music industry in the uk. music history in uk  church music,  folk music,  court music

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Music industry in the UK Slide 2 Music history in UK Church music, Folk music, Court music. Slide 3 Popular bands in UK The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Sex pistols, Deep Purple, Slide 4 ... The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Prodigy, Elton John, Slide 5 ... Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode, Others.. Slide 6 In the 21st Century Coldplay, Killers, Oasis, Take That, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, And more.. Slide 7 Popular musicians from other countries. (In UK) Michael Jackson, Madonna, Slide 8 ... Slide 9 List of best-selling singles year by year (UK) Slide 10 Awards in UK Mercury Awards, BRIT Awards, Grammy Awards. Slide 11 Mercury music prize. Award for the best album in UK or Ireland. Slide 12 Grammy Awards. Classical record industry. Winners are selected by critics. Slide 13 UK music charts. UK singles chart, UK classical chart, UK albums chart. Slide 14 Music charts A chart is method of ranking music according to popularity during a given period of time. Slide 15 UK Top 40 singles chart Last week at UK top 40 number 1 single was -Im not alone. (Calvin Harris) Slide 16 Calvin Harris Calvin Harris is a Singer-songwriter, a Producer. Genres are Electronica, Disco, Pop and New Wave. Last week was Nr.1 in UK Top40 Singles chart. 1984-... (January 17th) Slide 17 First success Songs Da Bongos and Brighter Days were released as a 12 club single Slide 18 EMI Group British music company One of the Big Four record companies Slide 19 Sony BMG Global recorded music company They have contracts with both local artists and international superstars Slide 20 I Created Disco Released 29 June, 2007 Contains uptempo electroclash songs that are influenced by music from the 1980s Slide 21 Calvin Harris awards He has been nominated for 8 times, but has won only 2 awards with song Dance Wiv Me Best remixer Best dancefloor filler Slide 22 Calvin Harris-Im not alone Can you stay up for the weekend and blame god for looking too old can you find all that you stand for has been replaced with mountains of gold you can untrain yourself to notice to feel pain and swallow fear but can you stay up for the weekend 'til next year God I cant do this any more though Ill be laid down on the floor as many feet walk through the door Im not alone Slide 23 Thank You for your attention!