Music Around the World Exploring Different Cultures and Their Musical Experiences.

Download Music Around the World Exploring Different Cultures and Their Musical Experiences.

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  • Music Around the WorldExploring Different


    and Their Musical


  • In This Unit, We WillExplore music by REGION and CULTURE

    Learn how cultures effect music and vice versa

    Listen to examples of music

    Sing music from different regions/cultures

    Learn rhythmic patterns from different cultures

  • What Will I Be Doing?You will be doing three different things

    #1: Creating connections between content areas Geography, History, Art, Technology, and Music

    #2: Listening to new music that you may never have heard before

    #3: Learning melodies, harmonies, and rhythms from different cultures

  • First Things First What is Music?

    You might think this is an easy question, but really, what makes music. music?

    What are the elements of music?

    What is the function of music?

  • What are the Elements of Music?MelodyHarmonyRhythm/PercussionNotes/RestsInstrumentationTonalityTimbre

  • What Are the Elements of Music?MELODY: Variations in pitch along with rhythmHARMONY: Different pitches played at the same timeRHYTHM: Patterns, pulses, and repetition in music; beatNOTES/RESTS: Sound and silence in music; noiseINSTRUMENTATION: Instruments used in a compositionTIMBRE: The quality of an instruments soundTONALITY: One note in a song that has significance the gravitational center that a melody always has

  • What are the Functions of Music?EnjoymentCeremonialReligiousMoviesCelebrationMood MusicAnd who KNOWSwhat else!Occupation

  • What are the Functions of Music?Other than to get FUNK-y CEREMONIAL The Wedding March,Pomp and CircumstanceRELIGIOUS/SACREDHallelujah Chorus, Arise, ShineENJOYMENT/SECULARHappy Birthday,Hedwigs Theme,MOOD MUSICWilliam Tell OvertureCarmen Overture


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