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    "It Only Takes ONE White Crow ...":

    The Real Agenda of NASA's Curiosity Mars

    Rover Mission

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    For over twenty years, The Enterprise Mission has pursued an extraordinary scientific

    and political hypothesis ....

    That the Earth orbits the Sun, not as "the only lush oasis amid a host of lifeless other

    worlds ..." but as, potentially, the lone planetary survivor of a long-forgotten ancient

    solar system epoch, shaped by "an extraordinarily advanced, Type II ET Civilization"

    -- which, after literally remaking this entire planetary system ... collapsed in a

    catastrophic, ancient War--

    Leaving only scattered, arcane clues behind to its existence -- including, some

    evidence suggests, the human race itself ....

    * * *

    The scientific origins of this still-evolving Enterprise hypothesis trace back to the

    seminal discovery by NASA, in the "Viking Summer" of 1976, of an extraordinary

    Martian surface "artifact" -- first photographed from orbit by the Viking unmanned

    mission ....

    The highly controversial "face on Mars."

    Instantly dismissed as merely "a trick of light and

    shadow," the exploration of the Face's potentially "game

    changing" scientific origins has been center stage in the

    Enterprise Mission's subsequent investigation of

    "Cydonia" (the name of the geographic location of this

    amazing Martian feature) for more than 30 years ....

    Subsequent NASA unmanned Mars missions (after a series

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    of much-publicized national media "campaigns," led by Enterprise, to secure far

    better imagery of "the face on Mars" than Viking), finally succeeded in the early

    1990's in returning startling new evidence -- of additional "statue-like" details of "the

    Face" -- that are impossible to scientifically "explain away" now as "merely tricks of


    Including, this stunning 2003 NASA composite (created by Enterprise from official

    NASA data - below) -- consisting of a black and white Mars Surveyor image (taken

    with afternoon light coming from the west), coupled with a "pre-dawn" Mars

    Surveyor color image, with pre-dawn lighting coming from the east.

    The result is clearly an unbelievably ancient ... heavily eroded ... artificial monument

    -- its eastern side inexplicably "glowing," even in the early Martian twilight -- with

    obvious geometric ... prismatic ... crystalline glass structure ....

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    Was this enigmatic "Face on Mars" deliberately left behind, then, as a haunting

    "clue" to our own, in many ways, still baffling existence ... on this planet?

    A Clue--

    In the form of an ancient, uniquely human monument of mile-wide "mega-

    engineering" to our own literal creation ... left amid a "city" of equally staggering

    examples of "mega-engineering pyramids" (below) ... on the reddish sands of Mars--

    By this same, long-vanished "Type II Civilization?"

    As Enterprise, across more than thirty years, has assembled more and more

    compelling evidence supporting this radical idea ... the science behind the even larger

    hypothesis -- that this entire solar system was, somehow, in the dim and distant past,

    deliberately "rearranged" to support the existence of human life itself -- has also

    quietly evolved ....

    Recent, peer-reviewed astronomical observations and analysis -- stemming from

    NASA's revolutionary Kepler space telescope "exo-planetary" observations of the

    numbers and types of "super-earth planets" found orbiting even "near-by, sun-like

    stars" -- have recently reached a startling "mainstream" conclusion:

    "... it seems clear that our [own] Solar System

    which contains no planet interior to Mercurys P = 88

    day orbit did not participate in a major if not the

    dominant mode of planet formation in the Galaxy ...

    "Super-earths [planets in the range of 5 to 10 times

    the Earth's mass] are not anomalous; they are the rule

    that our Solar System breaks. In a sense, the burden

    of explaining planetary system architectures rests

    more heavily on the Solar System [now] than on the

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    rest of the Galaxys planet population at large

    [emphasis added] ...."

    This gradually dawning scientific "paradigm shift" -- that there is something uniquely

    "wrong" (or, right!) about this solar system -- even at the level of simple planetary

    orbits and formation -- in our opinion, takes our 30-year-old Enterprise idea from

    merely being "a far-out possibility"--

    To the level of a scientifically-supported model -- that could be the likely explanation

    for the extraordinary solar system discoveries that NASA (and the other space

    agencies ...) have quietly ... secretly ... been finding, and then rigidly suppressing--

    For more than fifty years!

    * * *

    Which brings us to what potentially could be the climax, now, of these last five

    decades of unprecedented solar system exploration ... and deception:

    The increasingly inexplicable NASA actions going on around its latest planetary

    probe -- a new robot, sent just last year to once again explore another region on the

    surface of the planet Mars ....

