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Company: MySweetener Team: Ian PooranTrack: HealthApp designation: Most innovative app

There is more than 350 million people in the world with diabetes.1 in 12 are AmericansThey all share the painful ritual of needle to check their glucose levelThey all have trouble managing their diabetes

Why cant there be a better way ?

Help beat the diabetes monster with the MySweetener app.The MySweetener Diabetes Manager Application is an app for your Iphone, Ipod which combines the latest in interface design, diabetes data management, and mobile technology - to help you better manage your diabetes.

The MySweetener app can help you control your diabetes by connecting to both invasive and non-invasive devices.

Diabetics in the US and around the world.Insurance companies

InvestorsInsurance companiesHealthcare providersPharmaceutical companiesUniversities and research centersGovernment and NGOsApp downloadsStatistical data feesSubsidies from partnersTarget MarketKey PartnersRevenue StreamAdvertising ChannelsWebsite and mobile appKey partnersDoctors ,insurance, medical websites and communityTargeted online ads


SIMPLE LOGGINGEASY SHARINGPOWERFUL INSIGHTSFinally all your stuff in one place. Glucose , food, meds and activityYou are not alone. MySweetener enables you to share with each other and most importantly your doctor.Powerful data-science under the hood delivering insights you can take action on each and every day.


Keep track of whats important- all in one place.Photo loggingGlucose, Food, Meds,ActivityLeave tags and notesFully integrated with Apple healthkit

A sharing platform enabling you to share with others.Show your appreciation with a LikeLeave a comment for everyone to learn fromAnonymous sharingPrivacy guaranteedYour data is secureLOGGING MADE SIMPLECOMMUNITY BASED SHARING

START UP COSTLegal fees: 3,000App research and development : 6,000wearable tech development : 8,000Advertising: 5,000Website : 300Total : 22,300


Wearable techCheck your glucose levelsConnect to the Mysweetener App via bluetoothTrack your glucose, meds, food, activityLeave tags and notesComprehensive activity monitorFully integrated with Apple healthkitCreate a snapshot PDF to share with your family and health care providerKey features