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The National Constitution and Bylaws of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity as adopted by the 2012 National Assembly.


<p>Constitution</p> <p>National Constitution and Bylaws</p> <p>2012 National Assembly Revision</p> <p>Table of ContentsTABLE OF CONTENTS</p> <p>Table of ContentsINTRODUCTION1</p> <p>INTERPRETATIONS, DEFINITIONS, AND ABBREVIATIONS2</p> <p>CONSTITUTION3Article I. Description3Section 1. Name.3Section 2. Use of name.3Article II. Object3Article III. Membership3Section 1. Classes of membership.3Section 2. Authority to confer membership.3Section 3. Initiation Ritual requirement.3Article IV. Affiliates3Section 1. Chapter formation.3Section 2. Alumni association formation.3Section 3. Transfer of charter.3Article V. Officers and National Executive Committee4Section 1. Names of Officers and NEC members.4Section 2. Indemnification.4Article VI. Parliamentary Authority4Article VII. Dissolution4Article VIII. Amendments5Section 1. Process for amending the Constitution by National Assembly.5Section 2. Process for making technical, editorial, and conforming changes.5</p> <p>BYLAWS, TITLE I. NATIONAL6Article I. Membership6Section 1. Non-discrimination policy.6Section 2. Membership eligibility.6Section 3. Process for initiating men who are not affiliated with the sheltering institution.6Section 4. Membership exclusivity.6Section 5. Duties of membership.6Section 6. Membership standings.6Section 7. Term of membership.6Section 8. Arbitration.6Section 9. National examination requirement.6Section 10. Initiation fee.7Section 11. Status of a PM who does not complete a PM program.7Section 12. Honorary membership eligibility.7Section 13. National honorary membership.7Section 14. Termination of academic affiliation with the sheltering institution.7Section 15. Transferring from collegiate to alumni membership.7Section 16. Transferring from alumni to collegiate membership.7Article II. Status of Affiliates7Section 1. Reorganizational status.7Section 2. Reasons for reorganizational status.8Section 3. Consequences of a failure to respond to reorganizational status.8Section 4. Reasons for inactive status.8Section 5. Status of collegiate members of a chapter placed on inactive status.8Article III. National Officers and National Executive Committee Members8Section 1. Eligibility for National President.8Section 2. Term of National President.8Section 3. Powers and duties of National President.8Section 4. Eligibility for National Vice President.9Section 5. Term of National Vice President.9Section 6. Powers and duties of National Vice President.9Section 7. Eligibility for Committeeman-at-Large.9Section 8. Term of Committeeman-at-Large.9Section 9. Powers and duties of Committeeman-at-large.9Section 10. Eligibility for NCR.9Section 11. Term of NCR.9Section 12. Powers and duties of NCR.9Section 13. Procedure for appointing National Secretary-Treasurer and assistant National Secretary-Treasurer.10Section 14. Term of National Secretary-Treasurer and assistant National Secretary-Treasurer.10Section 15. Powers and duties of the National Secretary-Treasurer.10Section 16. Procedure for appointing National Historian.10Section 17. Term of National Historian.10Section 18. Powers and duties of National Historian.10Section 19. Procedure for filling vacancies.10Article IV. National Executive Committee10Section 1. Powers and duties of the NEC.10Section 2. Meetings of the NEC.11Section 3. Quorum.11Section 4. Reports of the NEC.11Article V. National Staff11Section 1. Makeup of the national staff.11Section 2. Duties of the national staff.11Article VI. Committees and Commissions11Section 1. Members of standing committees.11Section 2. Term of a standing committee member.11Section 3. Procedure for filling a vacancy on a standing committee.11Section 4. The COS.12Section 5. Powers and duties of the COS.12Section 6. National Nominating Committee.12Article VII. Councils12Section 1. PGs Council.12Section 2. Eligibility for PGs Council Chairman.12Section 3. Term of PGs Council Chairman.12Section 4. Powers and duties of PGs Council Chairman.12Section 5. CPRs Council.12Section 6. Eligibility for CPRs Council Chairman.13Section 7. Term of CPRs Council Chairman.13Section 8. Powers and duties of CPRs Council Chairman.13Section 9. National Council.13Article VIII. Business Meetings of the National Assembly and Province Workshop Delegates13Section 1. Attendance.13Section 2. Quorum.13Section 3. Credentials.13Section 4. Proxies.13</p> <p>Article IX. National Conventions13Section 1. Frequency of National Conventions.13Section 2. National Assembly.13Section 3. Voting rights of National Assembly members.14Section 4. Powers and duties of the National Assembly.14Article X. Finances14Section 1. National per capita tax.14Section 2. Insurance fees.14Section 3. Late fee.14Section 4. Convention tax.14Section 5. Alumni association fee.14Section 6. Reimbursement of officer and NEC member expenses.14Section 7. Reimbursement of PG and DPG expenses.14Section 8. Reimbursement of CPR expenses.15Section 9. Reimbursement of province Workshop travel expenses.15Section 10. National