growth though trade,tourism and industrial growth. 7. WORK IN PROGRESS-present-context |Model>| E nsejo Superiorde] I """""""" " M Consejo Superiorde| ( ____________ ___:Cornertio Exterior .T L ;____________ __ Conseio Superlorde ;)| PequeayMediana Empresa MINISTERIO CIT Oficina Asesoria Juridica Oficina Asesoria de Planeacion Sectorial Oficina de Asuntos Legales lnternationales Oficina de Control lnterno Oficina de Sistema de information Oficina de Estudios EgomimicosVICEMINISTRO DE VICEMINISTRO DE SECRETARIA VICEMINISTERIO DE COMERCIO EXTERIOR TURISMO GENERAL DESARROLLO EMPRESARIAL Diremisn de Direction de Direction de Direction Direction de Direction de Direction Direction de Direction de (omerdo Exterior Relaciones Integration Inversion Calioad y Desarrollo Analisis Sectorial Produttividad Micro,pequena Regulation Comerciales Etonomica Extrarijeray Sostenible yProrriotion vCoiripetitividad yrnediana ernpresa V Servitios 9i; ,g'f, ;g; d PROGRAMA NACIONAL Cornertiales DE DISENO Subdirettorde Diseoyildinonde Opeladones National Design Program |u. i:li: l Ll 7 8. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |ModelDesign Academia. , MinC| Te/SllEsNational Design Program |l.iticaido lili'i 9. 9. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |StakeholdersASCD [2011] RAD [2004] 100 members -65% Design schools & _ _ -77 BA and BSc . lll"C'T~ -2 MA and MSC / -1 PhD SMES National Design Program |l.iticaido lili'i (S 10. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |StakeholdersNational Design Program |l.iticaido lili'i (S 11. ESS|Conceptual FrameworkCONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKNational Design Program |l.Ricardo MeiiaS 12. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |DesignDriven InnovationDESIGN-DRIVEN INNOVATIONNational Design Program |l.iticaido lmlcli (S 13. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |Design valuesI . j,": I If!. ~. 'I / I * I ea I If I "4'Empaty Prospection/I7 R I IE.r. TTSynthesis PrototypingNational Design Program |I.iticaido IiIii (S 14. WORK IN PROGRESS-present-strategy |Integral Design Approach [IDA]oi: ERo INTEGRAL-I-0IIaljS "sIraIe. jlc serviceI-radiIionaI core.service. I)roJe, cI Scope. serve .Opportunity Productorservice .. serve thebusmess Strategysettmg EXp| Orat,0n devempmem Production Implementation theuserNational Design Program |I.iticaido IiIi'j (S 15. WORK IN PROGRESS-present-strategy |implementing designTHE EVOLUTION IIie CuIIure.oI Desijn Desijn as a IuncIion Desijn as or proie, cI[ No desijn 16. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |Implementing designI/ liIi'lERIiF: IiTi}i'. iIi National Design Program |I.iIicaido lmlci (S 17. WORK IN PROGRESS-present-strategy |Brand experienceRAND EXPERIENCENational Design Program |I.iticaido IiIi'j (S 18. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy | PSSPSSNational Design Program |I.Ricaido IiIi'j (S 19. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |Strategic Lines LEI Knowledge transfer about design. Viewing and promoting successful design cases. .I Public policies and strategic plan. National Design Program |I.Ricaido IiIij (S 20. ESS |Strategic Lines > KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER ABOUT DESIGNKNOWLEDGE TRANSFER ABOUT DESIGNNational Design Program |I.Ricardo Me[i'aS 21. