My Mortal Friend's Birthday.

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Post on 27-Jan-2017




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MY MORTAL FRIENDS BIRTHDAYMY MORTAL FRIENDS BIRTHDAY.The moment was to rejoice; to uninhibitedly forget the sorrows of a lecherously non-existent past,The moment was to distribute sweets and cookies of all shapes and sizes; to far and distant across the fathomless living planet,The moment was to culminate into a fountain of tantalizing freshness; with a healing spray that magically caressed even the most minutest of hearts,The moment was to perpetuate every bit of savage blackness around; with the rays of ecstatically newborn and unfettered hope,The moment was to liberate from the sins of a morose past life; gloriously expedite towards the Sun ofa brand new tomorrow,The moment was to have several rounds of heartiest congratulations and best wishes all around; with tears of celestial happiness rolling down the cheeks,The moment was the most unassailably privileged one; one which had the world waiting since so maddeningly long,The moment was of a sole triumphant winner; with the entire battlefield lying otherwise sordid; desolate; decrepit and dry,The moment beckoned for time to ultimately stop; as happiness of such a magnitude would never ever unfurl; and in such pulsating beats on this planet,Most importantly than anything else; the moment now was of my friends birthday; who not only called me Friend by formal introduction; but considered me his mortal friend at each beat of innermost soul and heart.