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Museum Island

Museum IslandArlene Bader, Marjorie Thompson, Sally Speed & Bobbi-Jo Talboys Island is the melding of art and history through the display of a variety of statues, buildings and artifacts that illustrate historical times in ancient Egypt, Rome, Babylon, and Greece. After meeting at the landing point, we decided to split up to explore the island, and meet back together shortly.

At the entrance, a map is displayed to guide your tour.

Colossus of Rhodes

Abu Simbel

Pont du Garde

Exploring the island, while gaining a perspective of the size of the architecture.

Temple of Portonaccio Veio, Rome

Agrigento, Temple of Concordia


Temple Ruine

Library of Celsus (Efesus) & Canopo, Villa Adriana (Tivoli)

Roman Sundial

Tholos of Apollo, Delphi

Once we had a tour of the island, we met to discuss what we found and how this island could be used for education.

Our thoughts and ideas for Museum IslandThe 3D perspective brought a new dimension to the experience with reference to the size of the landmarks.This perspective along with the interactivity of exploring can have a positive effect for inspiring students to learn.It can also inspire educators as they experience the possibilities to create models from which to learn.This island can be useful for learning history, art history, and garden or landscape architecture. Educators can further learning through virtual field trips, treasure hunts to find and identify various landmarks, and active engagement, such as through a play, can bring the learner into a role within the time periods to gain new perspectives of the royalty, nobles, slaves, soldiers, craftsmen, etc.


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