    A robot named appropriately "Curiosity."

    And what Enterprise has now discovered of Curiosity's REAL (if still unspoken ...)

    "Mars Science Laboratory" Mission:

    Of officially (if we're reading the murky "tea leaves" correctly ...) "discovering" ...

    and then, finally, revealing-- The existence of "an ancient, intelligently-inhabited

    epoch" on the Planet Mars!

    Which, if it comes to pass, will mark the beginnings of the eventual unwinding and

    confirmation of our much larger Enterprise Mission, solar-system-wide, "Type II ET


    An impending political and scientific

    revolution which -- if our analysis

    continues to bear out -- could become

    visible, even to the general public and

    the media, as early as this year-- 2013.

    Which would, of course-- Change

    everything ...

    Some further background ....

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    As readers of Enterprise should remember, this entire turgid tale of official "space

    agency deception" -- over what it's REALLY been finding (then hiding!) in the solar

    system for these past 50 years -- traces back, in part, to ONE specific document,

    revealed by our political investigations decades ago ... a "high-level" government

    Report to NASA (below) -- commissioned at the end of the Eisenhower

    Administration (in the late 1950s) by a newly-founded "NASA."

    Researched and delivered to NASA in 1960 by the famed Brookings Institution (a

    well-known, private

    Washington policy

    think-tank), the Report

    that was eventually

    (under the Kennedy


    delivered to the Eighty-

    Seventh Congress in

    1961 and then made

    public, specifically

    warned that--

    Premature disclosure of

    the existence of


    extraterrestrial life ... or

    even, the proven

    existence of their ruins

    elsewhere in the solar

    system ..." could,

    literally-- Destroy human


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    Faced with such dire political projections at the literal "Dawn of the Space Age," the

    US Space Agency (according to our Enterprise analysis ...) half a century ago began

    a "global, political, secret scientific campaign" (documented in "The Monuments of

    Mars" and "Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA") to eliminate -- from all

    scientific publications and mainstream discussions of its data -- any and all evidence

    of its early confirmation of the accumulating reality of extraterrestrial ruins ... all

    across the solar system.


    Any evidence politically proving that "acquiring that crucial confirmation first hand"

    -- via a flurry of manned and unmanned early NASA interplanetary missions -- was,

    in fact, the ultimate reason for "the creation (in 1958, by President Eisenhower) of

    NASA (as a secret adjunct to the DOD) itself, was also ruthlessly suppressed!"

    We've spent decades pursuing this unique Enterprise "extraterrestrial archaeological

    and political investigation," with increasing evidence supporting these startling

    conclusions; amid our redundant, geometric discoveries laid out in the Intelligently-

    Designed Complex at Cydonia, we eventually also realized that, in parallel with the

    shattered remains of this "ancient, solar system-\wide civilization" ... there was a

    parallel, even more important, long-lost "Hyperdimensional Physics" in those ruins ...

    also waiting to be rediscovered--

    A Physics -- directly "coded" (via its unmistakable "tetrahedral geometry") ... all

    across Cydonia itself (below)!

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    As has also been presented many times on Enterprise -- the latest recitation here --

    this extraordinary, rediscovered field of "Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Physics"

    leads, in turn, directly to an equally-extraordinary Torsion Field Technology ....

    Machines which can affect -- and fundamentally transform -- not only all known

    interactions between "energy and matter" (such as tapping into a source of limitless,

    non-polluting energy ...) -- via direct manipulation of the underlying "torsion field"

    (aether) of three-dimensional Reality-- But a technology which, based on unlimited

    matter transformation, can fundamentally re-engineer entire solar systems -- literally

    building "artificial worlds" (below) ... if not "terraforming" natural ones into any new

    environment the Terraforming Engineers desire ....

    It is only the existence of "Hyperdimensional Physics" that makes possible the very

    concept of "a Type II Civilization."

    But, there was more ....

    Coded in the arcane, multi-dimensional mathematics and geometry spread across the

    long-abandoned ruins at Cydonia were not only the keys to the Physics for

    rearranging the existence of all matter and energy in 3-D "physical reality" ....


    Potentially, of proving the hyperdimensional basis of Consciousness itself!

    In recently reported science, there is accumulating evidence of major consciousness

    increases, long term, among all human populations -- based on the global results of

    standardized "IQ tests," going back at least a hundred years ....