Convention delegate expenses.15Section 11. Reimbursement for late withdrawal of a PM.15Article XI. Elections15Section 1. Time and method of nomination.15Section 2. Time and method of election.15Section 3. Vote necessary to elect.15Article XII. Individual Member Discipline15Section 1. Reasons for individual member discipline.15Section 2. Process for individual member discipline.16Section 3. Conditions of individual member suspension.16Section 4. Resolution of individual member suspension.16Section 5. Insignia of an expelled member.16Article XIII. Chapter and Alumni Association Discipline16Section 1.Reasons for chapter or alumni association discipline.16Section 2. Automatic chapter or alumni association probation and suspension.16Section 3. Conditions of chapter or alumni association probation.17Section 4. Conditions of chapter or alumni association suspension.17Section 5.Resolution of chapter or alumni association probation or suspension.17Section 6. Chapter or alumni association charter revocation.17Article XIV. Appeals17Article XV. Publications18Section 1.The Sinfonian.18Section 2.Other publications.18Article XVI. Province Governors18Section 1. PG eligibility, appointment, and term.18Section 2. PG vacancies.18Section 3. Powers and duties of PGs.18Section 4. Official chapter visits.19Section 5. Formal chapter visits.19Section 6. Informal chapter visits.19Section 7. DPG eligibility and appointment.19Section 8. Duties of the DPG.19Article XVII. Rituals and Insignia19Section 1. Rituals.19Section 2. Official Insignia.20Section 3. Display of Pin.20Section 4. PM Pin.20Section 5. Display of Greek letters and Coat-of-Arms.20Article XVIII. Amendments20Section 1. Process for amending Title I of the Bylaws by National Assembly.20Section 2. Process for amending Title I of the Bylaws by National Council.20Section 3. Process for making technical, editorial, and conforming changes.20</p> <p>BYLAWS, TITLE II. PROVINCE21Article I. Province Officers21Section 1. CPR and ACPR eligibility, election, and term.21Section 2.CPR duties.21Section 3. ACPR duties.21Section 4. CPR vacancy.21Section 5. PAC eligibility, appointment, and term.21Section 6. Duties of the PAC.21Article II. Workshops22Section 1. Planning and execution.22Section 2. Topics.22Section 3.Notice.22Section 4. Voting delegation.22Section 5. Chapter failure to attend a Workshop.22Article III. Province Councils22Article IV. Amendments23Section 1. Process for amending Title II of the Bylaws by National Assembly.23Section 2. Process for amending Title II of the Bylaws by National Council.23Section 3. Process for making technical, editorial, and conforming changes.23</p> <p>BYLAWS, TITLE III. CHAPTER24Article I. Chapter Organization and Policies24Article II. Chapter Duties24Section 1. Registration with the sheltering institution.24Section 2. Filing chapter reports with the Fraternity.24Section 3. Filing initiation reports with the Fraternity.24Section 4. Initiation equipment.24Section 5. Annual chapter observations.24Section 6. Annual American Music Program.24Article III. Membership24Section 1. Election to probationary membership.24Section 2. Renewal of candidacy.24Section 3. Formal invitation to probationary membership.25Section 4. Length and content of probationary membership period.25Section 5. Prohibition of hazing.25Section 6. Fair consideration regardless of disability.25Section 7. Reconsideration of probationary membership.25Section 8. Election to collegiate membership.25Section 9. Chapter honorarymembership.25Section 10. Initiation of faculty members.25Article IV. Officers26Section 1. Election, installation, and term.26Section 2. Eligibility.26Section 3. Removal.26Section 4. Vacancy.26Section 5. President duties.26Section 6. Vice President duties.26Section 7. Secretary duties.26Section 8. Treasurer duties.26Section 9. Historian duties.27Section 10. Warden duties.27Section 11. Alumni Relations Officer duties.27Section 12. Fraternity Education Officer duties.27Section 13. Faculty Advisor duties.27Section 14. Executive committee.27Article V. Meetings28Section 1. Regular and special meetings.28Section 2. Quorum.28Section 3. Voting.28Article VI. Committees28Section 1. Standing committees.28Section 2. Special committees.28Article VII. Finances28Section 1. Record keeping.28Section 2. Regular chapter dues and special assessments.28Section 3. Financially obligating a chapter.28Section 4. Annual audit.28Article VIII. Elections29Section 1. Nominating committee.29Section 2. Vote required for the election of officers.29Article IX. Discipline of Members29Section 1. Reasons for discipline.29Section 2. Automatic suspension.29Section 3. Disciplinary process.29Section 4. Procedures after member suspension.29Section 5. Conditions of suspension.30Section 6. Resolution of member suspension.30Section 7. Procedures after member expulsion.30Article X. Amendments30Section 1. Process for amending Title III of the Bylaws by National Assembly.30Section 2. Process for amending Title III of the Bylaws by National Council.30Section 3. Process for making technical, editorial, and conforming changes.30Section 4. Right to appeal.30</p> <p>BYLAWS, TITLE IV. