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  • 1. Question 1 Who spend money onWho like to shop atI aimed my magazine atMale and femaleWho go to gigsLive in the city Who know what music they listen toInfluenced by

2. Main audience My main audience that I would have my magazine aimed at is teenagers from the ages of 14 to around 20 years of age because the content my not be suited to a younger audience because of the language and the content and will probably be in full time at their last year at high school up to college and university. The audience would be a reader of magazines like NME and kerrang, from being a fan of this genre of music I had a idea of my ideal magazine audience which would be interested in my type of music and content. But also to make a two genre type of magazine I have had it as a rock/indie magazine to that I have two different audience and this magazine will involve two different types of content to suit to both. 3. Secondary audience Because my magazine is two genres joined into one then for my second audience then it will be very similar to my audience for rock music but will have different tastes of clothing and other types of products, like people who listen to indie music will probably choose to buy clothes like Nike , vans etc. which are very mainstream brands, but people who listen to rock music will actually buy products from smaller brand or shops that arent as popular as other brands 4. How does your media product represent particular social groups? 5. How does your media product represent particular social groups My media product represents particular social groups by having articles that will feature things that will attract people from social groups that my magazine is aimed at which is mainly aimed at people who are into indie/rock music. I have used very dark to represent the type of people that the magazine is aimed at and the main colours people from this social group would more than likely wear when they go out with friends, also the emotion that lizzie is showing on the front cover is like very angry and with the hand sign she is doing is very common with this type of person which will represent that typical type of social group as angry and crazy people. Another point is that in my magazine there is would be a lot of offers for gig and festival tickets which could show that my audience are very social by going to gigs and festivals with friends and meeting new people 6. Average rock artists & fans appearance 7. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? 8. distribution To distribute my magazine I will be using a large company so that I will be able to ship the publication to a variety of different countries so that I can boost my audience to other people so that I will have a larger fan base and the company I will be using is Bauer media because they are very large company that already distributes major magazines like kerrang and Q magazine and are a very well known magazine which means that it would be hopefully distributed in a similar way to those magazines 9. website Another way that I will be distributing my magazine is by having an online presences like having a website that will give the readers of my magazines a website that will give them a hotspot for a new news on bands and artist and also have content from the magazine but a small size with less information so that it isnt another online copy that the reader has already gone and bought, but will be a small preview. On the main page there will be a constantly refreshing twitter and Facebook feed of readers of the magazine messaging or tweeting the magazine about questions and other comments that people on the magazine can read through. 10. Apple and android app I will create a iPhone and a android app that will be available to everyone on the app store or the android equivalent that will be free and will allow readers to look at stories and up to date information that will be available through 3G and Wi-Fi but will not work if you dont have any of these things. But so that readers wont have any advertisements annoying and bugging them then they can up grade for 0.90 which will be the same app but will not have any advertisements annoying them .This app will also on the app store for I pad or any later model and the MacBook and iMac series which will cost 0.69 11. Other types of promotion ppAs well as having a website and mobile app I will be promoting my magazine at major festivals like Leeds and Glastonbury in 2014 which will be shown on some of the main screens between acts and also there will be a stand for fans to come and buy merchandise and copies of the magazines, the reason for this is because it will be seen by a lot of people which should help to promote the magazine and should gather a larger base of readers. 12. Facebook and twitter Because social networking is becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and other young people then it would be easier for our readers to reach us if we had a Facebook and twitter pages where are readers can interact with us and other readers of the magazine. Also because social networking sites are so popular there will be competitions and other thing being done on these page that allow readers to win prizes that arent being done in the article almost like separate competitions 13. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 14. Question 4 In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products ?On my product I have used some of the conventions of a real magazine by having a most items that you would expect to see on real magazines like NME or kerrang like a main image or a masthead like what I have used which fit in with my particular genre. on my front cover I have used my own colour scheme to match with some of the main colour that you would tend to see in this genre of music and I have consistently used these through out the magazine, also on my front cover I have used a skyline at the top of my cover advertising a competitions instead of using a pug which would take up room for my other items, but when comparing my product to real magazines there was big difference in quality because my magazine was missing a lot of convention that mine should have had for example on the NME magazines below they have used pull quotes which I haven't used which shows I haven't developed some of the conventions that you would usually see on a music magazine, also some of the text on the real magazines are fit in better with rest of the front cover because they have used a vary of different colours and I have only used three throughout my whole magazine. On my front cover I have mainly used some of the common conventions that are used in a music magazine I havent developed my ideas to be different. 15. Contents page My content s page was layout was very simple but I used some of the common conventions for a contents page like having an advertisement for a subscription to the magazine so with the exact price and for the reader who has bought this magazine a offer so that they can get the subscription for cheaper which many magazines still do offer to their customers. I have used house style through out my magazine and stays consistent on my contents page and I have use these colours on the right places of the contents, also I have changed the colour of text to show some of the more significant parts. For the subscription advert I have used a bright red banner so that the text will stand out for the rest, and it will be the first thing the reader will see on the page. The main image I have used was is to show the artist who is the main story/interview in this magazine which is why she is featured on the front cover and contents page. 16. Front covers 17. contents 18. How did you attract/ address your audience? 19. mastheadColour schemeEye contactfeaturesPrice/barcode 20. I have used the word win to draw the reader in because when a person will look at the cover of this magazine they will automatically look at the top. I have used a black masthead to contrast from the white background so that is stands out to a reader also on the main image I have used white text so that is will not blend in with the dark clothing if I was using a darker colour.Through out the magazine I have used house style to keep the magazine consistent and not look professional because I haven't used the same coloursAlso at the bottom of the cover I have used logos of social networking sites because readers know will be on those the social sites 21. AGE The magazine is aimed at teenagers aged between 14 and 19 years old because the content and stories are mainly aimed at that age and the artists will be mainly their taste of music. GENDER For my magazine I have made it so that it is for both genders and it not aimed mainly at so that any one male or female can read the articles. GENRE The genre is indie/rock but is mainly aimed at rock music which is shown on the front cover my lizzies emotions and hand sign. 22. On the contents page I have used the same font as my mast head on the front cover to continue the house style through out the publication. I have advertised a subscription on the contents page which gives the reader promotional code to get the subscription cheaper which could the reader by more or pay for a annual subscription if they like the magazine 23. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? 24. camera The camera we used in our photo shoot was a canon 550d camera, with a white background and large photography lights to brighten up the room and transferred them into my computer and edited through photo shop. 25. Photoshop When using photo shop I went through a lot of different stages to get the right picture for my front cover, but the main options I used were the brightness and contrasting setting to get the background darker and make lizzie (front cover model)and also had to make her clothing darker with the exposure option. The reason for this is because the background just wasnt the colour I wanted. 26. Photoshop Using some of the settings on this tool bar I was able to change the background colour of my image and strengthen some colours to that they would work better than before 27. Looking back at your preliminary task (Aquinas College magazine), what do you feel you have learnt in theprogression to the full product? 28. Aquinas magazine front cover Looking back at my Aquinas magazine it is very similar to my magazine Ive made for the coursework but has been changed slightly for example: the font of my other magazine is completely different to my other one and also the colour scheme has changed because of genre I have chosen. However I have used a similar sort layout to the premesis but with a different main image. But learning new ways of improving my front cover which I added to my new publication. 29. Aquinas magazine contents On my contents it was very simple because I didnt lay it out very like there is no lines sepirating each bit of the contents page which I used on my new contents page which really improved the look of the contents page and made it look more professional than it looked with out a layout.