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Nanking Genocide. By Tim Faas and Will Jenkins. W hat/ When/Where . December 13, 1937 Nanking China. Defending Nanking. The chinese said that they would not allow N anking to fall without a fight to the death. This plan quickly fell apart. The Japanese Army W ar C rimes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Nanking Genocide

Nanking Genocide

By Tim Faas and Will Jenkins

What/When/Where December 13, 1937 Nanking ChinaDefending NankingThe chinese said that they would not allow Nanking to fall without a fight to the death.

This plan quickly fell apart

The Japanese Army War CrimesMost of the crimes that were committed during the war did not take place in the city

A Japanese reporter stated that the only reason they went from shanghai to Nanking was because the officers told the soldiers they could rape and loot as they wanted

The Japanese Army War CrimesTwo officers had a contest to see who could be the first to kill 100 people with a sword

Fleeing Of The CityChinese civilians began to flee the city a quickly as possible

The scorched earth strategy was starting to be used out side the city

About 20 -30 million us dollars of property was burnedEstablishment of the Nanking Safety ZoneThere were many westerners living in NankingMost of them fled leaving 275 were journalist They created a safety zone in the western quarter of the cityEstablishment of the Nanking Safety ZoneThe Japanese government agreed not to attack parts of the cityThe remaining citizens were ordered to move into the safety zoneThe committee formed the de facto governmentDemand for surrender and Assault and capture of NankingDecember 9th leaflets were dropped demanding surrenderA cease fire was being arranged but failedThere was no response to the surrender the deadline was December 10th the Chinese retreated on December 12December 13 the city was taken

The MassacreDuring the six weeks the Japanese raped, murdered, committed theft, arson and many other war crimes250,000 residents in the city were killed20,000 women were raped, including infants and the elderly.[