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  • Murwillumbah East Primary School

    Newsletter Term 2, Week 8

    14th June, 2016

    Working Bee - Saturday!

    Our P&C will be holding a “Working Bee” this

    Saturday, 19th June. We are looking at getting the

    garden at the front of the school looking even

    more fabulous. We hope to have lots of parents

    and families join us to make light work of this

    upgrade! Hopefully lots of you can join us even if

    for just an hour or two.

    District Cross Country

    Congratulations to all those students that travelled

    down to Byron Bay for the District Athletics

    Carnival accompanied by Mr Tunaley. Those

    students were: Tabitha, Maddison, Emily, Sophie,

    Yasmine, Dempsey, Toby, Casey, Tyson, Xane, Jet,

    and Mckenzie.

    Maddison came sixth in her event and will now

    proceed through to the regional carnival this

    Buddy Bench - Gold FM

    The ‘Buddy Bench’ is an idea that Richard, Bridge

    and Spida in partnership with Gold FM want to

    implement in Gold and Tweed Coast Schools. The

    Buddy Bench is a permanent bench at school

    where children are encouraged to sit when they

    are feeling left out. If a classmate sees someone

    sitting on the bench they are urged to invite them

    to play, walk, or talk with them.

    Richard, Bridge and Spida started installing Gold

    FM Buddy Benches in February and will continue

    throughout the year.

    At our P&C meeting we discussed the Buddy

    Bench and I would ask if you are in favour of such

    a bench at MEPS that you get on to the Gold FM

    website to register. We are hoping that the more

    interest on the site from us, the better the chance

    of having one of the benches at our school.


    Netball Gala Day

    Good luck to Mrs Robinson and all our netball

    players who will be representing our school at the

    netball gala day in Tweed tomorrow. We wish you

    all the best!

    Have a great week!

    Sam Rowsell

    Principal (R)

    Friday Assembly

    This week our whole school assembly will be

    conducted by 3-4O’L in our school hall at 12pm.

    Everyone welcome to come along.

    Be Safe Be Respectful Be A Learner

    Charles Street, Murwillumbah 6672 6781

  • “Students of the Week”

    Home Reading Awards - Stage 2 & 3

    Congratulations to the following students:

    25 nights - Chester in 4-5R.

    50 nights - Kwinn in 3W.

    75 nights - Isabelle in 3W.

    100 nights - Bella, Jesse and Isabelle in 3W.

    Well done!

    Canteen Snack Shack

    Our canteen floor is now installed.

    Reopening next Monday 20th June. Thank you for

    your patience.

    Reminders: Lunch orders will be filled for the

    second break, this includes Sushi and sandwiches

    unless otherwise stated.

    Volunteers: our roster has some spare days that

    need filling, if you are able to help in our canteen

    please leave your details with our office and I will

    return a call to you.

    Thank you

    Cindy Secomb - Canteen Co-ordinator

    Canteen Roster

    Monday 20th June - Dark Blue

    Toni Fields.

    Friday 24th June - Yellow

    Somone Walsh, Rachel Bolton.

    Monday 27th June - Orange

    Sharnah Bowen.

    Be Safe Be Respectful Be A Learner

    Charles Street, Murwillumbah 6672 6781

    Class Awards

    KH Pixxiee Mrs Hawthorne

    KD Mitchell Ms Davison

    KW William Mrs Watts

    K-1B Charlotte Ms Harris & Ms Chapman

    1T Olivia Mrs Turner

    1-2C Avneet Mrs Chaffey

    2-3W Cooper Mr Wills

    3-4H Garyson Ms O’Keefe

    3-4O’L Ruby Ms O’Loughlin

    4-5R Hayley Mrs Robinson

    5-6N Daniel & Ambria Ms Noble

    6T Grace Mr Tunaley

    K-6H Brooklyn Mrs Harper

    K-6V Deakin & Seth Mr Vella

    “Happy Birthday” to these students

    Lolo, Diljot, Felicity, Hannah, Ayla, Halle, Hudson, Kyus,

    and Jasmyne.

    This Week’s Bee Rule

    Avoid behaviour that might embarrass or

    upset others.

  • Garden Group

    Plant stall Tuesday 28th June from 8:30am.

    Large selection of plants for sale.

    Very inexpensive.

    School Musical

    All students in our school will perform in our

    musical and will need to purchase a special

    musical shirt. Please return your note with

    payment of $5.50 to our office.

    Thank you

    Community Notices

    Be Safe Be Respectful Be A Learner

    Charles Street, Murwillumbah 6672 6781

    Certificate II in Auslan Murwillumbah TAFE is offering a Certificate II in Auslan (22075VIC) Information Session 21st June 2016 at 10:00am. The course begins on 18th July 2016. Attendance: Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00 to 6:00pm Plus 2 weekend workshops. You will need to attend on a third night for 5 weeks in the last term. Student fee $320.00 Concession Fee $80.00 For further information, please call Cheryl Rosenberg on 02 6672 0861.

  • Murwillumbah East Primary School

    Term 2 Calendar

    8 13th June



    14th June 15th June

    Netball Gala Day

    16th June 17th June

    K-6 Assembly

    3/4O’L Presenting





    9 20th June 21st June

    Student Reports

    sent home

    22nd June


    Ear Health Lessons

    23rd June

    24th June

    K-2 Excursion

    Tropical Fruit World

    GREAT5 Day - Tweed

    River HS (selected

    students only)


    10 27th June 28th June

    Plant Stall - 8:30am

    29th June 30th June 1st July 2/3rd

    Term 3 Calendar


    18th July


    Development Day

    (staff only)

    19th July 20th July 21st July 22nd July

    School Athletics



    2 25th July 26th July

    Catholic Mass


    7:00pm P&C


    27th July 28th July 29th July 30/31st

    3 1st August

    Education Week

    2nd August

    Education Week

    Byron Bay Writer’s

    Festival - Civic


    3rd August

    Education Week

    4th August

    Education Week

    M’bah District

    Athletics Carnival

    5th August

    Education Week


    Book Fair/Open



    4 8th August 9th August

    Touch Football Gala


    10th August

    School Musical



    11th August

    Cake Stall (3/4O’L &


    School Musical Night


    12th August 13/14th

    5 15th August 16th August 17th August

    FNC Athletics


    18th August 19th August 20/21st

    6 22nd August 23rd August 24th August 25th August

    9.30am Family

    Centre Parent

    Workshop “Raising

    Resilient Children”

    26th August 27/28th

    7 29th August 30th August 31st August 1st September

    North Coast

    Athletics - Coffs


    2nd September 3/4th

    Be Safe Be Respectful Be A Learner

    Charles Street, Murwillumbah 6672 6781


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