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  • 1. MUSIC VIDEOS The PurposeWhat are Music Videos? A Music video is a Visual that consists of a short film/video. They accompany a artists or bands music.What is the Purpose? The main purpose of a music video is to market and advertisethe song release or the artist/band. Music videos allow the audience to recognise and remembera song. They can portray what an artist/band wanted to illustratefrom this song and show this it the audience.

2. MUSIC VIDEOSMusic videos are promoted to the public to showcase artists, they were manly shown through TV on music channels and programs, however the internetallows people to watch them when ever they want and for free eg. YouTubetherefore this method of watching them now grows.Music Videos can be marketed in different ways artists may allowadverts to use their videos, this means their song and release isbeing endorsed to a wider audience allowing it to be morerecognised, this method is called celebrity endorsement. Forexample Jennifer Lopez released Papi which featured a Fiat 500 andhas parts of her video in the commercial advertising this new car(celebrity endorsement and product placement techniques).Another way of promoting artists music videos are through films,artist can be signed with a film meaning they produce a song andthen the music video shows sections of the film. This is beneficial tothe artist as well as the film. For example recently Christian Perrireleased A Thousand Years this song was featured on the newTwilight Saga Breaking Dawn and the music video shown clips forthe new film as well as Christian preforming. This advertised the filmas well as Christian increasing are audience and awareness. 3. MUSIC LABELS What is a Music label?This is a company that distribute records and create a brand andtrademark for new releases, achieved with marketing,production, manufacturing and releasing. A record/music labelwill allow artist to have successful releases as they can offer the right promotion and investment that artist need. There are always major labels which change over time, however there are also smaller independent record label companies.Major Labels since 1988-And many more. 4. MUSIC LABELS Universal Music GroupUniversal Music Group is one of the Major Labels of 2011. It was founded in1934, and now has headquarters in Santa Monica, California United States.The recorded music business discovers and developsrecording artists and then markets and promotes theirmusic across a wide array of formats and platforms.UMG is a huge company with a wide range of different artist signed to thelabel from different genres including;AkonMiley CyrusTaylor SwiftDuffyRolling StonesAs well as being the main classical music market. 5. MUSIC LABELS Warner Music GroupWarner Music Group is one of the Major Labels of 2011. It started in 1958 andthe headquarters are located in New York.WMG comprises an array of businesses aimed at helpingartists achieve long-term creative and financial success whileproviding consumers with the highest-quality music content available. Warner Music IncSome big names are signed with WMG and new artist aresigned including;Kings of LeonBruno MarsFlo RidaJason MrazDidoAnd many more 6. MUSIC DIRECTORS Two Huge NamesJakeAnthonyNavaMandler& 7. JAKE NAVA Basic InformationEnglish Music and film directorAlso directed commercials for huge companys including;and many more.Although he was brought up in London he moves to US where he wassigned with a big Production company called FM Rocks 8. JAKE NAVA Her Hit Single Ladies (put a ring on it) was Jake has worked with big female namesa huge global success it became an iconicover the years including; video which influence her next few hits as itSpice Girls in 2000 Holler uses the same idea of her with two backing dancers.Kylie Minogue in 2003 Red Blooded Women This video used techniques like;Destinys Child in 2004 Cater 2 UPink in 2006 Nobody KnowsBeyonce and Shakira in 2007 Beautiful LiarAdele in 2011 Someone Like YouJake has worked with Beyonce in many occasionson her big hits including;Baby Boy Strong relationship between visualsNaughty Girland lyrics eg. RingIf I were a Boy Beyonce shown voyeuristicallySingle Ladies Strong dance routine throughoutAll these videos are showing Beyonce and Black and white effect allowing theshowcasing her as a artist with close-ups and focus to be on the visuals and notmaking her the main focus throughout the video. the colours of location as well asmaking it appear classy. 9. JAKE NAVAInspiration and Style At the start of his career worked with girl groups but now he seems to work with solo artist instead. Recently works with more female artist than males. Some videos could be seen in the way of exploitation women Men shown to be more dominate Although the female artist are portrayed in a provocative and sexual way, in terms of;CostumesClose-ups and camera anglesRoutine and choreographers 10. ANTHONY MANDLERBasic InformationMusic video and commercial director, advertising companies including;and many more.Born in Los AngelesEarlier career he was a photographer which help him develop skills needed for musicdirector.Studied at USC Film School 11. ANTHONY MANDLER Anthony has worked with Rihanna a lot on many of her big hits including; UnfaithfulWho he has worked with;We Ride Take A BowBlack Eyed Peas in 2001 Get Original DisturbiaEminem in 2005 When Im Gone Russian RouletteNelly Furtado in 2006 Maneater Wait Your Turn Jay-Z, Usher, Beyonce and Rihanna Only Girlon many video hits over theirCalifornia King Bed careers. All these videos have a few similaritiesincluding lots of close-ups this might be a demand from the record company but it also allows Rihanna to be showcased to the audience. The videos all have her performing and most contain a narrativematching the meaning of the song. 12. ANTHONY MANDLERInspiration and Style Anthony seems to have a personal signature as he mainly directs R&Band Pop genres. His work is always mainstream He has directed Many videos for Rihanna and repeats to collaboratorwith her. Uses narrative to add interest in the videos. Shows emotions clearly within videos, using hisphotography skills. 13. After this Research After completing this section of research intothe construction and purpose of music videos I have a better understanding of this industry.I have taken inspiration from the directors I have looked at including Jake and Anthony, as well as knowing which companies could and Iwould want to distribute my music video ifreleased.