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  • 1. By Duzhenkova Karina 10 B My Favourite Comedy Actor
  • 2. Personal Information Ben Stiller is a famous comedy actor and filmmaker. He is 45 years old. Stiller was born into a Jewish family of comedy actors. The first time he appeared on television when he was 10. In 1983 he entered the California State University, but after that Ben Stiller decided to attend acting classes. In 1985 his role in the film Home for blue leaves was his first great success.
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  • 6. Why I choose Ben Stiller
    • I saw this wonderful actor on the screen in my early childhood and liked him. Since that time he has been my favourite actor.
    • Ben Stiller makes very good impression. In all his roles, he seems to be kind, gentle and quick-thinking. I`d like to be surrounded by similar people in my life.
    • I think Ben Stiller is a skilled and experienced actor. I always believe feelings and emotions of his characters. Ben is a great professional actor. I think he is one of the best comedy actors.