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2. End Results Successfully obtain a masters degree. MFA Film Production. Gain confidence in my own filmmaking and editing skills 3. Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership, July 2014 Goals: Understand the concept of Mastery Gain insight from the paths of masters Strategy: Reading Robert Greenes Mastery. Do all assignments. Outline Mastery plan 4. Filmmaking Concepts and Practices, August 2014 Goals: Learn concepts that govern Filmmaking Learn the Hollywood standard of filmmaking Strategy: Get to know my instructor Take a lot of Notes and ask questions Read article: Organizational Storytelling: Metaphors for Relational Power and Identity Struggles (Smith) 5. Script Production and Analysis, September 2014 Goal Learn to write and analyze scripts Become a better storyteller Strategy Read Organizational Storytelling: Metaphors for Relational Power and Identity Struggles. watch scripting tutorials on tutorials/Writing- script/53851/60353-4.html 6. Directing Talent, October 2014 Goal Gain an understanding of what it takes to be a good director Strategy get to know my instructor observe and absorb information from the course. watch tutorial. tutorials/Directing- shoot/103707/158371-4.html 7. Experimental Filmmaking, November 2014 Goal Gain knowledge of experimental films and their practices. Strategy Take notes and ask questions Watch tutorial on experimental films. Filmmaking-tutorials/Creative-Spark- Michael-Langan-Experimental- Filmmaker/140917-2.html 8. Visual Storytelling and techniques, December 2014 Goal Learn how filmmakers evoke emotions out of people with their films. Strategy get to know my instructor take notes and ask questions read course text 9. Pre Production (Film Prod. Thesis), January 2015 Goal Learn more about the pre production phase. Strategy Use skills that I already possess watch tutorial on pre- production. tutorials/Estimating-pre- production/96667/101282-4.html 10. Production (These II) ,February 2015 Goal Learn the production phase Strategy Learn new camera skills watch tutorial: Filmmaking-tutorials/Camera- Movement-Video- Production/167570-2.html 11. Entertainment and Communication LAW, March 2015 Goal Gain knowledge of Entertainment and communication laws. Strategy get to know my instructor read course text. read article by Timmer on entertainment laws. An Intergrated approach to teach production and entertainment Law 12. Post-Production Thesis III) ,April 2015 Goal Learn the hollywood standard of filmmaking Strategy Join a good team to work with take notes and ask questions. watch tutorial on post production: Cameras-Gear-tutorials/Post-production- sharing/129008/144427-4.html 13. Film Assembly (Thesis IV) ,May 2015 Goal Learn how to assemble a full feature film Strategy Use my editing skills learn other video editing software. 14. Business of Film, June 2015 Goal Learn the business of film Strategy watch video on women in the film business from Presents- tutorials/2010sbiffwomenspanelcreati vewomeninthebusiness/79037- 2.html?srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid :2%0Aq:business%2Bof%2Bfilm%0A page:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true% 0Aproducttypeid:2 15. Clubs and Organizations to Join. The Film Scene Grammy U Emerging Technology Group Ableton Live Collective 16. Mentor Qualities Professional Honest Reliable Humble Knowledgable Creative Curious 17. Possible Mentors Josh Senior Media Producer Web: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @JoshSenior Facebook: Michael Cina Creative Director Web: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @MichaelCina Facebook: Fabio Sasso Media Creator Web: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @FabioSasso Facebook: Mark Siet Media Producer Web: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @Marcutio Facebook: Ricardo Gimenes Digital Media Producer Web: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @behindcadi Facebook: Chris Georgenes Media Creator Web: Email:[email protected] Twitter: @FabioSasso Facebook: 18. References: Bell, M. (2013). Visual storytelling. Television, 50(10), 16- 17. Smith, F. L., & Keyton, J. (2001). Organizational Storytelling: Metaphors for Relational Power and Identity Struggles. Management Communication Quarterly, 15(2), 149. Timmer, J. (2006). Course File: An Integrated Approach to Teaching Production and Entertainment Law. Journal Of Film & Video, 58(4), 29-42.