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  • I, REGD .. GOA· 5 ] ;J>anaji, 11th August, 1977 (Sravana 20, 1899) N




    Home Department (General)

    Office of the Inspector General of Police


    No. PHQ/ES-II/DE-36/77/11620/1977

    Charge Memorandum bearing No. PHQ/ES-II/DE-36/'i7 / /5932/1977 dated 1-4~1977 was issued to Sweeper, Annam R. ~R. Rao of Police Head Quarters, Panaji for his unauthorised .absence from duty with effect from 1-1-1977 onwards.

    The Charge Memorandum was returned to this' office unserved by the Officer-in-charge, Police Head Quarters, .Panaji as the Sweeper continues to be absent and his where- abouts are not known.

    As the Sweeper is a native of Rajahmundry in the District of East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, the Charge Memorandum was sent; to Superintendent of POlice, East Godavari, Kaki- ,nada for service. It has been returned .unserved as he was not available at his residential address and his whereabouts are not known.

    It is, therefore, not reasonably practicable to hold a regular -enquiry in the manner provided in the RUles.

    The Sweeper, Annam R. R. Rao is awarded the penalty of removal from service with effect from the date of issue of

    .-this order under RUle 19(ii) of the Central Civil Services (C.C. A.) Rules, 1965.

    Panaji, 8th July, 1977. - The Superintendent of Police, Sd/-. {Ani! Chowdhry).

    ••• Education and Public Works Department

    Public Works Department

    Works Division III, (PHE) (Panaii - Goa)

    Tende'r No+rce nO. WDW/ ADM/7 /77-78

    The Executive Engineer, Works Division III, PWD, Panaji, oGoa, invites on 'behalf of the President of India sealed tenders from eligible Suppliers/Contractors, for the following: - a) The maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant at Tonca- major repairs to primary clarifier. (Percentage rate); b) Gra- vity feed type chlorination plant max. cap. 2 lb/hr. (item rate); c) SUI>Ply of chlorine cylinders. (item rate);

    Date &. Time of receiving tenders: - a) 3.00 p. m. on :19-8-1977 and b) & c) 3.00 p. m. on 20-8-1977.

    . Estimated costs: - a) Rs. 67,691.50; p) Rs. 12,160.00; -e) Rs. 15,300.00;

    Earnest money:-a) Rs.1690.00; b) Rs.304.00; c) Rs. 380.00;

    Time limit: - a) 15 days; b) 30 days; c) 40 days;

    = =;; r:

    The tender at (a) is c:an be had from his Office 4.00 p. m. on 18-8-19'77 for (a.) respectively, on payment of post an amount of Rs. 5,00 ("ch will be Tenders of Suppliers/Contrackr:; who do not money in prescribed form liable to be

    Panaji, 4th August. 1977.- Dea.

    Tender nol ice V,[ ::I/ADH/8/77-7

    The Executive Engincer, Division Goa, invites on behalf of the President of rate tenders from eligible Suppliers/Contrac:tots following: -

    a) Supply of foot valves of vacuum Pump for jng (fixing) and cOJmnlis,siolli Saddo Vasco;

    Time and date of recernng L:aders: - a) on 23-8-1977; c) 3.00 p. m. on 9·9-19'77;

    !,600.00; b) Estimated costs: -- a) c) Rs. 25,143.50;

    Earnest money:-a) Rs. 510.0C; b) Rs. 500.00; c) Re. (':::;0.00;

    The time limit for cal:rying out the supply/work is Gf 60 days for each. Conditions :Hid tender forms can be. had from his Office on any upto 4.00 p. n~L on 22-8-1977 for (a) & (b) and for (c) respectively, on payment of Rs. 20/- e:wh. by post an alTWlli'1t Of Rs. 5.00 each will be charged Tendel's of Suppliers/ Contractor,s who do not. deposit earnest money in prescribed form are lIable to be reJected.

    Panaji, 6th' August, 1977. The Executive Engineer, R. G. Deo .

    No. HI/ Accts/F. 61/9/'77 -7~

    The Executive Engineer, 'Works Division Panaji-Goa, invites on behalf of the President of item percentage rate tenders from the and con- tractors upto 26-8-1977 till 2.30 p. the h;low mentioned works:

    1. DesUting of Rua Ourem Creell, 'l'1flwadi Taluka, 2. Construction of two room Primarv Fkhool Buildim:

    at Nayawada, Valpoi, Satari. ~ c· 3. Construction of open bandk.!.ra at ISaIoIi,

    V. P. Nagargao, Satari. 4. Deepening and C(lIlstruetion of tank ChaudL.

    Surla, Satari. 5. Construction of bandluu!

  • 180

    Oonstmction of drinking water well8 at:

    9. Marmawada No.1 Naroa, Bicholim. 10. Marmawada No.2, Naroa, Bicholim. 11. Ctidcem Tisk, V. P. Sanvordem, Satari. 12. Chodan Madel (2 nos.) Tiswadi. 13. Fadtewadi Amone,· Bicholim. 14. Latambarcem Usap Kassarpal, Bicholim. 15. Torap Chandel, Pernem. 16. Iqlojali Talwada Querim, Pernem. 17. Dabalwado, V. P. Anjuna, Bardez. 18. Chavrichi Bar, V. P. Anjuna, Bardez. 19. Assagao, V. P. Assagao, Bardez.

