Muslims And Media: Perceptions, Reality and how you can make a difference

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This presentation provides a status of Muslims and how the are presented in media, especially film. It covers Hollywood and Bollywood. Finally it presents actions the Muslim community can take to help change the negative images to positive ones.


<ul><li> 1. Muslims and Media Perception, Reality and how you can make a difference. Javed Mohammed Writer-Producer Writer- k2film@live.comChanging the world one story at a timeCopyright 2008 </li></ul> <p> 2. What image do you want to be associated with? 3. This? 4. Or this? 5. This 6. Or this? 7. This 8. Or this? 9. Perception is realityWell pretty close. 10. So who decides perception? You + me + them 11. What if 6 Billionaires decided what 300 Million Americanswatch, hear, read? Rupert Murdoch 12. Thats right. 6 corporations own 90% of media holdings in the US. Others 13. The Mighty 6 1. Viacom 2. Disney 3. Time Warner 4. GeneralElectric 5. Bertelsmann 6. News Corp 14. So how does thisimpact me?Less faces, same voice 15. Now here are some interesting stats from a survey done by How do Americans perceive Muslims? 16. First thoughts about Muslims CAIR Poll Results PositiveComments,Negative6, 7% Comments,26, 29% War, hatred, violenceTerrorists, enemies, Osama bin LadenNeutral Oppressed womenComments, 57, 64%CAIR Survey: 2005 17. ve vs +ve images,10:1vs 18. So what does all this mean? 19. Is there no hope? 20. Absolutely there is: You can still make a difference! 21. We just have to work harder, smarter, everyone. No Excuses 22. How? Control the Controllables UseAlternativemedia 23. Share positive inspiring messages 24. Become or recruit an Aficionado 25. Whats a? Aficionado: a Well-wisher, anenthusiastic admirer, a fan.Someone, anyone who shares yourfeelings and expresses sympathy or hopesthat something will be successful. 26. OK, so I found my Aficionado, I have a message, now what. Youre off to a good start, now breathe in, Get set, 27. Research itHas subjectbeen coveredbefore? 28. If not: what is the best medium to get the message across?Lecture, opinionnewspaper,short story,book, video,podcast, TV,film? 29. Are you the best person for this task or should you partner with someone? 30. Lets take a lesson from the movies. 31. But Im not famous! 32. Dont worry.But if youre rich it helps 33. Im not rich either?Well you could sell your kidneys. or how about a garage sale? 34. OK there is one last option. Be controversial.Thatll get you in the news 35. Actions you can takeStop blaming them. The problem is us. 36. Actions you can take Its easy to be a criticCRITIC 37. Actions you can take Instead become a producer. 38. Actions you can takeStart somewhere, anywhere 39. Actions you can takeWatchmovies with acritical eye. 40. Actions you can takeWatch thespecialfeatures(making off)on DVDs 41. Actions you can take Take a creative writing class 42. Take classes Introduction tofilm.A ScreenwritingclassNo matter what your age or interest at a community college 43. Actions you can take Write Letters to the editoror an opinion piece 44. Actions you can take Write a short story or even a novel, 45. Actions you can take Listen to different radio shows. 46. Actions you can takeCall in with an opinion or some expertise. 47. Last but not least Subscribe Ask Libraries, collegesinstitutions to buy/subscribeUse word ofmouth and Donate, Sponsor, Sell words ofhands The example of a good word is like a good tree Muhammad, Prophet of Islam 48. Reference All images are used under fair use andobtained from the public domain. They arethe property of the respective copyrightholders.Please Note: I started to keep track of sources but it became toocumbersome. 49. Part 2 of this presentation:From Hollywood to Bollywood: The changing role of Muslims In film is also available on slideshare. </p>