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<ul><li><p>Nano and Micro Particles in Water andWastewater Treatment</p><p>Selected Proceedings of the 2nd International Specialised Conferenceon Nano and Micro Particles in Water and Wastewater Treatment,held in Zurich, Switzerland, 22-24 September 2003</p><p>Issue Editors: M. Boiler and W. Pronk</p><p>Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (EAWAG),</p><p>CH-8600 Dubendorf, Switzerland</p><p>Publishing</p></li><li><p>Contents</p><p>vii In Memoriam</p><p>Characterization of particles</p><p>1 Electron-optical characterization of nano- and micro-particles in raw and treatedwaters: an overview G.G. Leppard, D. Mavrocordatos and D. Perret</p><p>g Analysis of environmental particles by atomic force microscopy, scanning andtransmission electron microscopy D. Mavrocordatos, W. Pronk and M. Boiler</p><p>1 g Dynamic digital image analysis: emerging technology for particle characterizationG. Rablnski and D. Thomas</p><p>27 Detection of aquatic colloids in drinking water during its distribution via a waterpipeline network T. Wagner, T. Bundschuh, R. Schick and R. Kflster</p><p>39 Simultaneous determination of activated sludge floe size distribution by different</p><p>techniques R. Govoreanu, H. Saveyn, P. Van der Meeren and P.A. Vanrolleghem</p><p>47 Floes through the looking glass B. Jefferson, P. Jarvis, E. Sharp, S. Wilson and</p><p>S.A. Parsons</p><p>Particle transformation</p><p>55 From rupture to structure: the physical character of floes D.H. Bache</p><p>63 The duplicity of floe strength P. Jarvis, B. Jefferson and S. Parsons</p><p>71 Characterization of microparticles in raw, treated, and distributed waters by meansof elemental and particle size analyses T. Inoue, Y. Matsui, Y. Terada, K. Baba andT. Matsushita</p><p>79 Size fractionation of COD In urban wastewater from a combined sewer systemD. Marani, V. Renzi, R. Ramadori and CM. Braguglia</p><p>87 The role of microparticles in dead-end ultraf iltration of wwtp-eff luent J.H. Roorda,</p><p>S. te Poele and J.H.J.M van der Graaf</p><p>95 Colloidal transport and agglomeration in column studies for advanced run-offfiltration facilities - particle size and time resolved monitoring of effluents withflow-field-flow-fractionation R. Siepmann, F. von der Kammer and U. Forstner</p><p>103 Environmental nano-pollutants (ENP) and aquatic micro-interfacial processesH. Tang, D. Wang and X. Ge</p><p>111 Influence of the size of membrane foulants on the f ilterability of WWTP-eff luentS. te Poele, J.H. Roorda and J.H.J.M. van der Graaf</p><p>119 Investigation on effects of aggregate structure In water and wastewater treatment</p><p>K.W. Chau f</p><p>Particle removal concepts125 Particle related f ractionation and characterisation of municipal wastewater </p><p>A.F. van Nieuwenhuijzen, J.H.J.M. van der Graaf, M.J. Kampsohreur and A.R. Mels</p><p>133 Nano silica removal from IC wastewater by pre-coagulation and microfiltrationC. Huang, W. Jiang and C. Chen</p><p>139 Removal of Cr(VI) by magnetite nanoparticle J. Hu, I.M.C. Lo and G. Chen</p><p>147 Removal of micro-particles by microbial granules used for aerobic wastewater</p><p>treatment V. Ivanov, J.-H. Tay, S.T.-L. Tay and H.-L. Jiang</p></li><li><p>Coagulation and flocculation</p><p>155 The scientific basis of flocculator design D.F. Lawler and J.A. Nason</p><p>163 Monitoring floe formation and breakage J. Gregory</p><p>171 Temperature effects on flocculation, using different coagulants C.S.B. Fitzpatrick,E. Fradin and J. Gregory</p><p>177 Deciphering the science behind electrocoagulation to remove suspended clayparticles from water P.K. Holt, G.W. Barton and C.A. Mitchell</p><p>185 The effects of polymer characteristics on nano particle separation in humic</p><p>substances removal by cationic polymer coagulation T. Kvinnesland and H. 0degaard</p><p>193 Coagulation mechanisms - nano- and microprocesses I. Licsko</p><p>201 Irreversible and reversible adhesion between virus particles and hydrolyzing-precipitating aluminium: a function of coagulation T. Matsushita, Y. Matsui andT. Inoue</p><p>Sedimentation, flocculation, filtration</p><p>207 Fundamental characteristics of bubbles and ramifications for the flotation processS. Dockko and M.Y. Han</p><p>215 Origins of filter effluent particles: experimental study of particle deposition anddetachment J. Kim and J.E. Tobiason</p><p>223 Removal of nano and microparticles by granular filter media coated with nanoporous</p><p>aluminium oxide B.LT. Lau, G.W. Harrington, M.A. Anderson and I. Tejedor</p><p>229 Particle visualisation - a tool for determination of rise velocities M. Ljunggren,L. Jonsson and J. la Cour Jansen</p><p>237 Turbidity current in a circular settling tank K. Fujisaki and N. Nagata</p><p>245 A case study of dissolved air flotation for seasonal high turbidity water in KoreaS.B. Kwon, H.W. Ahn, C.J. Ahn and C.K. Wang</p><p>255 A CFD study of the deep bed filtration mechanism for submicron/nano-particlesuspension K.L. Tung, Y.L Chang, J.Y. Lai, C.H. Chang and C.J. Chuang</p><p>265 Membrane-f locculation-adsorption hybrid system in wastewater treatment: micro</p><p>and nano size organic matter removal S. Vigneswaran, H.K. Shon, S. Boonthanon,</p><p>H.H. NgoandR.B. Aim</p><p>Membrane technology ^273 . Particle count and size alteration for membrane fouling reduction in</p><p>non-conventional water filtration A. Adin</p><p>279 Investigation of membrane fouling by synthetic and natural particles J.H. Kweon andD.F. Lawler</p><p>287 Effect of residual ozone on membrane fouling reduction in ozone resistingmicrof iltration (MF) membrane system S. Lee, N. Jang and Y. Watanabe</p><p>293 Occurrence of EPS in activated sludge from a membrane bioreactor treatingmunicipal wastewater H. Evenblij and J.H.J.M. van der Graaf</p><p>t 301 Influence of suspension viscosity and colloidal particles on permeability of</p><p>membrane used in membrane bioreactor (MBR) T. Itonaga, K. Kimura and Y. Watanabe</p><p>311 Organic colloids and their influence on low-pressure membrane filtration C. Laabs,G.Amy and M.Jekel</p><p>317 Behavior of micro-particles in monolith ceramic membrane filtration withpre-coagulation H. Yonekawa, Y. Tomita and Y. Watanabe</p></li></ul>


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