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My Sock Puppet Description. His name is Spots. He is a dog. He loves talking and barking. He loves going on adventures. He loves being outside or on a comfy pillow. He loves to swim. His favorite things are dog food and water. NOW…. Time for Spot’s story!!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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My Sock Puppet DescriptionHis name is Spots.He is a dog.He loves talking and barking.He loves going on adventures.He loves being outside or on a comfy pillow.He loves to swim.His favorite things are dog food and water.NOWTime for Spots story!!Hello! My name is Spots. Today, I am going to tell you one of the best adventures that Ive ever been on!So, last summer, I went to Petco with my owner and it was the first time that I have ever been there. It was sooooo AMAZING! I wanted to just live there forever. I saw so many birds, reptiles, fish, hamster, and even my favoriteCATS! I just wished they weren't in a cage so I could chase them around the store. After I got to look at all the animals, I went to the section just for me! I got to pick out so many things! I got to get dog food, toys, and even treats! I was so excited!!!!! When I finally arrived home, I laid on my big, comfy pillow and ate my treat. I got so full, I ended up taking a nap.What should the name of my story be?Now, its your turn to make your own sock puppet and come up with their story.