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<ul><li><p>Michael VafeiadisMichael Vafeiadis/////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>arch</p><p>itect</p><p> eng</p><p>inee</p><p>r</p><p>Portf</p><p>olio</p><p>Port</p><p>folio</p><p>Portf</p><p>olio</p><p>Por</p><p>olio</p><p>folio</p><p>Port</p><p>.</p></li><li><p>Mic</p><p>hael</p><p> Vaf</p><p>eiad</p><p>isM</p><p>icha</p><p>el V</p><p>afei</p><p>adis</p><p>CVCV CV</p><p>CV CV</p></li><li><p>proj</p><p>ects</p><p>projec</p><p>projec</p><p>projec</p><p>tststs</p></li><li><p>Social CenterImmigrants and refugees support unit system.</p><p>refugeessupport unit</p><p> Social CenterImmigrantsand</p><p>system.</p><p>The proposal aims to provide direct support to immigrants and refugees through a unit system that will accom-modate relevent functions (feeding, housing, health and legal services). The creation of a shared, semi-public space, designed to function as the core of everyday life of the users, is also consid-ered necessary. These functions should be dispersed in city neighborhoods wherever it is needed. An emphasis is also given on the standardization, the temporality and the adaptability of the proposal so that it can easily be imple-mented in different areas. For this purpose, containers are used as the basic spatial and structural systems subunit. So after some structural inter-ventions (f.e. removing side panels), the containers are used by being joined together and compose some specific types of spatial units. The area of Metax-ourghio is chosen as an area to test our proposal and it is there that some plots of lands that can accommodate func-tions of the system are selected. The basic principles of the systems adapta-tion in a plot area are: a) the use of the plots defining wall by the development of a linear "wing" which follows the dominant direction of the plot. b) the establishment of a basic shared open space ("the level") and other semi-public or more introverted spaces. Finally, the adaptation of the system in different kinds of plots is further investigated through some examples.</p></li><li><p>combinations specific units in different combinations</p><p>core provisions containing a core</p><p>Representative sketches of the research period.-Link between the outside and the inside area. -Creation of introvert - extrovert and middle spaces.</p><p>word selection</p><p>unit transformed container</p><p>1</p><p>2 3</p><p>45</p><p> 1. container . 2 container </p><p> . - .</p><p> container . .</p><p> . .</p><p> . container. .</p><p>duplex partialy connection of two units triplex compound three container</p><p>offset scrolled connection of two containerquartet compounded in width and height</p></li><li><p>ground planscale</p><p>distribution</p><p>dining room</p><p>offices</p><p>lounge</p><p>offices</p><p>information</p><p>dining room</p><p>dining room</p><p>cafe</p><p>cafeteria</p><p>legal assistance</p><p>classroom</p><p>athe</p><p>ns, m</p><p>etax</p><p>ourg</p><p>eio</p><p>small plots of land|secondary classification by shape</p><p>big plots of land|secondary classification by shape</p><p>midle size plots of land|secondary classification by shape</p><p>37</p><p>47</p><p>29</p><p>17</p><p>10</p><p>16</p><p>17</p><p>two or more plots of land together</p><p>land plots classification by size | shape</p></li><li><p>////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////</p><p>potential plot </p><p>selected plot </p><p>information</p><p>guest house </p><p>social center </p><p>medical center </p><p>main traffic lines </p><p>i</p><p>i</p><p>i</p><p>i</p></li><li><p>Technical DrawingConcrete and steel details</p><p> Technical Drawing</p><p>Concrete and steel today are probably the most widely used construction materials in the world. Here is a sample of constructional details of buildings. Examining the structural system, the exterior surface and the interior space. Development of the bear struc-ture, the lower floor, exterior walls, floors and roofing. Analysis of con-struction elements. Concrete and steel constructions, coatings, indoor and outdoor staircases and ramps, frames shaping and details.</p></li><li><p>Villa BordeauxRem Koolhaasconstruction and analysis</p><p>Bordeaux Vi lla</p><p>Making the Villas Bordeaux model and analyzing architects compositional principles, helped me to interrogate the means of expression which Koolhaas-used in this project. Starting from the broader question of reviewing and interpreting the architecture which surrounds us in our cities and also in books and journals, I tried to understand the way architects use various means of expression, to get on to the practices they adopt to adjust forms and materials to the compositional principles and concepts they have in mind.