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Deb Newberry, Director of the Nano-Link program at Dakota County Technical College, MN, talks about the exciting area where nanotechnology and biotechnology converge.


  • 1. Nanotechnology:The ability to observe, measure, study and create at the molecularand atomic level.

2. Atomic (electronic) structure Molecular structure Physical characteristics Electrical characteristics Biological characteristics Why is understanding the molecular or atomic level structureof a material important? 3. 4. Tools of Nanoscience System and interaction understanding Bio mimicry Diagnosis Treatment Biological Systems Nano materials 5. Using the Tools 6. To Understand, Measure and Study 7. Understanding and Imitating Nature 8. Nanoscale Concepts Directly Tie to Biology Surface area to volume ratio No giant cells!!!! 9. Nanoscale Concepts Directly Tie to Biology Properties Dependent on Size 10. Nanoscale Concepts Directly Tie to Biology Priorities of Forces and Interactions 11.

    • Deposition of Unlabeled Proteins
    • N-Goat IgG
    • N-Mouse IgG
    • N- Rabbit IgG
    • Incubate with:
    • Donkey anti-goat 488
    • Chicken anti-mouse 547
    • Chicken anti-Rabbit 657

12. Evolution of DNA Sequencing

  • Whats next?
    • Pacific Biosciences
    • Web site touts the $100 genome, long reads


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