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  • Multilingual Multicultural Education Kindergarten Registration 2009-2010
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  • 2 Contact Information Multilingual Multicultural Education Program "The primary goal of the Cleveland Municipal School District is to become a premier school district in the United State of America" "La meta primordial del Distrito Escolar Municipal de Cleveland es lograr ser un distrito escolar de primera clase en los Estados Unidos de Amrica" Administrative Office 1380 East 6th Street, Room 600S Cleveland, OH 44114 (216) 574-8584 (216) 858-6537 FAX Assessment Center 3101 West 25th Street, Suite 100 Cleveland, OH 44109 (216) 621-5339 (216) 621-5527 FAX Natividad Pagn, Executive Director Jos O. Gonzlez, Bilingual Education Manager Margaret Frye, ESL Manager Marisol Souryal, Bilingual Assessment Specialist Dolly Guerrero-Velez, Bilingual Family Engagement Specialist Carmen M. Torres, Administrative Assistant Catherine Maldonado, Administrative Assistant
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  • 3 No Child Left Behind It is Federal Law Shared accountability between schools and parents for high student achievement. Students have a second language background must be assessed and offered services.
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  • 4 All About Our Program Bilingual services are available to students who are limited English Language Learners (ELL). Each minority child of national origin identified as having a primary or home language other than English will be assessed. The assessment will determine if placement in Bilingual Education services is needed because of limited proficiency in reading, writing, speaking or comprehending the English language.
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  • 5 All About Our Program Services offered to students in Spanish, Arabic, Cambodian, Chinese, Hindi, Hungarian, Laotian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Albanian, Urdu, and African Dialects. Students in Bilingual Education classrooms receive instruction in their native language and in English. Students with disabilities shall receive bilingual special education services.
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  • 6 Lau Composite Codes Upon registration into the district, students from homes where a language other than English is spoken must report to the Multilingual Multicultural Education Center to have their English proficiency assessed. Upon completion of the English listening, speaking, reading and writing assessments, they are assigned a Lau Composite Code and Service Code. LAU Composite Codes APre-Functional and Beginning level limited English proficiency BIntermediate level limited English proficiency CAdvanced level limited English proficiency DFully Proficient and Exited from English language support services EEnglish proficient, no language services needed
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  • 7 Lau Service Codes 0Declined Service 1Bilingual Education 2ESL and Bilingual Instructional Support 3Sheltered English Instruction 4Newcomer Program 5Bilingual Tutoring 6Dual Language Program 7Bilingual Special Education 8Trial Mainstream
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  • 8 Multilingual Education School Sites Grades K-8: Buhrer Clark Luis Muoz Marn Joseph M. Gallagher Marion C. Seltzer Scranton Walton
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  • 9 Multilingual Program Services English As a Second Language: Educational method used to intensify language acquisition. Focuses on the four language domains: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Support in the native language is provided by a bilingual paraprofessional. Aligned to grade level standards.
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  • 10 Multilingual Program Services Bilingual Education K-8: Offered at Clark, Joseph M. Gallagher, Luis Muoz Marin, Scranton, Walton. Educational approach used to ensure comprehension by using the students native language and English across content subjects. Students are grouped and assigned to classes based on grade, native language, and level of English proficiency based on composite codes. Students are held to the same grade level standards as their grade level peers.
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  • 11 Multilingual Program Services Sheltered English : Offered at Marion C. Seltzer (K-8), Lincoln-West & Max Hayes (9-12) Educational approach used to adapt the instruction to the English level of the students. Teacher makes frequent use of visual aids, hands-on experiences, and manipulative materials. Students have the opportunity to develop oral and written language skills they need to make academic progress in content subjects.
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  • 12 Multilingual Program Services Newcomers program: Offered at Joseph M. Gallagher (2-8) & Lincoln-West (9-12) Students are self contained and grouped with grade level peers to help acclimate these students into the new school culture. Intensive ESL is provided for students in all content subjects.
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  • 13 Multilingual Program Services Bilingual Tutoring (Grades K-12): Individual or small-group tutorial support is provided during and after school. Under the guidance of a classroom teacher, bilingual paraprofessionals reinforce skills using the students native language.
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  • 14 Multilingual Program Services Bilingual Tutoring (Non-Bilingual Schools Grades K-12): Individual or small-group tutorial support is provided during and after school. Mostly common in schools where there are few LEP students and/or students that have declined services.
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  • 15 Multilingual Program Services Dual Language Program: Offered at Buhrer School. A bilingual education enrichment model that uses both English and Spanish for the purpose of instruction. Students are grouped with English speaking peers with the purpose of achieving bilingualism and biliteracy, grade level academic achievement, and positive cross cultural attitudes and behaviors.
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  • 16 Multilingual Program Services Bilingual Special Education Services: If a child is diagnosed with having a disability, he or she will be provided instruction in either self-contained unit class or in-class support (inclusion), with bilingual support, according to their IEP.
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  • 17 2009-2010 Kindergarten Registration Please call at (216) 621-5339 to set up an appointment Late appointments will be available Assessment will be for language needs and/or programmatic services Process duration approximately 1 hour to 1 hours per student
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  • 18 Bilingual Advisory Council
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  • 19 Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children Walt Disney
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  • 20 Parent Involvement in support of the Multilingual Multicultural Education Program Parenting Setting Home Conditions Assist Schools in understanding the family Proactive Engagement Communication School to Home Home to School Teachers, Parents, Students Volunteering Career Day Tutoring Office/School Support Showing Presence Learning at Home Learning Activities Homework Activities Family Literacy Decision Making & Leadership Bilingual Advisory Council Advocacy via Parent Groups/Organizations, School Councils Community Collaboration Businesses Agencies Organizations
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