NASA Constellation Projects Closing Comments July 30, 2009

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NASA Constellation Projects Closing Comments July 30, 2009. Influence of Key Drivers on Architecture Selection. Exploration. Crew Transport. NASA Developed Human Spaceflight. NASA Develop ISS Crew Transport?. No. No. Spacecraft (Orion). or. Yes. Yes. International. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Influence of Key Drivers on Architecture SelectionNASA Developed Human SpaceflightBeyondLEO?Where First?New Needs, Goals and ObjectivesNoNew Needs, Goals and ObjectivesNoNew Exploration Architecture Document, New Cx Architecture Requirements Document (CARD)VSE, 05/08 NASA Auth.VSE, 05/08 NASA Auth.OtherMoonHeavy Lift(Ares V)NASA Develop ISS Crew Transport?YesCrew Launch(Ares I)NoHas Missions Beyond LEOYesNoSeparate Crew and CargoYesNoSignificant Safety Increase Over Legacy SystemsYesNoShuttle CAres VSpacecraft(Orion)YesYes!InternationalLunar Surface Access(Altair)orExplorationCrew TransportOrbital Space PlaneContinue ShuttleorEELVMaximum commonality and cost Sharing</p><p>National Aeronautics and Space Administration*</p></li><li><p>Overall Constellation GoalsSignificantly reduce the net cost of LEO access, andAchieve unprecedented levels of crew safety, andExtend sphere of human operations beyond LEOFrom 250 nmi to 250,000+ nmi</p><p>Page *</p></li><li><p>ISS and Other LEO Destinations/ServicingCommercial and Civil LEOCurrent CapabilitiesNational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationDeep Space Robotics*</p></li><li><p>Mars Surface, Phobos, DeimosLunar Orbit, Lunar Surface (global)Asteroids and Near-Earth ObjectsLEO: Commercialand ScienceCurrent Development for Future Exploration CapabilitiesDeep Space Robotics*Future Growth Capability (Requires Addl Development &amp; Cost)ISS and Other LEO Destinations/ServicingNational Aeronautics and Space Administration</p><p>7727. 7727. *7727. *7727. </p></li></ul>