</p><p>Through this analytical exercise I was able to reconsider the meaning of beauty in architecture, to discuss scale and symmetry, balance and rhythm, regulating lines and golden sections. </p><p>We shall reflect on architecture as a language and a mean of communica-tion. We shall also explore the relation between architecture and the genius loci. We shall try to focus on the materi-als, to touch them and feel their smell; to investigate the crossroads of light and shadow, and the association of colors. We shall talk on composition in terms of strategy and syntax. In fact, we must concentrate on the wide range of options which go beyond the structural necessity and the simple functional service in order to provide architectural forms with the quality that seems to evoke an aesthetic, although in explica-ble, yet deep satisfaction.</p></li><li><p>Villa BordeauxRem KoolhaasBordeaux Vi lla</p></li><li><p>TransformationsWorkshop aboutair/sound/light + architecture</p><p>Transformations</p><p>In this seven-day computation-al workshop, design teams will experience a diverse range of </p><p>digital fabrication systems from CNC routers to 3D printers.</p><p>The workshop aims to bring out the dynamic qualities of the seemingly inanimate urban surroundings, such as urban paths, sense of orientation, </p><p>topography, and bridge these with the animate qualities of the human body. During this </p><p>process, I had the opportunity to experience the historical, </p><p>contemporary, and geograph-ical diversity of Athens during studio trips, while challenging </p><p>the conventional design approach in order to break </p><p>the dichotomy between the building and the urban realm. </p><p>Capable of responding to external stimuli, the proposed </p><p>structure applied the concepts of motion and real-time reac-</p><p>tion to various parameters, such as wind, sun or sound.</p></li><li><p>Interior Design &amp;Architectural Survey</p><p>InteriorDesignArchitecturalSurvey</p><p>&amp; </p><p>Residential typologies.Residential typologies.</p><p>Change of north-east facade viewTransformation of a blind facade </p><p>of an industrial building.blind</p><p>industrial</p><p> Change Transformation of a</p><p>of an building.</p><p>of north-east facade viewfacade</p><p>Landscape DesignResidential typologies.</p><p>LandscapeResidential typologies.</p><p>Design</p><p>Renovation of a small studio </p><p>in Athens</p><p>Renovationof studiosmall a </p><p>in Athens</p><p>1 1</p><p>22</p><p>3 3</p><p>44</p></li><li><p>Change of north-east facade view Change of north-east facade view</p><p>A new plot of land created from the join of two smaller ones, gave </p><p>the oportunity to treat the previ-ous blind north-east facade of the existing indystrial building as </p><p>one new facade. Large openings in the north-east </p><p>facade, allows the easy transpor-tation of the products and man-</p><p>ages to provide sufficient lighting into the interior of the building.</p><p>Plenty survies of architectural sheells into 2D design. Experience of interior design-ing of several types of build-ings: houses for different types and numbers of users, small shops, protected- listed- traditional buildings.</p><p>22</p><p>1 1</p><p>North-East Facade View</p><p>/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Interior Design &amp; Architectural SurveyInteriorDesign &amp; ArchitecturalSurvey</p></li><li><p>Landscape &amp; UrbanDesign</p><p>LandscapeUrban</p><p>&amp;</p><p>Design</p><p>Urban synthesis. Study and synthesis of the components of the urban tissue as func-tional units, and also as elements defining the aesthetics of the urban environment. Under-standing the relation between parts and whole. Volume and void in the urban tissue, blocks, public and private space, streets and communi-cation axes, urban green spaces. Large or small-scale interven-tions aiming to improve the quality of life and the urban environment.</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>3 3</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>///</p><p>////////</p><p>////</p><p>//////////////////</p><p>///////////////////////////////</p><p>///</p><p>////</p><p>//</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>//</p><p>///</p><p>////////////////////////////</p><p>////</p><p>///</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>////</p><p>/////</p><p>/////</p><p>/////////////////</p><p>/////////</p><p>/////</p><p>////</p><p>//</p></li><li><p>44</p><p>Renovation of a small studioRenovation studiosmall a ofIn one of the most densely populated neighbor-hoods of Athens, a young couple called us for the renova-tion of their apartment. Intervening mainly in the interior of the 41 m2 studio, and second-arily on the facade of the ground floor. Our architec-tural actions have to do with the con-struction of a small loft and a metallic ladder, which acts as a regulator for the other spaces: the living room, the office and the kitchen are formed around the metal struc-ture.