my family move your body - pearson he/she likes pineapple for breakfas . he/she...

My family Move your body - Pearson He/She likes pineapple for breakfas . He/She doesn¢â‚¬â„¢ like pineapple
My family Move your body - Pearson He/She likes pineapple for breakfas . He/She doesn¢â‚¬â„¢ like pineapple
Download My family Move your body - Pearson He/She likes pineapple for breakfas . He/She doesn¢â‚¬â„¢ like pineapple

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    Welcome Vocabulary Time: one o’clock, wo o’clock, hree o’clock, four o’clock, five o’clock, six o’clock, seven o’clock, eigh o’clock,

    nine o’clock, en o’clock, eleven o’clock, welve o’clock Daily rou ines: wake up, ge up, ea breakfas , go o school, ea lunch, ea dinner, go o bed

    S ruc ures Wha ime is i ? I ’s one o’clock. I wake up a six o’clock.

    My toys Vocabulary Toys: bike, car, rain, boa , ball, doll, eddy bear, ki e

    Numbers: six een, seven een, eigh een, nine een, wen y Values: Friendship is impor an .

    Cross-curricular: Ma h: Plus, minus, and equals

    Phonics: ch, sh chop, chin, rich, much, ship, shell, fish, dish

    S ruc ures Wha ’s his/ ha ? I ’s a bike. I ’s yellow. Wha are hese/ hose? They’re bikes. They’re yellow. How many bikes are here? There are six een bikes.

    My family Vocabulary Family members: uncle, aun , son, daugh er, grandson, granddaugh er,

    cousin Neighborhood places: house, garden, s ore, bakery, pos office, res auran , bank, apar men

    Values: Spend ime wi h your rela ives.

    Cross-curricular: Social science: Types of family members

    Phonics: h, h his, ha , hen, wi h, hin, hick,

    ma h, pa h

    S ruc ures Who’s he/she? He’s/She’s my uncle/aun . Where’s my/your uncle? Your/My uncle is in he house.

    Move your body Vocabulary Ac ions: ouch, wave, clap, poin , shake, s amp, move, nod

    Physical abili ies: jump, swim, dance, climb, swing, s and on your head, do car wheels, do he spli s

    Values: Exercise regularly.

    Cross-curricular: Heal h: Exercise ac ions

    Phonics: ng, nk sing, ring, ping, long, ink, sink, pink, hank

    S ruc ures Touch your oes. Can you jump? Yes, I can. / No, I can’ . Can he/she jump? Yes, he/she can. / No, he/she can’ .

    My face Vocabulary Par s of he body: face, eyes, ears, nose, mou h, hair

    Hairs yles: long, shor , curly, s raigh , dark, blond, nea , messy Values: Respec differences.

    Cross-curricular: Ma h: Shapes

    Phonics: ai, ee ail, rain, mail, wai , see, fee ,

    week, sheep

    S ruc ures I have a small nose. He/She has a small nose. Do you have a small nose? Yes, I do. / No, I don’ . Does he/she have a small nose? Yes, he/she does. / No, he/she doesn’ . He/She has long hair. His/Her hair is long.

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    Animals Vocabulary Farm animals: cow, goa , chicken, urkey, duck, sheep, horse

    Wild animals: ba , crow, skunk, owl, fox Values: Respec animals.

    Cross-curricular: Science: Day ime and nigh ime animals

    Phonics: igh, oa high, sigh, ligh , righ , boa , coa , soap, goa

    S ruc ures Wha ’s his/ ha ? I has big eyes. I ’s black and whi e. I ’s a cow. Is i small? Yes, i is. / No, i isn’ . Is i a ba ? Yes, i is. / No, i isn’ . Are he ba s big? Yes, hey are. / No, hey aren’ .

    Food Vocabulary Food i ems: pizza, chicken, fish, rice, eggs, burgers, ho dogs, apples,

    bananas, pineapple, coconu , pumpkin, corn, oas , cereal, grapes, beans, raisins, nu s

    Values: Ea good food. Choose good snacks.

    Cross-curricular: Social science: Differen cul ures, differen foods

    Phonics: oo, oo zoo, oo, food, moon, book, foo , look, cook

    S ruc ures Wha ’s your favori e food? My favori e food is pizza. I like chicken. I don’ like fish. He/She likes pineapple for breakfas . He/She doesn’ like pineapple for breakfas . Does he/she like pineapple for breakfas ? Yes, he/she does. / No, he/she doesn’ .

    Clothes Vocabulary Clo hes: a skir , a T-shir , a dress, pan s, socks, shoes, a shir , a coa ,

    a swea er, a ha , a cap, boo s, pajamas, jeans, sneakers Values: Be poli e.

    Cross-curricular: Social science: Occupa ions and uniforms

    Phonics: ar, ir, or, ur car, shark, sir, girl, for, corn, fur, surf

    S ruc ures I’m wearing a whi e skir . I’m no wearing whi e pan s. Wha do you wan ? I wan a shir , please. Do you wan a blue shir ? Yes, I do. / No, I don’ .

    Weather Vocabulary Wea her: cloudy, snowy, rainy, windy, sunny, cool

    Days of he week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sa urday

    Values: Share wi h friends and family.

    Cross-curricular: Science: Tempera ure

    Phonics: ow, oy owl, now, cow, down, boy, oy, joy, cowboy

    S ruc ures Do you like sunny days? Yes, I do. / No, I don’ . I like cloudy days. I don’ like cloudy days. Wha day is oday? I ’s Sunday. Wha ’s he wea her like? I ’s sunny.

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