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    Pages-16 Issue-4Rs.5.00September 2014Vol. 2

    Naming Ceremony Smt. Dr. Priya Vishwanath and Dr. B.A. Vishwanath celebrated naming ceremony of their

    daughter on Sunday the 3rd August 2014 at Aswal Community Centre, Rajajinagar Industrial town, Bangalore. Many celebraties of Sourashtra Community attended the function and made the naming ceremony a grand success.

    Dr. V.P. Ramamoorthy, Managing Trustee and Principal, Dhanalakshmi College of

    Engineering, Chennai, Sri Muddulakrishnaiah, President, Sourashtra Association, other

    members and Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, President, Sri B.R. Surendran, Vice President,

    Sri T.S. Jayabalan, General Secretary, Sri B.V. Srinivasan, Secretary, Sri R.K. Sridharan,

    Joint Secretary, Sri P.R. Gopinath, Secretary, Sri K.K. Devadoss Babu, Treasurer and

    Committee Members Sri P.M. Balaji, Sri K.K. Gopinath, Sri R.R. Baskar, Sri V.G. Gridharan

    and Smt. Uma Gridharan Smt. Savithri Sadasivan along with her son, daughter in law and

    grand son Aditya of KUSO, Sri U.K. Kalyanaramudu and Sri C.K. Dwarakanath were

    attended the function and greeted the baby by name 'Shri Avishka'. 

  • Sonna Kodum2 September 2014

    The Annual General Body Meeting

    SOURASHTRA MADHYA SABHA Held on 24th August, 2014

    The Annual General Body Meeting combined with the Executive Committee Meeting of the Sourashtra Madhya Sabha were held on Sunday, 24th August, 2014 at Papanasam (Tirunelveli).

    On behalf of KUSO, Bangalore, Sri T.S.Jayabalan, General Secretary (also E.C. member of Madhya Sabha) and myself took part in the meeting.

    A brief report is given below: The meeting commenced at 10-30 a.m. with prayer and flag hoisting.

    Then welcome address and Activity report by President and General Secretary followed.

    The President spoke about attempts made to get the funds due from KLN Engineering. Sri P.G.M. Thulasiram requested Sri M.S. Ramalingam, as a political leader to help the community. Sri M.S. Ramalingam wanted unity in each town to be promoted. Sri V.G. Ramdoss felt that new members enrolment was with the forthcoming elections in view.

    Sri Easwaramoorthy wanted at least one lakh Life members to be enrolled and E.C. members to be increased to one thousand. He said that the Easa Engineering College was offering free education including boarding and lodging to deserving Sourashtra students.

    Sri K.B.Radhakrishnan, Sri N.M.R. Jawahar Babu and Mr. Kumaresan spoke a few words. (As the meeting of the Sourashtra Educational Confederation was being held simultaneously in the adjacent hall, most of the above speakers left immediately after their talk and after being given shawls.)

    Then the General Body topics were taken up. On behalf of KUSO Sri K.V.Pathy presented a Memorandum asking for amendments to the Sabha Rules to make it FULLY DEMOCRATIC and a mass organization. The amendments proposed were - 1. To declare ALL sourashtrians (with Voters I.D.Card/AADHAAR Card) as Life members of

    the Sabha. 2. To collect a Nominal Life membership fee of Rs.10 (Rupees Ten only) 3. to declare ALL Life members as eligible to contest any election of the Sabha, including

    E.C., Office bearers posts etc. Sri Pathy also said that this petition has been signed 'on line' by 125 Sourashtrians from

    India (many E,C. members and others like Sri Shriram Shekher, Sri Niranjan Kumar, Sri N.S.R.Santharam, Sri O.S.Subramanian, Sri Jaya Rajan, Dr. Damodaran, Prof. C.S.Krishanmoorthy etc.) and abroad (USA,UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Thailand) . The copy of the signatories list was handed over to the President of Sourashtra Madhya Sabha.

    When these proposals were made by me, there was loud applause from the General Body supporting the same. The Office bearers said these amendmends will be considered and brought forward in the next Annual General Meeting.

    The President wanted the forth coming Elections to be postponed until the 'handing over' from the previous Finance Cell. The General Body objected to such postponement. Then the President agreed to have the Elections in Nov./December 2014. Further felicitations followed to many people. The meeting ended with National Anthem.