    Estimated cost, earnest money deposit, time limit in days and cost of tender forms are as follows:-

    1) Rs. 1,28,204/-, Rs. 3,205/-, 120, Rs. 30/-. 2) Rs. 46,372-03, Rs. 1,160/-, 180, Rs. 20/-. 8) Rs. 20,961-69, Rs. 524/-, 150, Rs. 20/-. 4) Rs. 22,818-55, Rs. 570/-, 150, Rs. 20/-. 5) Rs. 19,379-24, Rs. 485/-, 90, Rs. 20/-. 6) Rs. 31,776-78, Rs. 795/-, 180, Rs. 20/,;.. 7) Rs. 9,234-30, Rs. 230/-, 90, Rs. 10/-. 8) Rs. 26,360-88, Rs. 660/-, 150, Rs. 20/-. Sr. No.9 to 11. Rs. 13,685-81, Rs. 342/-, 90, Rs.20/- (each). 12) Rs. 25,296~38, Rs. 658/-, 150, Rs. 20/-. Sr. No. 13 to 16. Rs. 9,120-75, Rs. 228-00; 90, Rs. 10/-. (each). 17) Rs. 15,528-68, Rs. 388/-, 90, Rs. 20/-. Sr. No. 18 and 19. Rs. 6,642-40, Rs. 166/-, 90, Rs. 10/- (each).

    Tenders will be opened at 3.00 p. m. on the same day. Con- ditions and tender forms can be had from this Office upto 3.30 p. m. on 25/8/77 on working days. Tenders of contractors who do not deposit earnest money in the prescribed form are liable to be rejected .. Contractors also . should produce the income-tax clearance· certificate before the issue of the form.

    Panaji, 4th August, 1977. - The Executive Engineer, U. ft. . Pi88urlencar.

    Works Division IX (PHEJ, Tonca-Caranxalem

    T&nde;r Notice no. PHE-'IXlpBiF.62/7/77-78

    The ExeCutive Engineer, Works Divisi.on lX(PHE), PWD, Tonca Caranzalem, Goa, invites on behalf of President of India, sealedten4ersfrom approved and ellgiblecontractol's of C. P. W. D. and those of appropri9.te list of Union Terri- tOries/StatePWD/M.E.S./Railways, upto 15.00 hours on 26-8-1977 for the following works: .

    Percentage Rate Tenders:

    1. Rural Water Supply Scheme to village Assolda (Dug well) in Quepem taluka. Estimated cost Rs. 6833-30, earnest money Rs. 171/-. (Re-tendered).

    Itern Rate Tenders:

    2. Wa,ter Supply to Industrial Estate at Sancoale, Pollu- tion affected areas of Sancoale, Balem, Dando, Pale and Velsao. Estimated cost Rs. 199621-78, earnest money Rs. 4991/- (Re-tendered),

    Cost of tender form for the tender work in S1. No. 1 is Rs. 10/- and at S1. No.2 is Rs. 30/- each; If required hy post an, amount of Rs. 5/- will be charged ex:tra.

    . Tillie limit for 'completion of work at S1. No.1 is 90 days and at S1.: No. 2' is 210 days including monsoon period.

    Tenders will be opened at 15.30 hours on the same day. The tender conditions and tender form can be had from this Office upto 24-8-77 during the working hours. 'I'ender of the con- tractors who do not deposit earp.est money in the prescribed manner are liable to be rejected. The contractor must pro- duce Income Tax Clearance Certificate before issue of tender.

    Panaji, 6th August, 1977. - The Executive Engineer, S. M. Nadkarni. .

    Works Division XVIII, 'Paitaji-Goa

    Tencfur notice no. 'PWDIMM.lI/:''\CCTS/NIT/5/77-78 - , ...

    The Exetluhve Ellgirieer,. W~rks Divisic:m XVIII~ . P. W. D., Panaji Goa, invites on behalf· of .the. President of IndIa, sealed


    item rate tenders from the upto 3.30 on 19-8»1977 for Irrigation Project at Alljunem

    Name of work: "A" temporary. (

    Estimated cost Rs. 6088/-, Cost of

    Tenders will be Elarnest Money or any Schedule Ban], and enclosed with the be had from this offke working days. If will· be charged extra.

    The tender of the contractoj, 110 do not Money in the prescribed liable to

    Right to reject anynders indud! without assigning any ;'served.

    Panaji, 5th August, JU77, Executive Ehandeparkar .

    Soil LOl"",nr Division

    Tender 1··10 .8

    No. 2/SCD/)).

    Director of AgricuJtun~, Panaji, invites on bdl.alf sident of India, senled pereenl.ag.Jlt,,~m Rate Tender'S, the following works, frmn the I.lppmved ~md eligible tors upto 3.00 p. m. on 28-8-71.

    St. No. work






    Repairs to the bund '-'CClell."'H belonging to Custodian of Siolim.

    the paddy field "Gudem·' Property 11 t Gudem

    Repairs to the blmd defendiug the paddy field "Konal Bal Khazan" situated 8 1 Corgao. Reconstruotion of slui.c2 "Sawan" belonging to at Maem Bicholim. Repairs to the bund and eOI.'e wails of defending the paddy field of Shri F. J. Menezes. at !'it. Construction of sluice gate at Cotombi Poilu., at Quepem.

    6. Construction of sluice paddy field "Mostem mugao Taluka.

    the defending tbe at Quelossim of Mor-

    Estimated cost in Rupees, Earnest Money in Rupee::;, Time· limit in days, cost of tender Forms in Rupees as undeL

    1. Rs. 92,192-48, Rs. 2,30i3-00, 180 days, Rs, 20-00. 2. Rs. 61,217-67, Rs. 1,531·00, 270 days. Rs. 20-00. 3. Rs. 45,358-74, Rs. 1,1:H·00, 120 days, Rs, 20-00 . 4. Rs. 42,489-25, Rs. 1,06B·OO, 120 dnys, Rs, 20-00, 5. Rs. 38,415-47, Rs. 961·00, :240 'lays, Rl. ,:0-00, 6. Rs. 21,489-41, Rs. 538-00, 180 Rs. ';O-O{l

    The tenders will be opened o