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Music Theory. A&D 3 B&E 4-1 Mr. Pinelli Contact Information 516.767.5910. Music Theory. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A&D 3 B&E 4-1Mr. PinelliContact Informationapinelli@portnet.k12.ny.us516.767.5910

  • Music Theory This course places an emphasis on 18th century harmonic practices, the course also integrates aspects of rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form musical analysis, composition through units that build upon one another. It will also let the students take their knowledge and do some basic arranging and compositionThrough listening, performance, written, creative and analytical exercises, students will become adept at aural, sight singing, writing, composing and analyzing music of the 18th century.

  • Grading PolicyAll assignments are to be completed in pencil and will be graded equally with exception of the Mid Term and Final. These will count as two assignments in the second and forth quarters.Homework is considered an assignment!Homework will be given on days the students have a skip day from class to complete the assignment with care and accuracy.Late homework can be handed in with in one week of the assignment and will loose 10 pts per day late. Assignments will be posted on my website under Theory Assignments. (Late is and the end of the class period the assignment was due.)There will be pop quizzes on the computer using websites that provide relevant practice drills. All sites are posted on my website under Cool Links Theory

  • Topics Through the Year

  • Quarter 1History of Notation & TuningNote Names in all 4 Clefs (Treble, Alto, Tenor & Bass)Proper Rhythmic Notation in all Meters (Simple, Compound, and Mixed)Intervals Major, minor, Augmented and diminishedDiatonic Chords, Triads 4 note Chords and their inversions.Scales Major, minor and modesRhythmic Dictation & Melodic Dictation

  • 2nd QuarterMelodic analysis and constructionHarmonization of a melodyDiatonic Chords and their functionsCommon chord progressions2 Part Aural Dictation (Melody and harmony together)Mid Term worth two test grades.

  • 3rd QuarterNon Chord TonesBasic SATB Part Writing and analysis Non Chord Tones

  • 4th QuarterTransposing instrumentsInstrument Ranges and KeysFree Composition Project Arrange a Duet for alike instruments, Arrange a Trio transposing instruments, String Quartet, Brass Quintet Midi import into SibeliusArrange a song from midiFinal Exam Cumulative

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