    ... K.V. Pathy, Advisor –KUSO Life Member and former Chairman of Madhya Sabha Information Technology Cell

  • Sonna Kodum 3Sonna KodumSeptember 2014

  • Sonna Kodum4 September 2014

    36th Anniversary & General Body Meeting

    SOURASHTRA SANGAM 17, Sourashtra Bhavan, Sri Prasanna Avenue, Tirupur 641 601

    Invitation received for 36th Anniversary & General Body Meeting of Sourashtra Sangam, Tirupur to be held on Sunday, 03.08.2014 at Harvey Kumarasamy Kalyana Mandapam, Valipalayam, Near Universal Theatre, Tirupur. Sri P.K. Mothilal, President, Sourashtra College Council , Madurai, presides over the meeting in the presence of Sri S.K. Jegannathan, M.C., Madurai Municipal Corporation, Hon.Secretary, Sourashtra College Council, Madurai, Sri A.R. Balaji, Treasurer, Sourashtra College Council, Madurai, Sri V.N. Haridoss, President, Sourashtra Sabhai, Emaneswaram, Dr. T.K. Mahendra Babu, PhD(UK), Ex-Advisor, KLN Engg. College & IT College, Madurai and Lion K.V. Nagarajan MJF, CEO, Supreme Packages, Hosur. Special Invitees: Sri V.S. Viswanathan, President, Sourashtra Sangam, Coimbatore, Sri M.G. Subramanian, President, Sourashtra Sabhai, Erode and Sri C.R. Umapathy, Trichy Sourashtra Vaalibar Sangam.

    In the General Body Meeting, Sri V.R. Purushottaman, Vice-President, Tirupur will deliver introductory speech on the functions of the Sangam and Sri T.K. Sathyamoorthy, Treasurer, will submit Income & Expenditure A/c for 2013-14 of the Sangam.

    Prize Distribution & Distribution of Educational Incentives for high ranking students of 10th std. and 12th std. will be held in the evening from 5.00 onwards.

    Om Sri Gayathri naamakOTi peeTam Om Sri Baalaambigai peeTam, Thanjavur.

    Invitation received from Su. Ba. Chandrasekara Swamigal 8th peeTam, Thanjavur, for 194th Jayanthi Vizha of Sri Jath Logaguru Paramakudi Mahaan Alagiri Sanyaasi and 26th Aaraadhanai Vizha of Sri Jath Sundaram Balakrishna Swamigal with Sourashtra Nuudhana Sangiitha Vizha will be held for 2 days on Saturday, 19.07.2014 and Sunday, 20.07.2014 at Kalaivaani Manram, Pattunuul Raaja Veedhi, Thanjavur.

    JOKE Doctor : operation keri musethther thumi thurE gEruk chali javvaai rOkkeri : ‘auto’m jaaththak meLLi kaas morE jovel rhaanaayaa, aski thungo ‘fees’kan

    bhanduno hoyyaayyaa?

    Ravi G Vidi

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    SOURASHTRA NAGAR Avre thaam ! Avre gher !! Avre gaam !!!

    Sourashtra Nagar Committee glad to announce that a meeting was arranged at Marsur on 29-06-214 at 10.00 AM.

    We updated the progress of the development of Sourashtra Nagar project to everyone. Upon the request many people have given Rs. 1 Lakh (Rs. 1,00,000/-) cheque as token of interest in purchasing one property in the Sourashtra Nagar. (More details can be found in the website

    Those who have given token advance will get priority for selecting the plot on the first come first service basis.

    Members who show interest in forming Sourashtra Nagar, are requested to give 25% of the site value by cheque as token payment. Kindly inform your relatives and Sourashtra friends about this great opportunity. Please issue cheque in favour of BeKae Properties Private Limited and send it to the following address:-

    KUSO, # 66, 6th Main, 4th Block, Rajajinagar, BANGALORE - 560010

    Kindly issue another cheque of Rs. 5000 in favour of “KUSO” towards service charges.

    For more details please contact Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, 99020-00295 Sri K.K. Devadoss Babu 93412-36996 and

    Sourashtra Nagar Committee

    Sourashtra Nagar Layout MAP

    September 2014

  • Sonna Kodum6 September 2014

    Alwargalum India Vainava Elakkiangalum (Alwars and the Indian vaishnavite Literatures)

    Author: Prof. Dr. K R Vittal Doss This is an important book regarding Vaishnavite literature.

    Vaishnavism is based upon the worship of Supreme Brahman Tirumal (God Vishnu). Twelve Alwars gave its philosophical thoughts in the form of 'Nalayira Divya Prabandham', a bhakti literature to Tamil. This book describes them and several matters pertaining to Vaishnava marg in the method of research. This book contains 16 chapters written in 850 pages. This book may be called as a "Bhakti Encyclopaedia". In the first chapter many matters like the glory of Prabandham, contribution of Alwars to Vaishnava Bhakti Literature, the way in which Bhakti travelled from South to North etc have been described with a deep research outlook. Research has been done on 'Srimad Bhagavada Purana' in the second chapter. The life history of twelve Alwars, their philosophical and devotional thoughts, literary beauty of Prabandham etc have been mentioned in detail from 3rd to 6th chapters. Vaishnavite literatures composed in Indian languages like Sourashtri, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Guajarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Assamese, Bengali and Udiya have been compiled from 7th to 14th chapters. In the 15th chapter Valmiki Raamayana, Kamba Ramayana and other Ramayanas composed in the aforesaid Indian languages have been discussed from the point of view of research. Ample research work has been done on 'unity in diversity' found in Indian Vaishnavite literatures in the 16th chapter. This book reveals the hard work done by the


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