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Municipal Solid Waste. Jennifer Naples Environmental Science. What is MSW?. Waste that is produced in ________,________ ,_________,_______________and other places in the ________________ . MSW is not produced by construction, agriculture or __________________. Handling Solid Waste. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal Solid WasteJennifer NaplesEnvironmental ScienceWhat is MSW?

Waste that is produced in________,________ ,_________,_______________and other places in the ________________.MSW is not produced by construction, agriculture or __________________

Handling Solid WasteHow do we handle our solid waste?________ it________ it________ it

Burying WasteSanitary LandfillsDesigned to prevent leachate from seeping out and running off into _________ and __________Holds waste safelyKeeps water from getting _________________

Sanitary Landfill

Burning WasteBurning solid waste is called ______________Can be used to generate _________________Release some ___________Some waste still _________

RecyclingReclaiming _____ materials and reusing them______________________ resourcesSaves ___________________Reduces _____________________ damage


RecyclingThere are 4 types of products that can be recycledMetals can be ________________ and reusedGlass can be melted down to make _______ glass containersPaper products can be recycled _____________________________ types of plastics can be recycledRecyclingMountains of Water Bottles

The Down Side of RecyclingRecycling is not the complete answer to the large amount of waste that we createSome materials_____ _____ be recycledSome recycled products have _________ usesUses ________________Creates pollutionBiodegradable ProductsWhen something can be broken down and recycled ____________ it is considered biodegradable.__________________ are biodegradable

The Three RsControlling solid waste includes the three Rs________ create less waste in the first place__________ find another use for something_______ Reclaiming raw materials to create something new

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

CompostingA process of helping the NATURAL _____________________ process break down many forms of wasteExcellent form of __________________Can be done on a _________ or _________ scaleCompostingThe elements of composting


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