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Municipal waste management By: - Parghi Gautam

Outline :-Introduction Type of solid waste Solid Waste Management Municipal solid waste Collection of waste in Bhuj Tips to Reduce Household WasteReference

Introduction Waste

Trash Garbage



Types of Solid WasteSolid waste can be classified into different types depending on their source:Household waste is generally classified as municipal waste

Industrial waste as hazardous waste

Solid waste management

Municipal solid waste Consists of household waste construction and demolition debris sanitation residue and waste from streetsInstitutional wasteCommercial waste Agricultural waste

Municipal solid waste

More than 25% of the municipal solid waste is not collected at all; 70% of the Indian cities lack adequate capacity to transport it and there are no sanitary landfills to dispose of the waste.

The demand driven door to door waste collection system has been piloted in the city in localities of Ward no. 13 & 14 of Bhuj.Collection of waste in Bhuj

Under the Nirmal Gujarat programme of the Government of Gujarat, all the Municipalities of the State were ordered to initiate door to door waste collection programme in the cities.The voluntary organizations, Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan and Sahjeevan, for implementing the door to door waste collection in Bhuj City.

Methods of Solid Waste Disposal and Management

Open burning

Dumping into the sea

Sanitary Landfills



Hog feeding

Grinding and discharging into sewers


Fermentation and biological digestion

Reference :-

Bhuj bole chhe & Sahjivan :-

The state of Indias environment 2017

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