My mom's life. Miss you beautiful Rosemary.

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  • 1. April 9 1936 - October 22, 2009

2. Hello World!!! Here I come! 3. Even at this age the ornery look we all know is in her eyes! 4. Rosemarys daddy Cliff Ward And her Grandma Faye 5. The Junior high years! Such a cutie! 6. A real heartbreaker in high school! 7. Showing off those gorgeous legs! 8. This is such a true example of her spunk! 9. Younger brother Tommy of whom she was VERY proud 10. Rosemarys little brother Jimmy 11. Little brothers Jim and Tom posing on ponies! 12. Jim and Rosemary (Early ninjas?) 13. VERY pretty! and there on her feet are the popular shoes of the day Saddle Shoes! 14. Christmas time With all 4 kids at home Mom: (Maxine) Tommy Jim Rosemary Terry (in front) 15. Pretty as a picture! 16. Her beloved Daddy! 17. Mom and Mystery Soldier 18. Rosemarys parents Cliff and Maxine Ward 19. Life starts to change! Rosemarys wedding Day, June 6, 1954 Mother: Maxine Ward Rosemary Ward-Gillogly Father: Clifford Ward 20. Rosemarys husband Ronald Martin Gillogly On their wedding day June 6, 1954 21. Family picture Back row: Rosemary, Maxine, Clifford, Daniel Front row: James, Tommy, Terry, Debora 22. Rosemary and her mother 1968 23. Debora and Rosemary 1968 24. Rosemary And Bob Christmas day In the early 1970s At Her parents house Rosemary I. Gillogly And Robert Niedermeyer Jr. February 4, 1962 25. Many irreplaceable pictures were lost in a house fire in 1963. Many years of Bob and Rosemarys first years together and the children growing up are only memories that we each treasure Individually in our hearts and minds. May those memories always be a part of Who we are and help us to remember always the parents that helped us to become the strong individuals that we are. 26. Robert (Bob) Niedermeyer The love of her life And their son Robert (Bobby) 27. The children start to Leave the nest Deboras wedding day April 29, 1972 28. Lori and Bobby Christmas 1974 Deb and Jim Christmas 1974 29. Rosemary And her daughter Lori at Randys wedding 30. Just look at that proud Smile!!!! Mom is in the front and Dad is behind her. 31. Whats for dinner? Christmas 1974 the trailer in Carey Left to right: Debbie, Mom (Rosemary), Dad (Bob) 32. Mom posing for dad by the trailer in Carey 33. We miss you So very Much mom! 34. Rosemarys Youngest Daughter Brenda Kay Niedermeyer 35. Brendas children Jim and Ricky Niedermeyer Ricky 36. Rosemarys beloved parents and Aunt Helen 37. Randy, Bobby, Lori and Debbie At the apartment on Vance Street in Carey 38. Rosemarys beloved parents Maxine and Clifford Ward Always and forever missed 39. More moments with Rosemarys parents 40. Brenda, Bobby and Lori Holding their cousins Kyle and Trevor Ward 41. Jim, Rosemary, Tommy and Terry It seems as though it was such a short time ago. 42. Tommy, Lori, and Barb 43. Looking great with her new dentures 44. Family photo at Grandma and Grandpa Wards 50th Anniversary 45. Rosemary is finally a grandma! Pictured is Rosemary and her first grandchild Sara Beth Gillogly Sara is Randys oldest child. 46. Lori has her first child A four generation picture Seated: Lori, Rosemary, and Maxine The infant: Jolene 47. Debbie with her son Jimmy Lori with her daughter Jolene Cousin Michael in the background 48. Jolene Ann Higginbotham (grandpa Bobs Little angel) 49. Rosemary holding 12 day old Jimmy Spurr (Deboras son) Debbie holding Jimmy With dad getting as Close as he could Nope.. Too little, he said. 50. Another four generation Picture Maxine, Rosemary, Debora And Jimmy 51. Grand daughter Collette Gillogly and Collettes daughter Madison! 52. Lori and her children Amber, Ronald, and Jolene 53. Dad, We know you And Mom are now together We are sad for us But so happy for The two of you. We love you both So much! 54. Debora Sue Gillogly Spurr Rosemarys oldest child 55. Rosemary and Debbie Debbie and Lori 56. And you want what?, she says. 57. Jim, Jimmy (age 6), and Deb Deb James (age 18) And Jim 58. Bobby starts a family. Harley Faye Niedermeyer Rosemary, Laura, and Harley 59. Harley and Laura Niedermeyer 60. Laura Sue Niedermeyer Laura tickling Ricky 61. James David Spurr She was such a proud grandmother She always flew the Marine flag And showed his picture to everyone. 62. A very happy moment 63. Reunited again. Parents and daughter Never Again to be separated 64. Brenda, Mom, and Denver Brenda and Denver With Laura and Harley 65. Family gatherings And love abound She will be so missed At these special gatherings. 66. Laura Sue Niedermeyer Harley Faye Niedermeyer 67. Randy and Debbie Mom in the late 1980s 68. We will never forget you mom! 69. We love and miss you Grandma! 70. The days of Being a Great grandmother Have come And with it A great joy! 71. Great grandchildren are a Special gift from God 72. Hailey And Hannah Hailey and her aunt Collette 73. Kevon Cool shirt ,Mom! 74. Just when you think youve seen it all She surprises us! 75. Deb, Randy, Bobby and Mom June 30, 2007 76. Bobby and Emma Niedermeyer Harley Faye Niedermeyer 77. Caught taking a beauty nap! 78. Time is taking its toll She misses Bob She is tired 79. A final wish to see her younger brothers is granted! 80. We lived, We Laughed, And we loved! We will see Each other Again!