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  • 1. Transforming the SEN system:Policy & Campaigns education work in 2009 Beth Reid Policy Manager Annual General Meeting 14 November 2009

2. Teacher training

  • School SENCO regulations
    • From September 2009:
    • All SENCOs to be qualified teachers
    • All new SENCOs to have training in SEN, including autism
  • New SEN modules for initial teacher training include autism
  • New Government autism resources for school staff
    • Inclusion Development Programme published (England)
    • Autism Toolbox (Scotland) launched at Daldorch School

3. 4. 5. Bullying

  • Guidance produced for schools last year on bullying of children with SEN and disabilities
  • Specific focus on autism, including case studies
  • Person with autism features in DVD to support school bullying guidance
  • Government consulted with NAS on requirement for all schools to record incidents of bullying
  • Government considering improving parental complaint system

6. Behaviour issues

  • NAS made sure that the Education and Skills Bill didnt create a loophole which could make it easier to remove pupils who have challenging behaviour from their school new protections in place for children with SEN
  • Discussed behaviour issues with Sir Alan Steer as part of his review
  • Steer Report on behaviour in school calls for improved identification and early intervention for children with SEN and better support for teachers
  • Quotes NAS evidence on informal (illegal) exclusions

7. Home education

  • Government commissioned independent review of home education in January, focusing on child protection issues
  • Strong concerns from home-educating parents
  • NAS met with Graham Badman, Review chair, and was invited onto advisory group - only specific interest group represented
  • Review recommends registration and monitoring of home education
  • Limited SEN recommendations in final report, review come under considerable criticism
  • NAS gave evidence to Parliamentary select committee and is discussing SEN issues with Ofsted
  • We want to see more support available for home-educated children with autism

8. SEN & Disability (Support) Bill

  • Private members bill taken forward by John Bercow MP
  • Aimed to improve support for children with SEN and disabilities in school
  • Led by NAS, supported by Special Educational Consortium and SEN charities
  • Four-hour debate in Parliament in May
  • Held roundtable seminar with key agencies (Ofsted, teacher training agency, unions) and produced report

9. SEN&D Bill continued:Govt commitments

  • Government commitments in response to the Bill include:
  • requirement for local authorities to plan strategically for specialist support for children with SEN and disabilities
  • every school inspection report to include SEN and disabilities
  • to promote Quality Standards for SEN support and outreach services
  • to highlight importance of reducing exclusions of pupils with SEN

10. Lamb Inquiry

  • Inquiry into assessment process for SEN and parental confidence started March 2008
  • Led by Brian Lamb of Special Educational Consortium
  • NAS organised focus groups with three branches/ parents groups

11. Lamb Inquiry (continued)

  • Several interim Government announcements:
    • 31 million over 2 years for pilot projects to identify best practice approaches to improving outcomes for children with SEN
    • 7 million for embedding SEN and disability considerations in mainstream policies and programmes, such as training for school leadership.
    • Support to make statements clearer
    • Support schools in assessing what constitutes good progress for children with SEN
    • New right of appeal for parents if statement isnt amended after a review
  • Final report due shortly, looking at support for children with SEN but no statement

12. Work with political parties

  • General election spring 2010
  • Making sure all parties think about SEN and autism
  • Labour
  • Event at Labour party conference: how to improve the SEN system
  • Schools Minister Diana Johnson talked with parents, professionals and party members about what needs to change in SEN system
  • Conservatives
  • Meeting with all key Conservative MPs and advisors
  • Assisting with policy development
  • Liberal Democrats
  • Held event to feed into education policy development and wrote report for them
  • Working with all key Liberal Democrat MPs

13. Autism Education Trust

  • Continue to host and be a lead partner in Autism Education Trust
  • Brings together 25 organisations and groups working in education for children with autism to promote good practice and joint working
  • Published two toolkits for professionals to help them personalise education to each child, and work with families from different backgrounds
  • Working to improve local authority commissioning (planning and provision) of services
  • Conference and series of roadshows focusing on transitions
  • Extra 80,000 Government funding announced in SEN and Disability Support Bill debate

14. Transition to adulthood

  • Autism Act 2009 requires guidance on transition
  • 19 million Transition Support Programme to improve transition to adulthood for young disabled people
  • Specific focus on autism within Programme
  • NAS part of reference group for Programme
  • 10,000 project on work experience and autism
  • 200,000 funding for research looking at what makes a successful transition for young people with autism at University of York
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism held inquiry into transition

15. What else?

  • Changes to SEN& Disability Tribunal
  • Raised NAS and parental concerns in Parliament
  • Worked with Advocacy for Education team to ensure clear and accurate information available
  • Ofsted SEN & disability review
  • Broad review of how well current legal frameworks meet childrens needs (education, equality, social care, Aiming High for Disabled Children)

16. Autism Bill: children

  • Government agreed to make local areas plan to meet the needs of children with autism
  • New legal duty to plan for needs of all children with SEN and disabilities
  • NAS now working with Government to make this happen

17. Beyond England :Wales

  • Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) developing Autism Spectrum Disorder Quality Standards for Education
  • Statements or something better? 2million WAG project looking at new options for the SEN (now Additional Learning Needs) system. Focusing on:
    • role of SENCOs
    • ensuring quality
    • supporting children with less complex needs
    • involving professionals beyond education
  • Pilots have just started.No legal changes expected before 2013
  • NAS talking to WAG about meeting needs of children across autism spectrum, and about legal protections for those in pilot areas


  • Scotland
  • Additional Support for Learning Amendment Act 2009
  • Draft Code of Practice been published, will be finalised in 2010
  • Northern Ireland
  • Review of SEN just started, looking at different options

Beyond England: the rest of the UK 19. Legal work

  • Joined case going to High Court about a boy excluded from school for scratching teacher
  • We wanted to try to prevent weakening of disability discrimination protections for children and adults with behavioural difficulties
  • Very complex case. Despite our evidence, lost case on crucial point
  • Working with Equality and HumanRights Commission to get newprotections

20. Disability Living Allowance

  • Last year Government announced plans to redesign child DLA claim form
  • NAS pushed to be included in the initial working group looking at the redesign
  • NAS have commented on draft versions of the form and have asked parents of children with autism what they think of the new form
  • Form has improved significantly, more autism fri