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My abilities

My abilities

Well, in english we use

to say that we are able to do something.

my can only works for the present.

So we have another modals to help out.

We usecouldto talk about an ability somebody had in the past, butwas/were ableto to talk about a specific event in the past.ExamplesIcouldride a bike when I was six.Last Saturday evening was cool, I felt good and Iwas able tocycle 10 miles.Hecouldspeak French quite well.Hewas able tospeak French to the policeman to explain what had happened.Theycouldwrite computer programmes.Theywere able towrite a computer programme which solved his problem.

exactly Could is also used for possibility!

I will be able to.

Lets put in paper our abilities using all our available modals so we cover all tenses.