My Last Year's Birthday Party

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1. By Mark Mikail 2. My last birthday party was on August the thirteenth. My birthday party was very fun. I was very happy because my friends came. I got a blue scooter from my family and a cool toy car from my friend. I had a big chocolate cake with cherries on top. It was delicious. I didnt like the cherries on top but I liked the rest of the cake. I got my cake from a small cake shop. 3. In the cake shop there is a big window that shows inside of the kitchen. I saw awesome cakes like a big, white and black soccer ball made out of cream. Now Ill tell you how my birthday went As it was my birthday and pizza is my favorite food, my mom let me eat it all day- for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. I have planned to go and see a movie at Dalma Mall with my grandpa and my sister. So after my pizza breakfast we headed over there. 4. The movie was about teenage turtles that saved New York City from a bad guy named Shredder. I liked the movie because it had epic battle scenes in it. We have planned to go to the arcade after the movie. When we reached the arcade I jumped out and ran in. It was VERY noisy. In this arcade you can play many fun games as well as you can order a pizza. 5. After we ordered some delicious pizza I went to the counter and bought some tokens to play games with. I gave half of the tokens to my sister and kept the rest to myself. I looked around thinking which one I should play first. I played a lot of fun games. Then finally the pizza was ready. I ran to the table and started munching it down. 6. When I finished eating I still had a couple of tokens left. So I played some games. Then, my mom came. She started taking a bunch of pictures. (I dont like pictures.) Finally, it was time to go home and do my birthday party. So we headed home. My guests were waiting for me. My friend Alex came. He gave me a cool toy car as a present. Then, we started to play video games. 7. Finally, it was time to eat the cake. So everybody went to the table. They sang Happy Birthday and then we cut the cake. The cake tasted very good. After that we went outside to light a lantern. The lantern was big and orange. When you light it up it glows like a star. 8. The day was over but I wished it would last forever!