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  • pop music Rock musicClassical music Light musicmusicsymphony Jazz musicBluesmusic piano

  • Words about music:musicsongmusiciansingerbandclassicalpopfolkjazzdancerock and rollhip-hop and rapLatinthe blueslightheavy metalsuperstarorchestra

  • Happy Christmas So this is Christmas/ And what have you done?/ Another year over/ And a new one just begun/ And so this is Christmas/ I hope you have fun/ The near and the dear ones/ The old and the young / A merry merry Christmas/ And a Happy New Year / Lets hope its a good one / Without any fear.

  • 2.Father and sonFather: Its not time to make a change, just relax take it easy, youre still young thats your fault theres so much you have to know. Find a girl settle down. If you want you can marry, look at me, I am old but Im happy. I was once like you are now, and I know that its not easy, to be calm when youve found something going on. But take your time, think a lot, why think of everything youve got, for you will still be here tomorrow,but your dreams may not.Son:How can I try to explain, cause when I do heturns away again, its always been the same same old story. From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen, now theres a way and I know that I have to go. Away , I know , I have to go.

  • 3.Dedicated follower of fashion

    They seek him hereThey seek him there His clothes are loudBut never squareIt will make or break himSo hes got to buy the bestCause hes a (dedicated follower of fashion)And when he doesHis little round On busy streetsOr old London townEagerly pursuing all the latest fads and trendsFor hes a dedicated follower of fashion

  • Date of birth: ___________________Name of his band:_________________Name of the bands first record:_________________Year of his first film: _______________Copies of his first record sold:_______________Copies of his best record sold:___________________Part 1August 29, 1958The Jackson FiveI Want You Back19788 million50 millionPart 3Michael Jackson is one of Americas ___________________He________________________________________in 1968.Nobody knows how many records________________all over the world.4. They started singing ____________________in 1965.5. He is an artist________________________________to three generations.6. Although he has had some _________ in his personal ___________, he enjoyed his __________and is still ___________in the world today.most successful singers made his first record he has sold in public who has been known problemslife career popular

  • ProfileName:Lifetime:Career :First job:Achievement:First record:The number :____records _____filmsEffect: Elvis Presley1935--1977a truck driver17 years old for his mothers birthday20030Pop starStill be loved by people around the world.

  • Situation A : New Year is coming and you want to buy a CD to choose a song to dance to at the party.Situation B :Pick a special song that will represent your class. It should be the song that everybody likes and that shows the spirit of your class.Useful expressions:Can I ask you for some advice? What can you suggest?Have you considered doing .?I suggest that you should.

  • Post readingAnswer the following questions:Where does blues music come from?

    What does the word rap mean?

    Why is Latin music so popular in the US? Is it popular in China?

    Para 2Para 3 To rap is to speak the words of a song along with the beat.Para 4 2 reasons: There are many Spanish-speaking peopleThe success of pop stars such as Santana And Ricky Martin

  • ( ) 1. There are only a few styles of music in the world.

    ( ) 2. Blues is a new style of music.

    ( ) 3. Hip-hop and rap are completely different from blues and rock.

    ( ) 4. Santana is well-known Latin music artist.

    ( ) 5. Rappers sing the words to their music.

    ( ) 6. There are many Spanish-speaking people in both North and South America.FFFTFTThere is a world of music out there!Blues music has a long history.Hip-hop and rap have much common with blues and rockIn rap music, the singer or rapper will speak or rap the wordsAlong with the beat.

  • Blues

    Hip-hop and rap

    Latin Music

    The blues is a way for people to show_____________The blues comes from _______ songs that people _________sing when they_______and during __________.The blues has been part of _____________culture since then.Hip-hop and rap ________________________blues and rock, but they have their own ______________.Hip-hop music often__________parts of other styles ____________Music that will help people ____________in the old music.Perhaps the most important characteristic Of rap music is _______________The music that _______________________________.Has spread all over the worldAfricanused toworkedfestivalsAfrican-Americanhave much in common withcharacteristicscombines to create hear new thingsuses traditional styles from Latin America the way the artists sing.

  • What we hear on the radio or see on TV is only a small part of all the wonderful music that is waiting for us.

    2. People have been playing the blues for many years.

    3. Other musical styles, like jazz and rock music, have all come from blues music.

    4. There is a wide variety of new music to be discovered in every corner of the world.()thathave been playinga wide variety of to bediscovered.There are twenty more trees to be planted.

  • Music is their life. They play music to satisfy their inner desire.One person writes the words someone else the music, and other musician record it.Rock music expresses true feelings about society, friendship and even war.

    Comparison Pop music Rock musicWhy is it important to..?Music is their career. They use music to become rich and famous.

    How are songs written?One person has a strong feeling and expresses it with music, and others help build the song.What are the songs about?Most pop songs are simple stories about love that make people feel easy and forget about the real world.

  • Pipa, erhu, suona, Guzheng guqin, etcDrums, guitar, keyboard, traditionalInstrumentsAt weddings, duringFestivals, and in theRoyal courtsEvery day, on TV andOn the radioSongs are often handed down from generation to generationPop stars or writersWrite new songs Every year. love, life, news, legendsLove, life, society

    comparisonTraditional Chinese musicModern Chinese musicWhat instrumentsAre used?When is the music played?Who writes the songs?What are the songs about?

  • Play1.Children learn a lot through play.2. She is in a new play about a famous singer.3. She plays the drum.4. He plays football every Sunday.5. The little girl was playing in the garden.lookHe was sitting looking out of the window.The dog looks dangerous.Have a brief look at this book.A look of pleasure came to her face.like1. Ive never liked her brother.I wish I could sing like her.Marys dress is red, like mine.


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