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Multilingual Websites - Common mistakes and common knowledge.My presentation for the UX Camp in Berlin 2012.


  • 1. Multilingual WebsitesCommon mistakes andgeneral knowledgeRemy BlaettlerChief of the System, Supertext | | @swissghostrider

2. About meRemy Blaettler 3. Strings with placeholdersWhat the translator gets:Translated: 4. Strings with placeholdersFormat StringsTranslation: 5. Strings with placeholdersPlural formsAdd multiple versions: no one 27 6. Strings with placeholdersPlural formsngettext() can solve this in PHP, Java and .NET 7. Resource filesAlways put strings into a separate file 8. Flags for language selection 9. Best place for the language selection Best 10. Language selectionUse a Globe or a Map iconCountry and/or Language Selection 11. Language selectionAlways in native language 12. Politically correctNo need to step on someones toes 13. Rest of the world?Or Other countries 14. Translation toolsTranslation MemoryTerminology 15. Translation toolsOne tool for all file formats 16. Translation toolsTrados / Passolo 17. Translation toolsAcross and StarMemoQMemSource 18. Translation toolsXTM / Wordbee 19. Translation toolsGet Localization / Crowdin / Transifex 20. File formatsXLIFFTMXTBX 21. SEOGoogle translateLinks 22. Your website?Lets look at some websites 23. We need YOU!Web Developer in Zrich 24. Links