    Termed "the Flynn Effect," these documented changes are attributed (by some ...) to

    actual advances in "IQs"; we, on the other hand, have analyzed the published data

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    NOT as "increases in fundamental human intelligence" (actually, the least likely

    interpretation of the data ... given the lack of any other supporting evidence for such

    an on-going intellectual "Renaissance!"), but as potential biological side-effects of "a

    changing background solar system HD/Torsion Field"--

    And its fundamental "connection" to the human brain.

    An "HD process," we project, which is actually increasing human intuition -- and

    thereby, increasing intuitive abilities for taking "IQ tests!"

    If true, this continuing increase in human intuitive responses (the ability to

    successfully "know" the truth at an increasing rate, regardless of "logical"

    information to the contrary) leads us to an imminent political and social opportunity:

    An increasing capability -- for an increasing percentage of the globe -- to "see

    through" long-standing official lies and deliberate deceptions (like, NASA's ...) -- to

    the underlying "truths."

    If this expanded model for "the Flynn Effect" is accurate, there should also be a

    "consciousness window" coming, a window (based on the "rising background HD

    Physics") where efforts to "change the status quo" -- based on "what is REALLY

    going on" versus "the lies we're being told"--

    Could actually break through -- based, again, on the solar system's measurably

    changing HD/Torsion Field ....

    A "heightened conscious window ..." opening, so our HD/Torsion Model predicted,

    near the end of the much-hyped "Long Count Mayan Calendar" ....

    If any of this preceding analysis was true, it raised the important question of "the

    ultimate purpose" of the Long- Count Calendar itself--

    A Calendar obviously counting down to ... Something.

    Could that "something" be, in part, a return to a too-long delayed, global realization

    of "who we really are?"

    Beginning with the Truth-- On Mars?

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    "Curiosity" -- the first nuclear-powered "roving vehicle" to be sent to the surface of

    another planet -- made a successfully "miracle landing" on the the planet Mars,

    Monday morning, August 6, 2012 ... at 05:17:57.3 UTC -- in a ~100-mile-wide,

    ancient Martian crater known as "Gale."

    IF all the diverse elements of our extended scientific and political analysis (above)

    have been correctly figured out ... NASAs latest and most powerful unmanned

    Mars Science Laboratory rover mission -- which has been exploring the deepest

    sections of Gale Crater now for almost a full year -- is poised to finally, officially,

    reveal (and possibly, within the next few months ...) its "secret" Mission to Gale


    To publicly expose -- after almost forty years -- the reality of "the ancient, inhabited

    history of Mars" ....

    Now, political projections (as opposed to scientific analyses ...) are always

    "dangerous" for journalists, politicians ... and certainly for scientists; as I have often

    cautioned readers here at Enterprise (to say nothing of countless "Coast" audiences

    I've also tried to warn ...), when you "step outside the box" and attempt to make a

    bold "political prediction" in this business -- especially, re the continuing NASA

    Cover-Up -- a LOT can go wrong ... specifically designed (by those behind that

    Cover-Up) to make you look "uncredible", i.e.--

    "Really stupid."

    Not the least of which -- once you've "blown" NASA's political strategy, vis a vis a

    coming, dramatic CHANGE in this decades-long "hiding of the REAL solar system"

    strategy ....

    They may ... JUST to "spite you"--

    Simply change the time frame ... of their planned, carefully "spun," unveiling!

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    With that crucial caveat out of the way, here goes our own "best guess" as to what

    MAY happen ... "shortly" -- vis a vis NASA's remarkable, on-going "Curiosity" Mars


    Which, in total contradiction to decades of repeated lies and cover-up, is quietly

    making public -- even as we write! -- indisputable imaging evidence proving the

    existence of "a former, ancient, high-tech Type II Civilization on the planet Mars" ....

    All that's been missing, up'til now, has been an "official" NASA declaration--

    That that's what we are looking at!

    And that is our "dangrous" political prediction:

    That -- within the next few months -- NASA is going to finally do--

    Exactly that.

    Officially declare--

    "We have now discovered robust scientific evidence ... of a former Martian


    When (and if!) this remarkable political development DOES take place, it will only

    be belated confirmation of an early Enterprise Mission assessment we made last year,

    re "Curiosity's" REAL mission (during one of our many appearances on "Coast"); it

    was then that we first publicly anticipated this eventual "political unveiling" of the

    REAL Mars ... as the ultimate goal behind the entire Curiosity Mission!

    Including, its carefully chosen landing site ellipse (below) -- inside an equally

    carefully-selected ancient location on Mars ... called "Gale...


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