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Nakamura-Tome WT-300 Toolholder Program

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  • Nakamura-TomeWT-300

    Toolholder Program

  • OD clamping unitStandardC4-TRE-NA65AC4StandardC4-TLE-NA65AC4

    OD clamping unit, doubleStandardC4-TRE-NA65A-TTC4StandardC4-TLE-NA65A-TTC4

    OD clamping unit, both sidesStandardC4-TRE-NA65A-DTC4StandardC4-TLE-NA65A-DTC4

    Face and ID clamping unitStandardC4-TRI-NA65AC4StandardC4-TLI-NA65AC4

    Face and ID clamping unit, doubleStandardC4-TRI-NA65A-TTC4StandardC4-TLI-NA65A-TTC4

    Face and ID clamping unit, back setStandardC4-TRI-NA65A-SSC4StandardC4-TLI-NA65A-SSC4

    Face and ID clamping unit, both sidesStandardC4-TRI-NA65A-DTC4StandardC4-TLI-NA65A-DTC4

    Cut-off holder, HP-ICStandardIC 80 barAPBR-NA65A-25-HPSH 32StandardIC 80 barAPBL-NA65A-25-HPSH 32

    OD drill/milling unitStandardEC1:1C4-DNE-NA65A-EC4StandardIC 80 bar1:1C4-DNE-NA65A-IC4

    25.01.18Subject to change without notice

    WT-300Coromant Capto® Program

  • OD drill/milling unit (special offer!)For quotationEC1:1343-830820N894C4For quotationIC 30 bar1:1343-830820N895C4

    OD drill/milling unit (special offer!)For quotationIC 80 bar1:1343-830820N1788C4

    Face drill/milling unitStandardEC1:1C4-DNI-NA65A-EC4StandardIC 80 bar1:1C4-DNI-NA65A-IC4

    Face drill/milling unit, both sidesFor quotationEC1:1343-830820N2629C4

    25.01.18Subject to change without notice

    WT-300Coromant Capto® Program$catalogue/WTOData/PR/410104003-65/public/index.xhtml?username=Sandvik343&password=Sandvik343$catalogue/WTOData/PR/410104004-65/public/index.xhtml?username=Sandvik343&password=Sandvik343$catalogue/WTOData/PR/410104007-65/public/index.xhtml?username=Sandvik343&password=Sandvik343$catalogue/WTOData/PR/410504042-65/public/index.xhtml?username=Sandvik343&password=Sandvik343

  • How to choose clamping unit Internal setup

    External setup

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    How to choose your tool holder







  • Turning applications

    Tool holder Insert/Tool Insert

    T-Max® P CNMG

    CoroTurn® 107 CCMT

    T-Max® P DNMG

    CoroTurn® 107 DCMT

    CoroTurn® 107 VBMT

    CoroThread® 266 266

    CoroTurn® SL CoroTurn® 107 TCMT

    CoroTurn® 107

    CoroTurn® 107

    Silent Tools™ CoroTurn® 107 VBMT

    Drill adaptor CoroDrill® 870 Exchangeable drill tip

    CoroDrill® 881 Indexable drilling insert

    EasyFix Boring bars

    Boring bars

    Boring bars

  • Rotating applications

    Tool holder Insert/Collet/Tool Insert

    Coromant EH CoroMill® 316

    CoroMill® 390 R390

    CoroMill® 490 490R

    CoroMill® 216 R216

    CoroMill® 300 R300

    CoroBore® 824 CXS

    CoroBore® 825 TCMT

    CoroChuck™ 930 Cylindrical collet CoroMill® Plura

    CoroDrill® 860

    ER collet chuck ER collet CoroMill® Plura

    CoroDrill® 860

    CoroMill® 390 R390