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |Strategic Lines KNOWLEDGE TRANSFERABOUT DESIGNC-9/MIPYMEST/ I5[/' DISENADOFIES . ... . -. '.. ... ._""' / . -_: ____. _ . ... - . ... .-.._.---____. ... ., . .._. ._. .. . _..Il'! 'f""' r T -. i ii National Design Program |I.Ritaido TiIi'j (S 22. WORK IN PROGRESS-present-strategy |Strategic Lines KNOWLEDGE TRANSFERABOUT DESIGN Manual ofdesign and innovation in the development of SMEs lNNOVAC| oN Y DISENO ,4l1-rV AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SAND 3'7 G r *t. C+_~ r l L S-ril lLIsloI'l: Il-INi _IIl*I. IlIo MANUAL DEL KHPRESAIIONational Design Program |I III.i ill:I Iirii 23. | Strategic Lines > KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER ABOUT DESIGN.STRATEGIC PES (Product,Experience and Service) ' Sraltelwoltlers 3 FYOCQSSQS R2aS0ur('.2.SNational Design Program |J.Rrcardo Mejia S. 24. | Strategic Lines > KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER ABOUT DESIGN. 79 Design and Innovation Workshops for Business Competitiveness carried out for4,I23 business people and 6I29 citizens in 34 cities around the country.saint Vuncmt and the jggras GrenadIesC _ ipa 9 ragua Aruba (NId. ) Curacao , ... _ (N| d-) Costa - Caracas Rica [ Panama Venezuela it I I I7 0uito- _ Ecuador I '3 IIGuayaquil. ' I 9 -'. na. .'nrmNational Design Program | I. Ricardo Mejia S. 25. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |Strategic Lines VIEWING AND PROMOTING SUCCESSFUL DESIGN CASES. VIEWING I-. ND PROIVIOTING SUCCESSFUL DESIGN CASESNational Design Program |I.Ricardo Iinicii (S 26. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy I Strategic Lines VIEWING AND PROMOTING SUCCESSFUL DESIGN CASES. REPOSITORY OF CASE STUDIESNational Design Program |I.Ricardo ImIctI (S 27. WORK IN PROGRESS-present-strategy |Strategic Lines VIEWING AND PROMOTING SUCCESSFUL DESIGN CASES Documentary series:35 Design case studies in colombian I/ ISI/ IES.Success through design. Haciael xito_ ~ por el camino del diseno1" ct ""'-5.'. ..L'. ..Serie documental (am:dc xiro tie diseno industrial en MIPYMES colombianas'""P''' P y Mi mes PP D Im. ... ..BI; -tutNational Design Program |I Ric. i 'IL"I, IIIi S 28. | Strategic Lines >VIEWING AND PROMOTING SUCCESSFUL DESIGN CASES Samp| es design in Colombia (application) with 90 casesa -fa riV01 lodos lo:Va (1101 do into mu,un (anouy | obrq Diseno en Colom Ia a. ..a. ..t. . pa dw-mm-Mo . ... ... .t. . . .~. .u. .a.I I Vet uwndonlo _ pot doporumonlo I /'./ / . -I I/. / - REbi elm ow-es 2012 Tacos los cerechos reservacos Vlaestrar-o ae Dtsei-to en Color-tmaNational Design Program |I.Ricardo MeIia S. 29. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy |Public policies and strategic planPUBLIC POLICIES AND STRATEGIC PLANNational Design Program |I.Ricardo Ir, rIcrI (S 30. WORK IN PROGRESS -present-strategy I Public policies and strategic plan INTERNATIONAL CO-CREATION ROUNDTABLEp1ciE_ITIITII politic -pUI)IIC r.L;(ii.!l()i If A _ pl C 7,, , )__ "sauce I coma National Design Program |I III.I ilc I l. Ii 31. WORK IN PROGRESS-present-strategy |Publicpoliciesandstrategicplan 9thInternationalConterenceonDesign&Emotion in 2014 in Colombiathecolors Of care Universidad deggggg We L; 4 W.Feb 1 :Apr 15 October 6 and 7 Lteadliiie rot lcdl papers,short papers ril1(JdF? q. J'l N, ,.. r.(; .Ia, ri m acceptance wr)rk


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