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  1. 1. Beginning Low Dreams HighI am Naveed Hameed Social Worker and Documentary Film maker born on 13 November 1987 belongs to lower middle class of small village Muridke, Punjab Pakistan.In the beginning my father was not in favor of my education because of falls traditions to start work with my father at the age of 9 instead of go- ing to school. I was too young to live alone from my family but it hap- pened with a great vision of my mother, she wanted to educate me so she admitted me in boarding. On one side she started working hard to earn money to bear my expenses and on the other hand I started to dream high.When I was in grad 8th I saw my young fellows belongs to much more miserable conditions then me, my first immature dream was to work for them and I started to taught them in my hostel life and soon hostel man- agement selected me the head boy and offered me scholarship. It was the first time to observe leadership and how to uplift the community. After grad 10th I dreamed big to join Forman Christian College (One of the biggest and Best College in Asia. In 2004 I was first member in my family and village who got the admission in any college.In FCCU 4 years of my BA (Hons) were life shaping, goal oriented and pro- vided a path to reach my mission and dream. Although it was a hard time for me to continue Education but again my mother and God was with me. I earned money to pay my fee and educational expenses from home tuition and working in part time in hotels after Universitys time. First three years was very hard for me but soon in 2007, I started the im- plementation of my dream and mission to work for community.Page 1
  2. 2. I Released Media and Non Profit sector are more powerful tools to spread the message effectively then I started to work with FCCU Alumni Association, Urdu Dramatic Club and Mass communication dept. as Vol- unteer, and very Soon Mass Communication department head selected me first Lab attendant (Me and Dr. Saleem Abbas established Mass Com- munication Lab for Students Projects).During University life we produced a documentary film (Student Project) on Peace and Interfaith Harmony which was able to won First Award in Youth Peace Festival and second in Vasakh Festival in 2010, right after first documentary I worked with different organizations in different Ca- pacities to promote Education, Empower Youth, Peace and Interfaith Har- mony. In 2010 I was only member in my family who has completed six- teen years education.This is not the end this is beginning of new struggle to achieve dreams. Currently, working as Social worker of Faiz Resource Foundation (Child Education, Youth empowerment, Peace and interfaith Harmony). No re- sources no contacts no funding and no family financial support but I am sure one day I will achieve my goal because my beginning is low but my dreams are high.For my Sample work please visit our Website and Social LinkWebsites: Links:LinkedIn : naveedhameedg@gmail.comPage 2