musical scene analysis – willy wonka

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  • 1. Scene Analysis Pure Imagination Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

2. Pure Imagination Songs in musicals are sung by the characters to add meaning or plot lines into the narrative or to develop the films characters. This film does this by showing the audience that Willy Wonka is prepared to share the world hes created, showing that he is a kind person. The songs lyrics tell the children they can do anything they want to, and so they do. 3. Pure Imagination The style of music in musicals can be used to show a characters emotions or to impact the audiences emotions. In the beginning of this song the music makes the audience feel unsure and curious. The music then becomes more upbeat which makes the audience feel happy and relaxed. It also shows that Willy Wonka is happy and relaxed too, as he feels safe in his home that he has created. 4. Pure Imagination Often songs in musicals contain some form of dancing. In this scene Willy Wonka dances with his cane. Fred Astaire made dancing with a cane iconic in the musical genre, and this could be why it is included in this scene. 5. Mise-en-scene Family Musical Costume Willy Wonkas costume is bright and flamboyant. This will appeal to the target audience which is children/families. Props All of the sweets in the chocolate room are all different. These would appeal to the audience and show that the characters are greedy. Location The chocolate room is bright and colourful and is impressive to look at. This would have been amazing when the film was released in 1971.