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  • Music 226 MUSIC IN WESTERN CIVILIZATION TO 1750 Jim Kimball Fall 2016 Brodie 126 Office. 245-5823 (no messages please) COURSE SCHEDULE Music Office 245-5824 Home 243-0316 Office: MW 8:15-8:45 & TTh 8:30-9:15; often MTW 10:30-11:30 Week of: e-mail:

    29 August The Ancient World; Early Christian Music Listening HWM Chapters 1 and 2 NAWM 3-7

    5 September Gregorian Chant; Early Secular Song and Dance HWM Chapters 3 and 4 NAWM 8-13

    12 September LISTENING QUIZ 1, Th 15 SEPTEMBER Early Polyphony; the 13th Century HWM Chapter 5 NAWM 15-24

    19 September French and Italian Music in the 14th Century HWM Chapter 6 NAWM 25-32

    26 September 3 October EXAM I, Th 6 October

    Medieval to Renaissance; the 15th Century HWM Chapters 7 and 8 NAWM 33-38

    10 October Franco-Flemish Composers; the late 15th - early 16th Centuries HWM Chapter 9 NAWM 39-45

    17 October 24 October LISTENING QUIZ 2, T 25 OCTOBER Sacred Music in the Era of the Reformation HWM Chapter 10 NAWM 46-53 31 October Madrigals, Secular Songs and Instrumental Music in the 16th Century HWM Chapters 11 and 12 NAWM 54-70

    7 November EXAM II, T 8 November (Listening portion on 10 Nov.) The Early Baroque; Madrigal and Opera HWM Chapters 13 and 14 NAWM 71-76 14 November Early 17th Century; Music for Church and Chamber HWM Chapters 15 NAWM 77-84

    21 November LISTENING QUIZ 3, Th 24 November

    28 November The Later 17th Century; France, England, Spain, Italy and Germany HWM Chapters 16 and 17 NAWM 85-95

    5 December The Early 18th Century: Vivaldi, Rameau, Bach and Handel HWM Chapters 18 and 19 NAWM 96-106 EXAM III, Thursday 15 DECEMBER, 9:00 am Texts: Burkholder, J. Peter, Grout, Donald J. and Claude Palisca. A HISTORY OF WESTERN MUSIC, 9th Edition, NY: Norton, 2014 Burkholder, J. Peter, Palisca, Claude V. NORTON ANTHOLOGY OF WESTERN MUSIC, Vol. 1 (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque), 7th Edition, NY: Norton, 2009.


    WESTERN MUSIC. NY: Norton, 2014, Vol 1 (Ancient Baroque). Note these recordings will also be available through reserve at Milne Library Testing and Grading: Exams (3) 75% Based on reading, lectures and listening. Listening Quizzes 25% Class Participation/Early Music Events/

    Mini-Projects 5% Term Paper Optional. If done, this will be averaged in with the three exams, each then counting 18.75%. A research paper (5-7 typewritten pages) or comparable project. Subjects should be approved in advance. Due Dec. 12. Course Objectives: In the course of the semester the successful student will acquire the following: 1. Familiarity with all major trends and styles in European art music from the ancient world to the mid 18th century. 2. Appreciation and knowledge of how music related to other aspects of European culture to the mid 18th century. 3. The ability to describe and recognise major musical forms in western art music to the mid 18th century. 4. A good working familiarity with the life and works of key composers in early European art music. 5. Familiarity with important technological developments in European music to the 18th Century, to include instrument design and music writing and publishing. Make Up Exams: Make up exams will be given only where legitimate and documented excuses are provided (e.g. through the Dean's office). Make-up quizzes given at the students convenience (not for documentable Illness or emergency) will be penalized 10 points.

    SUNY Geneseo will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented physical, emotional or learning disabilities. Students should consult with the Director in the Office of Disability Services (Tabitha Buggie-Hunt, 105D Erwin, e-mail: tbuggieh @ and their individual faculty regarding any needed accommodations as early as possible in the semester.


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