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  • 1.MUSIC INDUSTRY CRISISIs your digipak really going to sell?

2. Music collection For most of the 20th century record companies made money by selling a tangible product a vinyl disc or a CD. You owned music by having a disc collecBon. se? -ll the caIs this s 3. Changing tech With the internet the music industry has had to adapt as CD sales are falling each year. The product is now bought online as a single song or album, and exists only as an item on an iPod, mobile phone or computer. In 20 09 the m as muchonlin usic dow as 95% o e wanf s don loaded e ille gally 4. DISCUSSION Should you pay for your personal downloaded music? 5. VS. Chief execuBve Simon Fox said that within three years technology would become its single biggest product category ahead of both CDs and DVDs. It plans to devote 25% of the oor space to MP3 players, tablet computers and headphones as the CD goes the way of other defunct formats such as vinyl and tapes. He said the headphone market was worth 150m with Dr Dres Beats selling for more than 300. 6. DE-COMMODIFICATION? A commodity always depends for its status and its value on it relaBve scarcity; once the reproducBon and distribuBon of that commodity become eecBvely free, then it necessarily loses that value and that status Jeremy Gilbert (Capitalism, creaBvity and the crisis in the music industry) 7. Research and planning JOR VS. MANDE NT SIND EPE 8. 2. Who are the big 4? 3. What do they own? (what are their subsidiary labels?) 4. Find out about some Independent labels (you nd a list of UK one here) 5. In your groups discuss and suggest labels that your arBst could be signed to 1. Research the dierence provide reasons e.g. how between Major and does the arBst t with the Independent record labels ideology of the label or how do they funcBon what can the label do for dierently within the the arBst? s on Ensure all research imusic industry? 4 is your blog (1- ). Be indepen dent work #5 prepared to present 9. How will you combat de-commodification? Consider all of the outlets/ placorms were VS. your arBst music will be available. How are you going to ensure that your digipak a tangible commodity is going to sell?