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  • My Best Friend's Inn agrees to exercise due and reasonable care and to keep the kennel premises

    sanitary and properly enclosed. The pet is to be fed properly and regularly, and to be housed in clean,

    safe quarters.

    I authorize My Best Friend's Inn to seek emergency medical attention for my pet(s). Pet Owner

    furthermore take full responsibility for my pets medical expenses and authorize treatment, surgery and

    if necessary, euthanasia. Pet Owner authorize and give my permission for My Best Friend's Inn to

    discuss and/or receive my pets medical records, or discuss the medical condition at hand on Pet Owners


    If time permits, My Best Friend's Inn will try and contact Pet Owner before obtaining any care; however,

    this form serves as the authorization if My Best Friend's Inn needs to obtain veterinarian care for Pet

    Owners dog regardless. The Pet Owner is responsible for veterinarian expenses and transportation,

    whether or not the owner was reached in advance.

    If My Best Friend's Inn cannot contact the Pet Owner or the Pet Owner's emergency contact by the

    information provided by Pet Owner within a (15) fifteen day period, My Best Friend's Inn can sell or find

    another home for my pet.

    Pet Owner understands that the concept of dog daycare, group play, and overnight boarding is to allow

    dogs to socially interact with both humans and dogs. Dogs in group play participate in supervised

    activities such as fetch, jumping, playing with toys, playing with other dogs, and socializing; there is

    always a possibility of injury resulting from rough play or fights between dogs. The Pet Owner agrees

    that any injury to their dog during their use of the facility shall not bring any liability of any type on the

    part of My Best Friend's Inn or the owner of My Best Friend's Inn.

    Pet Owner agrees not to bring their pet into our facility if the dog has vicious tendencies, is ill, has fleas

    (Pet Owner will be charged for flea bath), or otherwise behaves in a manner that jeopardizes the safety

    and health of other pets, staff, visitors, or customers.

    The Pet Owner agrees that this Agreement and Release remains in full force and effect each and every

    time in the future the Pet Owner brings the Pet Owner's dog or dogs to My Best Friend's Inn for any of

    the services provided or until a new agreement.

    The Pet Owner understands that they are responsible for any harm caused by Pet Owners dog(s) while

    he/she is boarding and My Best Friend's Inn assumes no liability for loss or damage from disease,

    sickness, death, running away, theft, fire, and injury to persons, other dogs or property by Pet Owners

    dog(s) or other unavoidable causes. Pet Owner hereby releases My Best Friend's Inn of any liability and

    Pet Owner further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless My Best Friends Inn against any and all claims

    arising from Pet Owners dog's attendance and participation at My Best Friend's Inn, including but not

    limited to, all costs, attorney fees, expenses and liabilities in connection therewith. Pet Owner further

    understands and agrees that any problem which develops with Pet Owners dog(s) will be treated as

    deemed best by staff and volunteers of My Best Friend's Inn, at their sole discretion, and that Pet Owner

    assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved.

  • Pet Owner represents and guarantees that all required vaccinations are up to date.

    My Best Friend's Inn reserves the right to deny entry or remove from the premises any dog at their

    discretion. This release form shall be deemed continuing so as to require Pet Owner to immediately

    notify My Best Friend's Inn if there is any change in the information disclosed in this Release Form.


    Pet Owner Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _______________

    My Best Friend's Inn Signature:____________________________ Date:_______________