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  • 1. My Fashion Photography PlanZoe WileyIdea 1My photos are going to consist of clothing such as; tops, jumpers, jeans, shoes, trainers, jewellery and other fashion items. Close ups of fashion items together, shot from different angles and different styles. I will then experiment with the colours to show the difference that a colour can make within a photo, colours such as, black and white, sepia, silhouette and others. I will use clothes in my wardrobe arranged in a way that looks interesting and take close up images of them, I will also try arrange shoes and jewellery in a creative way. I am going to take photos of clothes that are on a model, I will not get the models face within the photo as that is that way I want my photos to be. My photos are not going to be full images of clothing that are going to be close ups of sections as this is the approach I want to take.

2. Zoe Wiley Idea 2 Another idea for fashion photography is hair styles, I could design my own hair styles and photograph them, getting some other items of clothing into the image. By doing this I would be making my photography more artistic by adding my own style to the models hair that I will use. I will need a model with long hair that is willing to let me experiment on their hair, I will use my sister Suzie as the model for this photo as she has long hair. I will also put her into some clothing that I want involved in the photo. My photos of hair and the clothing are not going to have the models face in. I like the idea of fashion to be just the item of clothing, hair, jewellery or shoe to just show itself and not have a model to be the main focus of the photograph.These photos of hair and close up clothing will be edited and presented in different colours to show how different an image can look when the colour is changed. 3. Zoe Wiley Idea 3 As nail art is classed as fashion I will also involve this into my photography, this will also be more artistic as I would have to design my own nail art for my to photograph. I will need someone with long nails to model in this photo so I will most likely use my sister Suzie, I will try different camera angles with different nail art designs, when I have done the images I will edit them in photo shop so that I can carry on my there of using different colours. When I have edited my photos I will keep the original so that I can compare it to all the others I edit It into, I will edit the picture to around 3 5 different colours. 4. 14/01/2014 12:55 Idea 4 Another part of my fashion photography will be makeup, I think this is an important part of fashion as many people use it to change their appearance. Makeup will also be an artistic part of fashion photography as it is done in an artistic way.I will do the makeup for my photography as I want it to be in my style, I will then edit my photos that I like the best and show the different colours.Also, I will get makeup and arrange them in a creative way so that I can photograph them. This will fit into fashion as it is used within photography in fashion shows and original fashion photography.