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION31Article I. Purposes31Article II. Alumni Association Obligations31Section 1. Charter fee.31Section 2. Administrative fee.31Section 3. Reports.31Article III. Membership31Section 1. Granting of charter.31Section 2. Inactive status.31Section 3. Member affiliation.31Article IV. Policies31Article V. Amendments32Section 1. Process for amending Title IV of the Bylaws by National Assembly.32Section 2. Process for amending Title IV of the Bylaws by National Council.32Section 3. Process for making technical, editorial, and conforming changes.32</p> <p>REVISION HISTORY</p> <p>Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity30National Constitution and Bylaws</p> <p>Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity29National Constitution and Bylaws</p> <p>INTRODUCTION</p> <p>The Constitution and the Chapter(Reprinted from THE SINFONIAN; November 1923)</p> <p>The true strength of the individual chapter is determined by its obedience to the Constitution of the national fraternity. Wisdom has been shown in making our Constitution sufficiently plastic and progressive to meet the changing conditions inherent in the growth and expanse of a young fraternity and the increasing problems of the chapters.Yet even at the present stage of adaptation and development it is not always easy for a chapter to be persistent and prompt in meeting all the requirements found in the SINFONIA law. Whenever such a time comes in the life of a chapterit should *sacrifice*, and it will, if the chapter realizes itself to be a vital part of the organic whole, and not an isolated unity.Brotherhood stands for mutual obligations and common duties. In the performance of them, inviolate should be respect for an observance of all the laws to each chapter and every member have voluntarily subscribed. Phi Mu Alpha is only as strong as the combined strengthand weaknessof all her chapters, no less, no more. She is a Federation of Chapters, united that she may grow the stronger in the bonds of brotherhood. Therefore, it behooves each chapter and every member to study and know the SINFONIA Constitution made for all, to be reverenced and obeyed by allthat all may remain united in fraternity law and fraternal love.</p> <p> Percy Jewett Burrell, Supreme President (1907-13)IntroductionINTERPRETATIONS, DEFINITIONS, AND ABBREVIATIONS</p> <p>InterpretationsA specific rule takes precedence over a general rule when both address the same subject.</p> <p>DefinitionsAffiliates: Any local or regional entity of the Fraternity, such as province, colony, chapter, or alumni association.</p> <p>Sinfonian: Any collegiate, alumni or honorary member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.</p> <p>AbbreviationsNational Executive Committee (NEC)Commission on Standards (COS)Province Governor (PG)Deputy Province Governor (DPG)Collegiate Province Representative (CPR)Assistant Collegiate Province Representative (ACPR)Province Alumni Coordinator (PAC)National Collegiate Representative (NCR)Probationary Member (PM)</p> <p>Interpretations, Definitions, and AbbreviationsCONSTITUTION</p> <p>Article I. Description</p> <p>Section 1. Name.This organization is known as PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA FRATERNITY OF AMERICA under the certificate of its incorporation, filed by the Department of State on August 26, 1904, under the General Laws of the State of New York (5)(I)(43).</p> <p>Section 2. Use of name.Affiliates may use the name of this Fraternity, or any part or derivative, only in connection with official activities. The NEC may grant special permission for the use of the name of the Fraternity for other purposes.</p> <p>Article II. Object</p> <p>The Object of this Fraternity shall be for the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit; the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students; the advancement of music in America and a loyalty to the Alma Mater.</p> <p>Article III. Membership</p> <p>Section 1. Classes of membership.The four classes of membership are probationary, collegiate, alumni, and honorary.</p> <p>Section 2. Authority to confer membership.Chapters, the National Assembly, or the NEC may confer collegiate membership. The NEC confers national honorary membership. Chapters confer honorary membership.</p> <p>Section 3. Initiation Ritual requirement.A man must participate in the role of candidate for initiation in the most current revision of the national Initiation Ritual to become a collegiate or honorary member.</p> <p>Article IV. Affiliates</p> <p>Section 1. Chapter formation.The Fraternity may form chapters by granting charters to petitioning groups in universities, colleges, or schools of music.</p> <p>Section 2. Alumni association formation.The Fraternity may form alumni associations by granting charters to petitioning groups.</p> <p>Section 3. Transfer of charter.A chapter charter or name may be transferred to an institution or group that is the legitimate successor of the institution or group to which the chapter charter or name was originally granted.</p> <p>Article V. Officers and National Executive Committee</p>...