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<ul><li>1.Wheres Margaret Happy birthday mumWheres Margaret1940 was a good year </li></ul> <p>2. Wheres MargaretWheres Margaret1940 was a good year 3. 30 Dec 2010Dear Mum / Margaret, we hope you enjoy this book and that it brings back happy memories of your Special Birthday gathering on Saturday 18 December 2010.Compiled by Darron and Wendy Gregory.A big thank you to all of those who braved the snow:Ben HutchinsonHolly HutchinsonCallum GregoryLabrador: RosieClare Adams Patrick GregoryDave OlsenPhillip GregoryDave PartridgeSarah HutchinsonDoreen PartridgeTracy GregoryEmma AdamsWhippets; Charlie and JackAnd also to everyone who contributed to this book: Bernard EdmondsGoff Palmer Brian Thatcher Jean Gregory Bryan BakerJohn Gregory Daphne Jameson Maureen Baker Derek JamesonMaureen Kimber Doreen PalmerNathan Gregory Geoff Kimber Valerie Thatcher 4. Dear Margaret When I talk about my mother-in-law, people expect that Im about to moan; you know that mother-in-laws have a bit of a reputation. I can say that now because I became one myself this year, but you will never hear any complaints from me. You have always been warm and friendly towards my girls and me. You and Brian accepted us into your family straight away, even though my age and three daughters couldnt have been quite what you had expected for Darron, 17 years ago. I always enjoy your company. You are fun to be with, easy to talk to and knowledgeable about all sorts of things. You are a brilliant houseguest with an amazing repertoire of card games up your sleeve and when it comes to playing games, I love the way you are willing to try something new. Ive been very grateful for your help on a few occasions; cleaning the house when we moved to Staines, giving us a roof over our heads when we moved to Kent and your catering skills at the Millennium Party. You are always willing to help or lend a hand. For me you are a fabulous role model for a Mum, Mumin-law, Grandmother and now a Great-Grandmother and an Independent Women. And just one more thing, I can never thank you enough for having the most wonderful, Darron I hope you enjoy your special birthday Lots of love from Wendy x 5. Dear MargaretMarvellous knitter Artful card player Really kind Great sense of humour Amazingly blue eyes Remembers important days Enjoyable company Thoughtful person who I'm glad to have on my team when playing Triv.Happy Birthday! With love, Sarah, Ben and Holly xxx 6. Happy birthday MargaretAs we (me, Sarah and Clare) sat on the bus at the weekend we were having a discussion about all the things we could write, and came to the conclusion that we have always felt that you (and Darron) have always been a part of our lives and in fact we cant remember life before! So firstly thank you for being there and secondly for introducing us to some of the best card games ever although we do need more weekends of practice and to save a few more pennies! Wishing you a very happy birthday. We are really pleased to be able to help you celebrate!Lots of love, Emma, Clare and Dave. xxxx 7. Mum, congratulations on 70 years young. You gave me a great start in life and thanks to you and Dad gave me firm foundation on which to build and thirty years on I have my own fantastic family trying to do the same for my own children. All my love Phillip XXXX 8. Happy Birthday Margaret - All my love Tracy XXX 9. Happy birthday Grandma Love and best wishes from your eldest Grandson. Have a great day! 10. Have a wonderful birthday Grandma Sorry I can't be there Grandma, snowed in on the Isle of Man, I should have been flying home today so I could have come but now the flights are cancelled. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. With love Nathan XXXX 11. To Grandma Happy Birthday can't wait until me and you can have another bowling session. Watch out!! Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. Love from Patrick XXXX 12. My over-riding childhood memory of Margaret was her keen interest in Liberace and his music. And how she couldnt bear to be teased about this. I think that she may have outgrown this phase in her life by now. Unfortunately, I missed her wedding to Brian because I was serving Queen and country doing my National Service in the far off reaches of Singapore and Malaya. Funny, I cannot remember her ever sending me a food parcel. Margaret was instrumental in introducing me to my future wife, Maureen, in 1959 as they worked together at Dunns in Market Square, Bromley. They are long since gone but were a well known Bromley store. In fact I believe that our first date was a visit to Margaret and Brians first flat in Clarence Road, Bromley. This was of course before they moved to Sutton at Hone and became our country cousins. I was always impressed by Margarets home making skills in those early days and she still keeps the standard up to this day.nd Maureen and I wish you a very happy and enjoyable birthday on the 22 . </p>