Napa Valley Tours and Sonoma Tours - Delightful Destinations

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This write up speaks about california wine tours offering bike touring to freshen visitors. They are taken to the wineries to taste. Wine tasting, luxurious accommodation, gourmet food are the part of this tour. Weekend tours are also arranged only at Gears And Grapes


Napa Valley Tours and Sonoma Tours - Delightful Destinations

Are you tired of mechanical life? Are you looking for an exotic weekend being close to nature? Napa valley is the gift of nature to the tired minds. It is an exotic place to enjoy in California. Valley, vineyard, exotic gourmet food and bike tour or bicycle tour and pleasant weather are clubbed with Napa valley. California wine tours offers you bike tour and bicycle tour and to have the taste of a rustic yet exotic life.

Napa valley is a marvelous place for you to enjoy. Beautiful accommodation in picturesque set up really steals your mind. Just imagine a tour which rejuvenates you with high energy and makes you full of life. You can even go on bicycle tour and bike touring at Napa valley to get closer to nature.

Napa and Sonoma guarantee exotic holidays for the visitors. There are few weekend packages which cover bicycle tour amidst some of the beautiful scenery in California. They have conducted tours also to wineries, make the visitors taste wines and answer all the queries of visitors regarding making of wines. And above all visitors are taken to Santa Barbara - a place of California's most sought after wines. Visitors taste wine at small boutique wineries where vintners spend time explaining the art of wine making and answering guests' questions.

Eat a picnic lunch, taste wines in california wine tours, and enjoy bicycle tour in the hillside of a vineyard. It is really a wonderful experience on the earth one could wish for! Napa valley goes with luxury and excellent food. Probably this is the right time to enjoy such scenic beauty clubbed with gourmet food and wine. Napa valley wine tasting tours leave an unforgettable memory in your mind.

California wine tours has picked up few beautiful vineyard to entertain its tourists. Experienced guides will be always there to assist you and to make your visit memorable.

Author By:- Arianne Goodman

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