</p></li><li><p>exhibitio</p><p>nsex</p><p>hibi</p><p>tions</p><p>exhibitio</p><p>nsex</p><p>hibi</p><p>ons</p><p>exhibition</p><p>s</p><p>p_publicExhibition about public space. </p><p>Crete, Chania.</p><p>.</p><p>Chania.</p><p>p_publicExhibition about</p><p>Crete,space.public</p><p>materialsParticipation in art exhibition. </p><p>Athens.Athens.</p><p>materialsParticipation in</p><p>exhibitat Athens Architecture School</p><p>exhibitArchitectureat SchoolAthens</p></li><li><p>p_publicExhibition about public space. </p><p>Crete, Chania.Chania.</p><p>p_publicExhibition about</p><p>Crete,space.public</p><p>Participation at the p_public 2O14 festival, under the auspices of the Architects Associa-tion of Chania.</p><p>This project took place in an open public space, encouraging the users active partic-ipation. Also, this installation tried to define and to design methods of active public spaces, in order to exchange ideas and to structure the public space of "us".</p></li><li><p>exhibitat Athens Architecture School</p><p>exhibitArchitectureat SchoolAthens</p><p>The purpose of the model was to </p><p>create a suitable space for an unreal </p><p>animal. The house was based </p><p>in forms and structures that can </p><p>be met in nature, but under a </p><p>substructing approach and in </p><p>an artistic opera-tion.</p><p>The project was exposed in NTUAs </p><p>showcase. </p></li><li><p>materialsParticipation</p><p>in art exhibition.Athens.Athens.</p><p>matPart</p><p>in</p><p>erialsicipation</p><p>Visual exploration of the urban landscape that includes structured and the physical space. These considerations are reflected in the edited images. he way they transmit the energy of the surroundings is desired to mark a particular physical and mental progress in space but also in time. </p></li><li><p>/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////</p><p>postersposterspostersposters</p><p>logologologologo</p><p>grap</p><p>hic </p><p>arts</p><p>grap</p><p>hic </p><p>arts</p><p>grap</p><p>hic </p><p>arts</p><p>grap</p><p>hic </p><p>arts</p><p>covers .coverscoverscoverscovers</p></li><li><p>correc</p><p>|</p><p>4 </p><p>rebelnet.GR</p><p>Antonio Negri &amp; Michael Hardt</p><p>: RebelNet</p><p>Arc</p><p>hite</p><p>ctur</p><p>e as</p><p> a to</p><p>ol o</p><p>f ref</p><p>orm</p><p>ing </p><p>polic</p><p>yd</p><p>etai</p><p>l fro</p><p>m c</p><p>over</p><p> for</p><p> thes</p><p>is, N</p><p>TUA</p><p>, 21</p><p>x29.</p><p>7 </p><p>architec</p><p>tureasa</p><p>toolof</p><p>policy</p><p>tional</p><p>To </p><p>raise</p><p> the </p><p>flag </p><p>of N</p><p>ovem</p><p>ber</p><p>cove</p><p>r for</p><p> the </p><p>4th ed</p><p>ition</p><p>29.7</p><p>x21,</p><p> 100</p><p>0 co</p><p>pies</p><p>Met</p><p>ropo</p><p>lis</p><p>cove</p><p>r for</p><p> the </p><p>gree</p><p>k ed</p><p>ition</p><p>21x1</p><p>4.85</p><p>, 100</p><p> cop</p><p>ies</p><p>Mod</p><p>ern </p><p>Soci</p><p>al C</p><p>ity M</p><p>ovem</p><p>ents</p><p>co</p><p>ver f</p><p>or th</p><p>esis,</p><p> NTU</p><p>A, 2</p><p>5x21</p></li><li><p>poster, 50x70 cm200 copies</p><p>4 poster, A3 50 copies each</p><p>!</p><p>196:30 - - </p><p>697 341 3621</p><p>postersppopopopospososostosoststestetetetererersersersrsrsspppp ttt ssseeeeooosssstttttsss rrrrrtertooo soso sseettpp stespostersp sseeeoopppp sssssttosteooposterrrrtttttt rrrsspp eeessstersstersstttooooposterspp tttoooosterssssspppososterssss ssssssssoooo eeeeerse ssee ssssssssssss eeeeeess eee ssposteppp sterseeeeeee ssstosoposterrssss ssss rrsss sspppp ss rrsttttoo tttttteettttttposterp ssposterstersssssterpostttppposterttttttt</p><p>poster, 50x702000 copies</p></li><li><p> (TASK FORCE) - - - ....</p><p>OXI - [ - - ][ [</p><p> 8 2012 1 ...</p><p>poster, 50x70 cm100 copies</p><p>poster, 50x70500 copies</p><p>poster, 30x30 cm100 copies</p><p>poster, A350 copies</p></li><li><p>onedropprodyctions</p><p>//////////////////////////////////</p><p>logo for clothing company </p><p>logo for a MsC student association[UNIL, Lausanne] </p><p>logo for municipal union </p><p>logo for municipal union </p><p>logo for municipal party</p><p>logos for news - political magazines</p><p>logologologologo</p><p>AECCFCCCASSOCIATION DES ETUDIANTS</p><p>DE COMPTABILIT, CONTRLE ET FINANCE////////////////////////////////</p><p>///////////////</p></li></ul>