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1. I. My Career Objective and Goal Statement II. Resume III. College Technical Skills Evaluations IV. Deans List, Certifications, and Seminar V. Work Related Photos VI. Technical Computer Examples 2. My career Objective and goal statement is To secure Food Service Director team position that is challenging and dynamic and which allows me to fully utilize my experience, skills, and abilities within the organizations culture. I have studied and continue to learn as much as I can through my courses in food service management and through my experiences. My philosophy of achieving success includes hard work, team building, total quality management, strict cost controls and procedures. I continue to network with people through existing contacts and plan to with future contacts in order to further my knowledge and career moves. I will keep informed of trends and concepts in on-site food service management through trade magazines and web sites. Please review my resume and other documentation for more detailed information and qualifications. Don Close 3. College Technical Skills Evaluations 4. College Technical Skills Evaluations 5. College Technical Skills Evaluations 6. Deans List Letter 7. Seminar Certificate 8. Culinary Extern Certificate 9. Culinary Work Photos