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1Two members, ONE group

Gavin Harper

Cristopher BowesWhen and Where?

Perth, Scotland

2006, the magic year

Origin : Battleheart

First EPMembers of the group

Christopher Bowes28 (born Jun 23rd, 1986)UK(Gravesend, England)Vocals, keyboards,.Daniel Evans26 (born Oct 28th, 1988)UK(Leuchars, Scotland)Guitar, Bass, vocalsGareth Murdock27 (born Sep 17th, 1987)UK(Lisburn, Northern Ireland)Bass, singerPeter Alcorn28 (born Oct 14th, 1986)UK(Banbridge, Northern Ireland)Battery playerElliot Vernon25 (born 1990)UK(Hull)Keyboard, singer Most of the best Musical albums

First AlbumCaptains Morgan RevengeSecond AlbumBlack Sails at Midnight

Third AlbumBack Through TimeFourth AlbumSunset of the Golden AgeWhat sort of people like their music ?People who likes the Pirate Rock

Their Music?

They are a heavy metal band characterized with a pirate theme

Rock Pirate is awesome?

How makes you feel?

EUPHORIA ?FREEDOM ?When you like to listen it?

What the song means?

Favorite line?

You are a piratenull91377.43