mummy bowls {fun craft for halloween}

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  • Mummy Bowls

    {Fun Craft for Halloween}


    Supplies for Mummy Bowls:

    About 1/2 yard of 48 inch cotton muslin, cut in 1/2 (so 24 inches) and

    torn into 1 inch strips

    8 oz craft or school glue4 oz waterGlass or plastic bowls (note: I used 3 glass bowls, 2 were about 6-7

    inches across and about 3-4 inches

    deep and 1 was about 4 inches

    across and around 2-3 inches deep)

    Plastic WrapNewspaper for protecting crafting surface


    Mix glue and water in a medium

    sized bowl, stir until combined.

    Tear off enough plastic wrap to

    cover the OUTSIDE of the



    Turn covered bowl upside down

    and lay on prepared surface .

    Dip muslin strips into the glue

    mixture and coat. Squeeze to

    remove excess glue. Start at the

    rim of the bowl wrapping the

    muslin strips around the bowl,

    press to stick to the plastic

    covered bowl.


    Keep wrapping the muslin

    until the whole bowl is

    completely covered, if any area

    seems weak just wrap on more

    muslin .

    Note: you do not want this to

    be a perfect job.. seriously,

    messier is better (why this a

    great craft for kids)

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