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<ul><li> 1. My Moms 22 Birthdaynd (Need that to impress Mom)</li></ul> <p> 2. Yo. I am Shinchan Noharaafrom Kasukabe. I am here tomake this birthday a specialone for you. And yes, tellAaryamann he didnt give me200,000 for my work. It has tobe done before midnight of 11November.Hello. I am Doraemon fromTokyo and am here to makesure things are going asplanned(unlikely to happenwhen Shinchan is around). Ihave got few things in mypocket for you. Youll get themsoon. 3. You are a mom to the person whocreated this for you. But what does amom mean? Does it mean MeteorsOn Mars, or Make-up On Me? Well,let me ask Shinchan. 4. Well, I found a meaning on Wikipediafew hours ago. It was by some 11year old boy from J.D. Block,Pitampura. It was pretty nice. Here itis:-M:MakerO:OfM:Miracles 5. It is my moms birthday fewdays later. I dont know what togive her. Could you please giveme some advice, Shin chan? 6. Look, It doesnt matter what you give. It matters withhow much love you give that. So, the best thing you cangive her is a video, PPT or some craft thing (Dont knowwhy mothers like these things) These will be priceless forher. You can also try gifting her some Hot-Wheel cars orsome action figures to play with. But my past experiencehasnt proved much out of these gifts. (I didnt giveBeyblades a shot, though) It really is a festive seasonwere having right now. Birthdays and Diwali is just thebeginning. They will go on till Christmas. 7. Bye, Shinchan. Mysister Doremi is waitingfor me at Nobitashouse and if I dontcover 2 continentswithin 48 hours at aspeed of 80 kmp/h, Iam dead meat. 8. Halt TheRaccoon WithA Bag InSantasClothes! 9. I have a whole sheet to say aboutmoms, so dont run away.Moms, or Mothers were found in 300AD. These were found by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise. Long ago, Tomand Leo were brothers. They sawGraham Bell build the bulb, they sawthe Wright Brothers build the telephoneand even Edison build the airplane! So,they thought of making something new.They bought themselves a cauldron andstarted adding ingredients like the socksof God, the earwax of Jesus, the Toenailof the Lord and even the scales of afish! Suddenly, a heavenly looking ladycame out and told Tom and Leo she wasgonna take care of them like someonewho was part God, part Jesus and PartLord. This is how Mom was made. 10. Get your facts right, Shinchan. It was toenail ofJesus and the earwax of Lord. Let me findsomething. 11. Hey Shinchan!!! Look What I found intodays newspaper. It is totally trueand with you, its really applicable!!! 12. What is it??? Show it to me!!! 13. 100 90 80 70 60 Mothers Love 50 Childrens love 40 Fathers love 30 20 1001970 1980 1990 2000 2010 14. Children wantmotherFather wantWifeSon WantMotherDaughter WantMotherNote: You may not be able to seeFather want Wife because usually,they dont want one. 15. Your Lecture has mademe dizzy. Hey friends,please wake me up earlynext time so I can readthe newspaper and thenthrow it beforeDoraemon can have aglance at it. Or else, Iwill soon turn into thesecond SleepingBeauty. 16. Fine. Ill take a break. I quit. 17. If you felt that there wassomething missing in thispowerpoint presentation, pleasecontact at the followingnumbers:-555-4624634-8260Note: The first number has lesschances of working as Shinchandoesnt usually pick up hisphone.And Mom, I knew you would likeit so dont bother calling. A pizza 18. BYEFRIENDS!!! 19. And Yes Tell Aaryamann I wouldtake 150,000 more for the posterdesigning. Yeah, the one you liked.For more such posters, log on toWWW.blahblahblahwhatever.comIn association with CadburyOh. I almost forgot. Aaryamann hadtold me he would be giving me 10%pay rise if his mom likes it. Do youlike it? If you do, send a $385,000check at Shinchan PPT Industries. Ifyou dont like it, send some moneyanyway.</p>